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An original musical drama, Hope Alight is a creative retelling of the Nativity story. The harlot Meira was an outcast under Pharisaical legalism during the ancient times of Roman oppression. Through a series of incidents, she discovered divine Love who accepted her unconditionally and restored her broken hopes and dreams.
This musical was first presented on 25 December 2016.⁠⁠⁠⁠
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Sure we've done all our celebration you . know the feasting the gatherings . receiving and giving gives my friends . family and loved ones amen . well in the midst of our celebration . maybe let's take some time today to just. remember once again the true meaning of . christmas . you know just what was so special about . a baby boy but one story 2004 . what were the days like those times and . how the joseph and mary deal with a . miracle baby. so on this christmas day come along with . us as we tell the christmas story from a . creative and ladies and gentlemen . presenting hope the light . [music]. [applause]. [music]. come on . when we have at it . trust me . down so that no other gods before me . says the lord thou shalt not bear false . witness. shall not commit adultery . i . renner phone and something with the . market thing haha . it is written thou shalt not steal . stealing is punishable under roman law. please sir very good deed my brother. brasil my father . [music]. oh . [music]. see her i had seen her with many men . came . thanks lauren she's a holiday . your fries are no good here the only way . to pick the door she can't even pay for . our own don't be a savior saint . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. oh. [applause]. right set it over here and right there . is the rest of the food here yet . we need to get it now the guests are . arriving every day you are . can you believe it the day of our . engagement . it's finally here yes it's okay reuben . make it at this very moment just the . yeah and so young like you are a lot of . somebody just something simple and . grooving we understand everything is so . expensive these days. yeah the rumors keep increasing . everything yeah just the other day cesar . decree double the texas so big male and . then my friend to sala de sexo saleh and . your pussy are here is a fiction . what's that oh it's the worse torture . where they hang a man on two wooden port . and nail his hands and feet . if you don't die a slow and painful . death star ready when is it that when . can we expect you to marys and it's a . pretty well i don't know that antenna at . joseph has his carpentry business and it . it's all just submitted it is never too . many have already has don't know . oh can you cool and so i'm letting you . see mary these things out woman's duty . when and the empire is your age i ever . it seems like the cousins have prepared . something. [music]. [music]. how . [music]. [music]. congratulations to engage couple just . something funny . thank you thank you mary . i'm so happy today by the way you look . beautiful. i'm glad that you're happy you're not . happy merry i'm fine you go ahead i'm . still waiting for someone. myra look i didn't want to say this . before but why did you invite her she's . my friend joseph she's a hollow mary . you know by or he belongs she's unclean . people say things but you and i both . come from the image of imperfect people . again . moses was a murderer and came david and . ultra and rehab the woman who saved the . children of israel she was a harlot . why should people say that it's . different there he wow god have mercy on . them. why don't we do the same we are not got . the law is the law. just just let me explain here motion see . when i told you there are some things we . just can't change your here i told you i . would come joseph anyone who is . associated with this woman is a signal . or she is yes . cool no . just stuff we're here at the wedding and . you're gonna miss me please wait please . mary you're too kind for your own good . still standing up for me after all these. years i haven't people are too cool for . that one good . yes do you know that the romans they . persecuted upon a boy and your brother . for stealing even though they had no . choice and i can't believe the pharisees . they just made it was not all right well . you know me my place in this city . there's nothing that i can do it's just . not fair to understand that you have no . choice. nobody would give you a job just because. your mother wasn't a harlot mary come on . this is hotly top leading up to your big. day we have dreamt of this today the . engagement party next walking down the . aisle dancing as men and white. remember i drinks down the parchment my . dad gave us of course i still have it . i realize they are coming to possible by . what god is good . he is faithful i'm glad it is at least . one of us anyways merry this this is for . you you are about the box of perfume but . myron this would have cost you . everything should be keeping this for. your own wedding day. this this was many nights of what nights . that i would never be able to erase for . the rest of my life and i always dream . that one day some men he would come and . accept me for what i am. but it's been years mary my perfect man . she will never come . your friend yours and time i know god . has a plan for all of us but do you . really think god hears the prayers of a . sinful woman like me. well the last perfect but you can be . part i know god is a gracious god . perhaps don't give up my room . the days are coming when god will make a . new covenant with us he will forgive us . and i since he will remember no more i . hope so . finally we'll talk another day it looks . like joseph he's waiting for you . [applause]. why i teach now my soul has gone astray . wednesday's each drop of desperate . in where . then see dream . i . my . [music]. charge . a . rescue me from sharing . you. i . when cheese around my son . there's more . within my grace . [music]. i close my eyes to pray still lunch . today. not . i can . [music]. just your . rejoice highly favored one the lord is . with you. blessed are you among women. i am ending game fear not for you have . found favor with god . you will see bring forth . and his name . helping changes will be great . some of the highest and his kingdom will . have no end . how can this be since i've never been . with a man . the holy spirit will come upon god . be . beats me . [music]. is this over you or just the tree the . promise of my creator live with it and . now save god has come to your name is . she . i . [music]. i . [music]. my . one . [music]. [music]. free to save my home alive again . [applause]. [music]. [music]. oh man . 23 . is right . more . we . exile . we are . shall to be . [music]. we . 22 . [music]. [applause]. well that was fun let's try it again . i'll touch haha haha . [music]. see something you like how much ten . denarii tonight . what that's robbery wait aren't you one. of those pharisees and the market this . clout leave me alone even i have . standards. how do you think oh you preach about the . law and hear you walking for my services . busan now i'm going to tell everyone i . know what there's no way someone like . you could afford something this . exquisite must stop it what you say i . bought this. well my word against think they will . leave . you come with me now yeah very very . swear you marry yourself just have my . dear nephew gobo reuben yourself is this . the table which are ordered. yeah made from the finest cedar wow to . serve this looks amazing . mary's one fortunate girl i tell you hey . how about dinner next tuesday at our . place bring mary along she's practically . family anyway i don't know what grooving . don't know the last we spoke . she said she was going to visit some . relatives and she's been away for a few . months now it over a few months just . have just it's just a small level . squirrel no big deal . take it from one married man to assume . to be married men a happy wife happy. live just apologize if only and you want . to apologize for. we didn't really a cue the last thing we . talked about was about myra being at the . engagement you know he was inappropriate . with iris work mary just went on about . how we're not perfect ourselves and i. just think she has to hit in the coaches . too much sometimes yourself . talk to her nicely ok and we will see . the both of you. mixed-use you you're busy waiting . joseph to tell you . this for you . i don't know what to say i'm just glad . you're back how was your time with your . relatives cousin elizabeth as well and . pregnant. you must be good news . it must be a miracle i remember you . telling me that she was getting on a . mage do you believe in miracles joseph . i'll believe that when i see them i . suppose but then they wouldn't be. miraculous anymore. don't you think that some things require. leap of faith. you had your head in the clouds sure . people feeding miracles . joseph i need you to listen to what i'm . about to see sounds serious . is everything alright . the other night angel of the lord . appeared to me and told me that i am . with child who is the son of god he will . be the savior of the world did you hear . me joseph is this a joke mary and . telling me that you're pregnant. how could this be why are you making up . this ridiculous story joseph i didn't . make this up. i know it's hard to believe but this is . the fulfillment of the prophecy i . fathers were told thousands of years ago . privacy and horrible excuse was . something you're hiding from me who. started this joseph just me i did . nothing wrong. this is a supernatural act of the holey . sweat do you know how its set that . sounds even if i believed to why in the . world with the son of god come down at . the man probably choose to be born it's . such a hard time. and through you joseph i'm telling you . the gym now listen to me this gets out . it's not just doing me a parents will be . seen you could be started that but she's . gonna be able to do with it mary man in . the world. i'm glad that you're happy . and . i charge who is this one of god's . did you hear me joseph mary joseph mary . telling you you're very needs you . everywhere you joseph son of david do . not be afraid to take mary as your wife. si long but that's what is conce
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