End Game – Behind The Scenes

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Okay so we're behind the scenes for the . endgame shake yeah we are i wanna be a . game. i wanna be first. i wanna be lazy i wanna be . [music]. [music]. [music]. i just want to start by saying that this . is what he does he tries to elevate . himself just like geographically so that. he can seem a little better than me . like experts will study this and say. that you're like what are you doing . you're like peacocking right now honey . cuz you wear heels all the time but none . look what i did for you today okay so . like do you remember how when i played . you this track and and you were like i. know exactly like i played you the track . you're like i know exactly what to do i . and then you wrote it like the next day . yeah i actually wrote it in i remember . where i was i was in a hotel room in new . york in bed about 8 o'clock in the . morning and i woke up because i for some . reason i'd like dreamed it in my head. what i was gonna do like all the like no . it's not talent it just had accidentally . happened it just dreams yeah and then i . woke up and then like types it all out. and then recorded it like a day later . and sent it to you and i remember you . liked it i did like it was good positive . i really really really really really . really like that yeah because you . haven't done the like cadence rhythmic . sing since album or well i've never . actually really feet cheese like this . maybe done like two tracks were deep . chip i know doing mobile you're really . great to be really featured here yeah no . oh he played me in scrabble i'm about to . it's a tight game no i can wait i can . wait. i'll make him wait it'll make him sweat. his game will get you know he'll get . stressed and they'll be like what's she . gonna play next was she gonna play next . is she gonna get that triple word yeah . yeah yeah which you know it's not some a. mistake. i want to talk about the fourth of july. line because that makes me really happy . well you see it's kind of a play on . words not really a play on words it's . kind of an exactly after the storm . something was born on the fourth of july . there's a film with tom cruise called . born in the 4th of july . what yeah that's the whole thing and . obviously milady . you're doing a cool rhyme scheme well no . because my relationship started on the . fourth of july where whose house his dad . so the story was i was at taylor's party . and then go i went school with his . pretty cool ended up baking rodan's was . i coming right on and coolest i was like . taylor can she turn turn up and you are . yep and then here we are but yeah . there's a film called born on the 4th of . july so that's what was the something . was born on the 4th is your like after . the storm something was born on the 4th. of july i also like um i don't know like . i love i've got ships on both of my . shoulders yeah like that a lot yeah what . we missed a trick bag because they have . little fries in the bowl you could put a . chip on both of your shoulders . [laughter]. alright here we are we're in the policy . behind everybody i commend them fully . because they've been pretending like . there's music playing when there's not . i've had these in my ears they've been . like dancing to a click track now we're. going to go down seeing people different . outfits try to keep up . [music]. i got the big . oh. [music]. you like bad remember the sign that i . made you for your first universal cherry . happy editor cherry very good it took me . so long to think of puzzle i am lyricist . i'm not everyone well you gotta stop it . to be oprah show . .
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