Reacting to KSI reacting to my “INSECURE” DISS TRACK!

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In this video I react to KSI's reaction to my Insecure diss track / disstrack FINALLY ft on drama alert, ricegum, and deji! He says he is dropping a response track coming soon. I got some more heat too tho....
What do u think of Quadeca vs KSI or Randolph vs Deji?
Check out the original diss track
Quadeca - Insecure (KSI Diss Track) Official Video
KSI video:
Reacting to Quadeca's INSECURE Diss Track
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Oh shit it's time . taking jj longer to react to my diss . track then i took to mention i just . woken up a little bit early before . school so i can watch yes i reacting to . my to a discharge it should be exciting . you know what i'm saying i was actually . just about to mail this l i was i was . actually in the message putting this in . the package sending it off to the post . office so he's got his warning so let's . see let's see what he has to say that'd . be a since i've uploaded my district . this has just literally been insane you . know i've been on a keemstar almost okay . so who's quit a key well there you have . it quickie with this guy named quad a . key and well quit a key respondent it's . not the hard to pronounce my name stop . you know never mind rice gum reacted to . my this chai mocha paul come and dump . this i think i just killed a man . [music]. cute wine i'm not gonna keep watching i . don't care i know this fool is gonna . fucking make something about me watching . him like bro yeah logan paul won it . wants me on his podcast now i literally . brought up the most traumatizing moment . of his career and he still wants me on . his podcast so you know what the shit it . were just in a different timeline right . now it's literally been uploaded 38 . minutes ago i have not watched it so i'm . gonna put on my big-ass headphones and . i'm looking forward to seeing what we . got all right this shit is just so weird . man this shit's just so weird . let's see what jj has to say bro i'm . excited you know deji really enjoyed it . oh let's see ah finally i forgot i . forgot that he dyed his hair i guess you . can say his hair it's not the only thing . that died this week. now that's fucking stupid you know what . i'm gonna save that if he drops a . response to this track i'm gonna save. that bar for the next test track alright . alright - ladies and gentlemen i'm . finally gonna react to the people who . have dissed me okay . alright when the what's good podcast was . randolph and simon and i had a few digs . and a few youtube rappers connecting she . said if you're still watching so if you . ever did ask the institute and i want to . make if she's watching me . how many controlling him see this is the . thing this is the thing i was watching . all these reactions i was looking at all . of jj's like really hardcore fans they . were all like oh your cloud chasing even . rice gum even rice cup he was like . you're just trying to get cloud off ksi . oh the shit he started that's what i'm . saying. he started it all right i was just i was . just defending myself okay of course i . knew shit was about to hit the fan it . wasn't a matter of if it was definitely . a matter of when and as soon as the . video got out let's just say a few . people weighing their feelings bro first . my diss track is gonna set what . and yeah everybody even your own fans . will agree that you've taken it out . because you know what your own fans they . don't like your music they like when you . played fifa oh actually the problem with . this the problem with this is that the . other side is a w so before i mail it to . ksi i'm gonna have to like sawed it in. half so i could just send them the hell . i'd fuck full disclosure so we reacted . axes you reacted taxes first okay okay . no offense to guys i'm just gonna skip . this part though but i fucked with tax i . was talking to him yeah man he's he's . lit he's lit but uh no offense i'm just . gonna skip it fuck it . a lot more people have been guest about . kodaka when i got insecure it's . currently on three point seven million . views oh he's definitely watched this . before this like someone sent me a . screenshot of ksi listening to my music . on spotify like two days ago the day . after i'd released the discharge so i . mean i know i know he's scheming up. something. [music]. you were 18 and a virgin in the basement . making faces i mean where that goes and . that's a sick line but no i always say . if i did see i did see a video then . they're out there jj and disco in the . studio together all right and i know k . sites got a big label behind them and . everybody's producing everything you . know shooting these big music videos you . know just some some of what i've heard . doesn't really but i really light up but . you know i'll take i'll take your word . for it all right i'll take your word for . it i'm skinny i'm white i got a lisp i'm. awkward and i'm fucking better than you . know what that face means i swear you . read you read two packs i don't know no . i don't know i don't know he was trying . to do . yes i came from fifa the point of that . line the point of that line was not oh. you played fifa that's so wack cuz you . know i was a fifa i was a fifa channel . too yep that was my life but the point . of that line was just uh they used to . laugh at how you reacted a pax now they . laugh at how bad you can rap. know that what it's meant to be . so these satisfied you don't know that . you were actually bad it's actually mad . i'm actually really gonna get it to the . pen but i never understand why you would . wanna ban me yes matt i don't think a . plan buddy keep you in a bubble that you . look like sandy hey the plan is i . respect how he's reacting to you know . what i'm saying he's not like getting. really bad like rice gum seemed way more . insecure than jay jay when he was . reacting to it you know jay is at least . acknowledging the what's good about it . so i respect that music you talk . nonsense mediocre with a god complex you . like the black marina joyce meets pussy . - no way. [music]. okay no okay all right okay stop just . sit react to it say let's say watch what . you mean no that was not a fight that's . lines fire logan paul come and film this . i think i just killed a man . i think i just killed a man put you okay . no what was he gonna say what was he . gonna say there but you're still a fan . if i was you but what was he gonna say . jj stop just react to it yeah . ah okay . i'm yes he's gonna have a beat switch up . i guess that's what's trending in 2018 . all right well i put a beat switch all . right deji he loved the beat switch so . much he put it beats wish randolph he . put a beat switch bro don't even act . like i'm following the trends all right . well don't i don't do that don't do that . don't do that but uh so far i respect i . respect that you reacting to this i . wasn't a fan of the instrumental boswer . fossil right i mean he had a few good . boss i liked when he rapped fast with us . and the son deadline was good i'll give . him that . this is where we're all right i mean i'm . being honest they are they were all . right i mean someone just falls . somewhere decent but i mean obviously . lovely nothing new yeah nothing that's . really gonna cut deep but eh i digress . let's continue all right i mean i'm just . responding to what you said about me so . if he's just talking about me . and he's like oh your musics trash . whatever you're wack i'm gonna respond . to him you know being like you're . insecure your musics trash you have a . bunch of yes-man just sort of things in. response to the level of what he was . dissing me on yes he doesn't say if he's. doing a response . it depends what he does on his response . and uh we'll see man cuz i got some more . i got so or heat bro they don't even . know ya you run away and finally better . better way better instrumental yeah . you runaways can't get out of the water . can't stop you there i don't ride waves . i make waves motherfucker you ain't . never been the type to just follow my . nigga i swear you did i swear you the . rap okay you know a messy buses but now . though a nice ride nah okay research . he knows about messi vs ronaldo rap . battle that i did james i know that was . not does not because of you okay she's . like looking back like four years on my . channel but i mean i'm not bump not . riding your waves but just got i did . fifa and i rap doesn't mean i'm. following you wait so he hasn't watched . me for seven to eight years okay okay i . didn't clarify this when i was watching . the reaction but editing it back seven . years ago i was in fifth grade fifa 12 . alright i was watching chaos eyes videos . during fifa 12 that's what i thought. that he was that his at his best so i . don't know what he's talking about . i think he's thinking i'm saying that i . watched his videos seven years ago and . never watch them again which is not what . i'm saying. anyways let's keep this i respect that . he keeps giving my props you know what . i'm saying. should have been giving me those props a . little bit earlier done during that . podcast maybe but wait hold on let me . check. that's a good line if that's true fair . play . oh shit why i guess i'm not howlin with . one of them i'll give you that play man. i was just going through his grass . literally just trying to find a photo of . his hairline and i just kept scrolling . scrolling for a couple days . not a photo without offending . your girlfriend or your hair oh oh that . was better that was better . hey i'll give him that i was sick now . we'll see hey oh oh hey but he fucked at . the discharge i thought he's gonna come . on here like rice come and just sit . there you know i mean i appreciate that . he's actually saying that it's good you . know what i'm saying something a lot of . his own fans were too insecure to do but . i'm just saying jada if you're doing a . response you don't even know you don't . even know what i what i what i'm about . to do but uh that's all i'm gonna say . i'm not gonna give too much away the l . is still on the table all right ivan . ivan yep put it in the post office but . you know i should need to get rid of . this w first but once i sliced the w i'm . gonna put this w right up there on over . the bed and you can put this out over . your bed but uh i'm interested to hear . what your responses guys if you're new . to the channel make sure you hit that . subscribe button like the video if you . enjoyed it and yeah it should be this is . this is actually insane bro yeah purse . oh . [music]. .
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