Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes – Back & Forth

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To celebrate the release of the band's new album β€˜Zipper Down’ and documentary ’The Redemption of the Devil' - trailer: - we got Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal in a room to discuss what it's like to have a camera up your butt for a year, getting starstruck and jamming their music into people's earholes.
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You ever known anyone that could take. something off the internet. . . watch out with your dick pics kid. . . yeah. . . they say rock and roll is for life. . . what happens when one of the wildest. most charismatic rockers in the game. . . it's . . he's had all the sex drugs and rock and. roll there is to have what did he turn. . . to that this is the most scary fucking. this is the most scary thing i've ever. . . done in my life. . . hi i'm boots electric from a band called. the eagles of death metal you're. . . watching back and forth on noisy and i'm. the cookie monster and this is the. . . eagles of death metal back and forth. . . do you remember our first case it was at. the chinese place that was the mexican. . . salsa bar that was right next to shakeys. pizza and cross june when someone says. . . shakey's pizza don't you just go. . . yeah here's your pizza like why would. you call place shakeys the pizza do you. . . like it - dude like got a disease rosie. and alcohol they always in a constant. . . state of withdrawal like come on down. thus cabbies talk. . . haha it's not wait up. . . when you first heard the word thesaurus. did you think it was a dinosaur. . . i did when i was like the saurus rex i. want to see this beast it must be a. . . really smart dinosaur. . . do you think having little arms means. that you can't be a good hugger. . . it must be certainly true of the. tyrannosaurus rex and coming in for it. . . like how would you hug if you were to. rent a sore like we're like i got it. . . you get like let me get that josh when i. have no move going to make this album. . . for years. . . if we were drug dealers we would be the. drug dealer that you would overdose. . . every time you bought a drug because it. would be that good tg. . . so that's like the standard we have for. music but really since i'm only stealing. . . from the best albums ever made. technically i always write the greatest. . . albums of all time. . . you remember your first recording. session like. . . i remember my mind was with you wasn't. really my was as you a monkey. . . it was my first recording tonight i was. like 14 and there was someone we opened. . . the closet door and there's just someone. in there it was like when you shot in. . . your like our new album zipper down. . . why why is it frustrating for you it's. frustrating when you have a you know. . . when you make something that sounds like. it's got a dick bigger than john holmes. . . and it's frustrating because you know. the ear holes are really small. . . yeah and i'm frustrated because i really. want to jam every square inch of that. . . record into their whole thing and i'm. already frustrated because i know it's. . . like almost just based on physics. . . yeah impossible yeah i can see what that. really brings you down to be going like. . . i don't know. . . the first way that sounds majestic and. cool the moment. . . it's the fourth album so it's the. combination of all my experience all the. . . tricks i've learned in an attempt to. demonstrate our genius. . . so this was filled with nothing but hits. boner rocker. . . don't you patronize me mother. . . actually i wanted to ask you what do you. think the most frustrating thing about. . . the music industry is there something. that's most frustrating. . . i just like to play and so and there's. no advice that can help for her for. . . doing some of this weird shit you just. get stuck in it and you go like bridge. . . click the bridge club and you know you. know you just get stuck in some of this. . . and you don't know what to do because. it's sometimes really odd and i like i. . . don't like to pretend up and live music. and just like that kind of insist that. . . you protect a lot i'm not happy then i. don't want to have to be happy and if. . . i'm happy i want to be happy tonight. . . and so i don't know i'm not very good at. pretending you know that that part of it. . . is a little weird. . . did you ever get starstruck it starts to. look for me is mostly just a really big. . . desire to want to meet them on occasion. i've had my heart broken by meeting my. . . heroes and they've been really awful or. feeling i could just make it if you. . . that's happened like doesn't make it so. you can listen to their it does it. . . absolutely like i have a hard time. listening to michael jackson songs but. . . some things are just more surreal where. you've seen somebody so many times like. . . in a television set go back of the tv. your head needs to be a lot smaller. . . don't belong here. . . what are you doing here let me see your. papers yeah the ones that are really. . . beautiful or like when you're standing. on stage playing and you look over an. . . iggy pop is hiding in between the. speakers like when we played with the. . . stooges. . . we were here first of all work we're. playing the show and with the damned. . . open for us i was freaking out you know. and i look over and iggy pop is watching. . . me play and look at me one like this. . . that's that's like winning an award you. don't mean that that and that's only for. . . me because no one else saw that and you. would have known if i didn't tell you. . . right now it's big e is a good example. just someone that i was like damn i want. . . to meet. . . i want to. . . you know me tag and see how that and i. hope it's like i thought it would be. . . yeah you you kind of go like the same. way with like john paul jobs when i came. . . into the studio when you were recording. with him i was that he is truly nervous. . . and i don't normally get nervous like. that but i i didn't want to seem stupid. . . and i'm also one of the dudes i don't i. know that just because you like someone. . . doesn't really mean that they give a. shit about it you know and very should. . . well but they can't know what that means. like i watched a lot of people that i've. . . known for years. . . meet jones and just be like how how did. you just shit over and over and over. . . wherever we went you know because if we. don't you work in close quarters like. . . it's such a lovely person and he is a. sweet precious guy and i was just. . . sitting there wanting to watch it be. sweet and precious and that's got to be. . . the most awful fate yeah where you have. seen jones talk to someone and then. . . he'll turn away and then that person. turns yeah. . . high fives a stranger you can get i. think that's something you know and when. . . you have five a stranger they're not. ready sometimes i go. . . you just have to sort of receive it i've. only asked for an autograph of one time. . . i asked for traci lords hot graph palace. . . the only autographs me when when i went. with you to a lollapalooza i don't know. . . if you remember but i hated the. autograph line when you guys finish your. . . q&a and i was in the autograph that's. one of the things i remember you were. . . like it's one of the only autographed. side tonight. . . yeah the excel hey pretty sure while you. were like sign these and then you. . . whipped out your breasticles i've seen. joshua just sitting there bar and much. . . more difficult view and someone will. just be standing like this close like. . . he's not like he has nothing to hide. just taking a picture of its like that. . . must be strange did i love that to get a. flash photo and then you turn and. . . someone's gone data. . . you know it's i love that shit is. awesome. . . first games you can be without sucking. each other's dicks. . . we were all around by a film crew. perfect yeah for a year. . . what's that like well i'm very vain so i. like to be photographed so that lends. . . itself to it in a way like i figured. that that in a way that that would be. . . something you're like hell yeah i. actually another i got up earlier than i. . . would normally have gotten up because. i'm going to be filmed today it was like. . . every day but i love that about you. about that your you have such an. . . enthusiasm for yourself. . . well i'm sweet you are amazing and and i. was also fortunate to have developed a. . . friendship with the crew. . . so it wasn't as difficult as it would. have been like having you know someone. . . up your ass all day long but they say. like in a science experiment that if the. . . subject knows it's being you know then. that you can't be normal but really find. . . like after for so long of a period. . . they're just normal well that's the. weirdest question different that i was. . . experiencing things in my life that were. really quite heavy. . . you know it but there was also all the. planning and stuff going on there was a. . . moment where there were a couple moments. where there was a camera there and i had. . . to deal with some shit now. . . i like to learn rock and rape and roll. rebel that's my goal i try to hide that. . . it's never affected my parenting. . . i have absolute rules that limit my tie. straight in every aspect of my. . . professional life i've made my wish. every day and sometimes it really feel. . . accepted. . . ok don't worry if i think about her. paper over it with seized by the biggest. . . anyone sees me he'll do it. . . when you would ask me on occasion like. what's this like he will you have some. . . sincere like i'm just curious what the. hell is this. . . i'm like i feel protective of you and. you know and i love you. . . and so watching it sometimes like you. call this microscope up your pot did you. . . want me too deep but the scope that. would be awesome you know. . . well if i ever see that i'll just. naturally yank it out but there's some. . . dark shit about me that you're gonna see. and will show that just be sweet to me. . . about it you know i mean yeah i guess. that like that's why i had my own. . . reservations. . . it's got some ugliness and it's got some. of the hardness you know rock and roll. . . there's a consequence because the. penalty and i'm also when i don't really. . . like to display losses. . . i always like to show this is what i. have one sure never let them see you. . . sweat and and there's a moment in that. film to where you're able to peep into. . . my losses. . . yeah and that was that was the fucking. hardest part. . . art doesn't get even remotely worth it. until it's vulnerable enough to like. . . show you something for whatever clichΓ©. and corny reason whenever we produce i. . . mean i mean i think is an artist trying. to do something different or you know. . . you're trying to do something that is at. the standard but i think that's what. . . makes this different. . . there's a nugget that you get to in this. movie that's hard. . . everybody should have my drug problem in. a good night . god made men and women. . . sam colt made them equal that's just. fucking the other. . . your life i don't think we can get any. more weird to pick just wearing it when. . . you're a rocker can make it seem like. you're making fun of it which i'm not. . . it's a demonstration of personal. humility but anyway back to buttholes. .
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