How EVERY Country song is written

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Like Nickelback, this felt like a video I HAVE to do. Obviously this isn't EVERY country song, but it sure does seem like a lot of it when you listen to country radio.
For those who follow me on social media, you know that I took some time off to be more private, spend time with family, focus on personal matters. But I hope I can keep making videos and you guys keep watching them, it was hard to get inspired for the last couple of months and I don't want to give you guys work that I'm not happy with. Hope you guys enjoy!
[music]. wow you lazy blaring fuck you everyone . talks about country music you really . good and save some shit we already know . you've dumped the gold pieces yes i am . doing a genre that is often talked about . by a lot of comedians music people music . listeners as being a dumb chandra or . something that is just manufacture a . comedian bo burnham has a really good . bit in his a comedy special where he . talks about or sings about rather . country music and how it's mostly to the. cash grab by record labels and stuff to . get money because they cash in on really . easy to access country music traits and . it's been beaten death over and over but . i want to talk about it because i feel . like the way that i'm going to approach . this it's a little bit different and the . thing is coming into this idea where i . wanted to talk about country music i was . not very well acquainted with country . music at all . the majority of country these days that . is on the charts that is being played on . the radio it's all hip-hop and this is . the problem i see what country music is . that it's okay to have influences from . other genres problem is when there's a . blatant ripoff and the timing is so . perfect that they're cashing in on this. time when trap hip hop are the most . popular genres in the game today and it . seems like they're just trying to a . basic lazy attempts at channeling these . genres for maximum radio play i heard . this song body like a back road by sam . hunt the sam hunt song literally has a . dj mustard beat hey hey hey hey but if . you want to make the most money you . could do first you're going to ditch any . live instrumentation or nuanced. recordings of drummers guitarists etc . and just go with a really basic kind of . hip-hop beat right so you have an . acoustic guitar okay make the chord . [music]. alright let's say we tear away all of . the trying to jack other genres and we . just stick to i guess the melody and the . vocals i've listened to every single . person listed on screen and not one of . them provided any unique perspective or . an interesting vocal ability that i . could distinguish from what or other i . don't want to single them out per se but . it just seems like they're channeling a . similar style in a way that makes it . seem like it isn't really them it's like . a large umbrella group telling them ok . sound like this sing like this right . like this but you see artists like the . ones listed on screen right now . they definitely channel the true roots . of country and there's very distinct . formulas they use so no matter what . there's going to be a four-bar intro . where everything kicks off you know so . it's going to be more moving it's going . to have less of a choppy feel it's going . to be kind of flowing like welcome to . this song i sort of very it's very like . synthetic to me . [music]. and of course is going to be about 16 . bars of verse so it's going to be like . you know lyrically everyone talks about . country lyrics being pretty boarding in . the top 40 so it's gonna be something . like you know i was just a small-town . boy living in just black toy like it is . there's not much going on now there's a . love song there's a very interesting . formula it takes so you look at to the . chorus right and then it'll be much more . like i wish we could be like we were . just only marki just sitting on the . front porch do something kind of. rebellious that only other kids that are . living in other conditions can relate to . but we can make everyone feel welcome . okay right there that's the most . important part okay so you have about . eight bars of the course just going on . right but once you get to like which we . convey just like the others it stops the . whole beach is killed and then it goes . to the chorus line or the name of the . song or like the hook slow go i wish we . could be like the other except we're . contrary . you. like you know their work country yeah so . the idea is that after the chorus you . should have time to reflect and soak in . all the words of the song writer has . said for you and you're really taking . time to really understand what they're . saying with the bar to to like focus on . what the messages . the thing about country is that so much . is told with little breaks so between . every line there's like some hesitation. there's some vocal nuances maybe they . can pause for something it's like . there's always something that is . happening in the background of country . so i think they compensate for the lack . of nuances pauses interruptions in the . verses and they jam it into this four . bar section after the main chorus line . is said because they want you to be like . yeah we believe that you should digest . the music's message but only the chorus. because that's where the catching this . is that's where you're going to hear the . most looking more than the big green . tractor love you more than buying these . laughter love you more than a beer and a . friday night i love you more than just . babies armstrong . because above all i love you . [music]. look i'm just saying it's a pretty bad . sign when beyonce drops a country song . that sounds more country than a lot of . these so-called country artists i just . want to be the one who makes you baby it . means the city mississippi reflect on my . lyrics maybe less funny is that when you . do a country song without a southern . accent it kind of sounds like it could . be in adult contemporary soft rock . ballad. [music]. [music]. the old country all right for this one i . got my you know i'm with the kids . contemporary cool hip-hop beat yeah and . then i got my folk guitar so we're going . to hit this shit up the song matter . let's say there's a girl because either . a girl or being a bro and this girl is . just too country even for you it's . almost like whoa damn so here we go . you got more dirt on your opening you. know how to change a car engine . i never thought if it means independence . or southern girl this is so sexist . .
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