The New Snapchat in 60 Seconds

Evan Spiegel, co-founder and CEO, explains the new Snapchat update! Coming soon. Learn more at
[music]. today we're making snapchat more. personal one of the complaints we've . heard about social media is that photos . and videos from your friends are mixed . in with content from publishers and . creators and influencers but your . friends aren't content their . relationships that's why today we're . separating the social from the media and . reorganizing snapchat around your. relationships to make it more personal . as always snapchat opens to the camera . to invite you to create and inspire you . to explore the world around you and on . the left side of the camera are your . friends these are the people you talk to . every day send snaps to back and forth . and to the right of the camera is . discover where content from publishers . and creators in the community is. personalized just for you . when we first built snapchat we made it . easier to express yourself by talking . with pictures but today we're making it . easier to find the people you want to . express yourself with the friends you . want to talk to will be there when you . want to talk to them with these changes . we hope that snapchat feels more . familiar and inspires you to express . yourself with your friends and explore . more of the content that you love . [music]. .
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