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[music]. [music]. yeah so if you just hold it still on me . yeah yeah done . yeah don't know big jimmy john's fresh . faux fur started to hate repeat how much . is his presence here since i've been out . there might be saying jimmy fell off to . me andand html on that chip in on to big . cheese on top product in just tell him . jimmy's on table kimmy's on job yeah if . tom done no listen my life two ways me . speaking you see the house over there . the fed one over there yeah that's where . he lives . he's got gob day he's got food day me . and you we're robbing it yeah. come five six we do the job puppy now by . the time i'm will police they're beasts . you're not on them no no i'm not gonna . help you certainly no but for your own . it ball no no . [applause]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. please. [laughter]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. seriously the man never taking a piss . now they're taking weed way too serious . i've been laughing all morning cuz left . i remember about eight months ago yeah . someone come from with different . packages a weed and one of them was food . skills and it will all get mad costing . it around to each other saying are these . smells like skittles . these smells like schools i'm looking . like this mad man then wondering they . build it up smoked it or like all my . days it tastes like skills grass said . now these might have taken a piss this . can't be true so i smoked it the tin . just smells like weed just smells like . weed nothing different but yesterday was . the ultimate piss take they come true . different packages and one them's like . artists ones the mad king it's the . wedding cake wedding cake the cooling a . wedding cake i'm laughing this man . shaking her fist takes me to the side . and it's like rob fuck snow snow snow . what is it snow like i'm that cuz it . smells like weed they're taking a piss . now i'm convinced that it's 12 g four or . five all these dangerous names the . skittles a wedding cake they're taking . liberties. isn't it next victim . there we go bank right there he's done . [laughter]. she's grounded. oh don't put that there . it's a good late night say there's a . same fucking double bass oh . [laughter]. now why are you putting in front of this . car cause over here that's all cool i'll . cause we were here that oh my gosh he . just run away . he's run away from me okay . oh yeah haha the guys you see you okey . freda be walking you want me to walk off . please have a good day verbal mud is . crazy . [laughter]. [music]. [laughter]. [applause]. [laughter]. can't be. shrugs and you know what . mariah snuck daddy . and the oscar for ghost manager gusto . [applause]. [music]. oh yeah and god i love you . hallelujah thank you father god for put . me to what you put me to but i'm here . and i'm happy . [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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