The Making of ‘COOLEST TITO EVER’ | feat. ItsJudyTime Travis Family | Vlog #6

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January 23rd, 2017: We shot such a sweet and funny parody video of Chainsmoker's song "Closer" together with the Travis Family! Special thanks to Judy, Benji, Julianna, Miya, and Keira Travis for a great time and for making this an amazing day!
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What oh man you finally yeah i think . you're psychic . i don't know what is good more day . what's up guys welcome to the paranormal . channel here in the morning with jc and . vince we have a very big day today we . are going to do a special colab the job . with its judy dying the family the . travis family there's an and contentment . coffee get it out there in the . philippines there so many inspectors so . the first thing i do every morning is . make some fresh coffee. this is the secret to all the energy. needed for a whole day shoot today was. going to be a special video because i. was going to collab with the awesome. travis family from the channels it's . judy time and it's judy's life i happen . to run into them because we were on the . same flight arriving in manila just two . weeks ago we hooked up and i wrote this . fun parody about being a cool uncle to. the kids but in order for it to all work . on camera i knew i really had to become . the cool uncle. ok and here we are with the beautiful . travis family one is done it's a lizard . are you guys gonna show us your lizard . what's the lizard's name what's this . lizard thing only the or it's orange . yes okay rob and there's giuliana hi . giuliana . oh everyone has their own lizard ok . there i had me where your three laser . jammer my wife and you're getting in my . room. ok awesome i love that you guys love . lizards i love lizards to all right . oh and they're taking to me how do you . do it benji they require so much energy . lots of beer i like that i'll try that . next time. ok so here no don't let them bite me . no wiring that's the its own names of . its name is orion yeah your wedding when . we're jumping over giuliana's here who . else is here jumping with us . ok girls and we jump we get john my god . you're the highest let's see let's see . all done oh there's a chocolate when i . was jumping a shark ride go . don't jump what you get the camera dress . whoa you guys can jump pretty high right. so are you ready to color your pictures . here we go so grab your favorite crayons . grab your throat utah's brown and what . what do you choose giuliana lots of them . purple . okay great and how about you is this . your cute huh . y-yeah happy i'm not too sure i feel . like they don't acknowledge pink as a . color so here we go let's go let's color . on the paper. so are you gonna color on this page i'll . color on this page is shooting and there . because she will bear you know how equip . on me we're gonna party all right then . 16 giuliana really good and i'm sure she . got that all her dance moves very dance . member also miss dancing great and how . did the top 40 and it's all good . she's only into the modern mm she saw . thinking now about them cember . congratulations on that. why don't you tell us a little bit about. that yeah it's an annual fundraiser that . we do the past six or seven years and we . danced to read and for charity so in one . day december we're on live broadcast for . 24 hours and we just raise money and we . raised over half-a-million 101 . yeah that's incredibly in the money went . towards children indeed our children in . poverty and one through convoy of hope . and one of their stations here in the . philippines right honey and you know you . know there's comfortable over there . that's fun time all over the world to . you see that's great that you guys do a . lot of good. no actually feels very important back . agreed so we're gonna hide that's cool . my god . oh man you finally yeah i think your . sake it you just found this too fast . that's impossible. all right now it's time to put makeup on. me girls . ok i coconut milk chocolate chews coffee . coffee and a lollipop. these girls have very interesting taste . for a tea party in our fort . [music]. i'm excited for you girls to be in my . video we're gonna have a video together . and yeah see look at their there they're . really loving their lollipops candy and . that does it guys. i had a great time why don't we having . you mikey . thank you dream you are now my other . judy yeah so much thank you julie enough . for this boy that i don't recognize . because i'm too old now and the new . played old guys this is the new clio it . is that the plane ok yeah ok well no i . know and thank you mia and kira think . what is that . i'll see me send the road i'll yes we . know you got some younger line helps and . the next time i see you guys think mikey . will have more candy for you all my. thank you judy and benji thinks so much . honored thank you . be sure to look out for the video. thank you guys so much for watching this . vlog hope you can subscribe to my weekly . videos here on the new paranoid channel . i upload regular vlogs comedy skits . parodies and dorky randomness don't . forget to check out our parody video the . coolest uncle ever featuring the travis . kids and their parents judy and benji . check out their links in the description . box. mabuhay . .
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