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I would love to do more of this kind of videos, to be more personal and real. Thanks guys.
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Just be the video that morning guys just . woke up one morning face i shall go now . i on young man . all right away then there's the way good . so i have so it's a nice or is he . already and i'm going to charity and use . my my thing anyway . oh ic so different about the content to . let me show you how to put my ideas . about michael tournament . there you go see the difference wanna . know components and it's not because i . like and like compellent to execute on . the indonesian by recounting i think i . didn't know the right the confidence of . the year then now used to it and i think . i don't know i just referred to an hour . i have not changed my content for very . long been the reason why i put on my . content across the country that's the . main reason i got my control be very . nice. you guys gotta check the website you . going now i can see now i can see you . 90x90 you're behind the camera yo good . looking for looking to be descended over . here now let me show you hide my hand . maybe something about me that i always . gotta go man i have like there will be . including he gets a little closer ya . like it like at least with volume and . slightly street the street . [music]. a little . we were . there are about there . going to have everything . that is the rightful marathon no no it . wasn't for me i just chillin and waiting . for your friend come over my treat to . have her in some of the world notice to . be work and chillin with you from now . i'm watching video that's my favorite . pastime no namida videos i want you to . be useful and i recently watched a video . and i masih i was much i was really much . i mean if anyone would ever meet me in . any situation of my life in on . i mean i've been getting people who ask . me that will happen to be in general . when the internet everything a time when . someone asks me it doesn't work it just . didn't turn out well things that i . didn't like about him and there . something that you didn't like about me . as a lot of defense's until the day i it . breaks my heart because he used to be a . huge part of me you know i used to be so . dedicated be impolite to an extent where . i would support in anything either . anything in there not be a i don't know . what about about you guys you know . whether you know anything your best . friend or it's going even though it's . wrong you know it's wrong on but you . will support them because you really . trust them to you you really love them . that much and that's why i thought well . then in immense dedication i have him i . i kind of had a flying me as a friend . whatever you see the nike the light of . day another day he'd be there and . whatever enter and i must say i want to . make through the video that i i mean in . a while there it was not i didn't feed . as an ex i didn't see it as a like a . rendering someone it wasn't it was me . explaining because i was misunderstood . our our seen a person who left my . friends i do not leave my friends are an . expert that he has the empathise with my . situation when i break up i was a . strange because . i don't he's not a bad person even . though my mom mom you know that's have . empathy not hard because sometimes it's . very different after all you are you . gonna break up huh or even any guy ever . lose value protect the web of life of a . single but now it's also mention from . his video which i would like to . acknowledge where got it i'm supposed to . carry on don't know what to do if he . found out i deactivated my transferable . stretch you know i come up with a cool . get easily stressed out because i didn't . want to burden the powers messed up my . thoughts my original mind my commitment . you know my family ellis tressa i mean . he was he was doing so well and he's. doing very well you know what i want to . see them in my hand i'm having this . problem i think that but i'm not gonna . be a burden if i'm a burden i just feel . like i should just leave and i'll ever . and i was seen as a person will be . cheaper pension have nothing else to be . obvious but another part to surrendering . buttle defaming shading i don't shading . man i shit on a paper with a pencil . they're going to shoot known as a very . lame joke but i know he's a good person . when i first calling my best friend and . i still feel that you feel good person . and when people see your sculpture how . or even una cola or school because the . akasha cooler i don't i don't wanna seem . to be under anyone you see my videos i . don't put on a sec must simply center . every time i pull some normal friends . who don't need to use youtube videos for . my girlfriend my family within myself we . maybe do anything its kind of famous . super famous right there actually i . don't know be seen it and i'm putting . one got people actually who try to . collaborate big butts handed to me i . wish i had to be real but because the . malaya lima oh evelyn whatever is our . best everyone i mean i'm not be . collecting channel so that i recently i . block him . see i'm going to cover so if you think . i'm wrong because i've got majora . getting mature now i'm going him isn't . it the way you are where you're going . for you . that also i said because i was a bad . friend one i don't know how you feel . about me i do not know about any calls . or whatever she's doing fine and i . really wish i went through differently . for a lot of people and our goal against . regina bring me down a few i don't know . i just . yeah i must yeah maybe i'm wrong and i'm . right by just using their everyone is . against me but know this i have a low . voice it's a once again i read three not . trying to get sympathy gonna make it . clear have no grudges with anyone . only with grudges and i would see you. know anyone of people feel that i hadn't . graduates with and not do not do if our . pieces to each other getting all their . they have left her friends and you keep . the fuel and you just wish to have also . left the enemy's you don't have any . enemies around okay i hope that you what . i do not like i don't i don't scream . this weekend about two scooby democrats . do i see it out . yeah i do miss people that i've gone in . my life everyone has grown woman pick up . himself . i'm hungry i'm gonna cook now he is my . father and using my front row i'm . cooking right now i have a penchant for . they enough they i just did this to my . brother it's like to be on occasion when . i didn't know very antisocial but that's . probably the united semi-major melody . and cooking small sausage nothing very . fancy and actually gonna just put into . the noodle that's my lunch the doing . really good on you because you think my . boys are nice cool i tell you about me . and my foot right now we are getting . ready for you know season in they're not . going to join us just showing some . almonds follow the night keeps most of . the kids don't know whether you can see . it. i don't transcribe them to be sure in . some competitions phone like you ever be . together to begin because i think you . need to learn and breathe this market . movement before you can get the 3 i'm . like really weird uniformity and then . continue . yeah sorry you got the four members . anywhere else you'll get a big diamond . big rock mountain so that we were . ordering my brother there's something . for the right dex you guys do not know . why not that that x is one of the other . every year every year and under-19 . office . [music]. it doesn't matter anymore power losses . that one-dimensional steps just a few to . operate without missing building you get . emotional and i people give the bathroom . today . renounce thinking christ . city with my and i . i really wish that this thing at the . right now i think is an opener . my brother is this really the collision . but if you want the future going to the . german the best by giving with you . people that particular we got the moment . every nice thing is all ok got it i got . to thank you thank you thank you thank . you i love you my business if you're my . best friend yeah you are the best friend . ever go there you don't have the . different parts on a basement . so hey guys we're almost done with our . dinner and then we are all too well with . audio dick and after that we i was . thinking white white but he starts you . know what he came up with the baby part . the you're not only from the others mean . that are really great story . not anymore but food and the american . chemical and thank you for uploading and . also the fact about a better try it out . and you are optical hard-boiled anybody . to come from here she said to be kind of . jesus and the village where it is i'm . not figure something out more leaders is . any problem . [music]. wanted a happy little my little brighter . for the ground said excess of passion of . my enemy happy i must have the golden . boner book i get all right . [music]. .
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