These Google AI experiments are crazy! This is the future.

Google has some insane experimental AI - I figured it was worth exploring to see how close it is to destroying us all.
Check them out yourself:
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I sunday from boy in a bank today we're . going to take a look at a bunch of . artificial intelligence experiments to . see how far along we are towards that in . and do this thing i want to take a look. at is right here google has this way i . experiment start with google. com site . where they have tons of these things and . well nine and there's some pretty fun . one. so the first one i want to show you is . this on quick draw . so basically it's like pictionary except . it's an artificial intelligence so . pictionary if you have my friends kind . of neural network learn to recognize . doodles help teach it by adding your . drawings to the world's largest doodle . data set which could be shared publicly. to help with machine learning research. in the future so by playing this were . actually improving the ai the whole . point is we're going to draw things as . quickly as possible and it has to guess . it using machine intelligence which is . really cool here the only issue here is . my drawing ability hasn't progressed. since age 5 . let's try it a helicopter ip circle or . pear or summary data or pineapple at . seadrill all right now really after it . goes up. [music]. how the hell draw bear in under 20 . seconds. ok the other little noses id circle or . lollipops before that let's go . ic camouflage or peace or dog . oh right now if there is going it . doesn't know it's so cool . broccoli really like broccoli . how will they know this apart from tree . i think that your dog right now it's . broccoli not the hell how did is your . broccoli before tree we're all dead . how the hell'd like a human wouldn't be . able to do that to a broom . all right all right now it room . oh my god i d-line oh right now it's . three light . what on earth i'm i'm really shocked . that it managed to get that won't happen . again. that's crazy okay be right now it'd be i . don't asparagus just shocking because it . expresses that you give us some . asparagus looks like you can tell how. much change i eat . oh my god would do that as a cooler . looks like a dead cat dead square cat a . blackberry but it's cute . asparagus i'm not certain i would call . that asparagus what other bees did . people draw . oh haha that was adorable yoga has said . that this one this is like a way of . making visual puns and a cup . yeah everyone for the same thing all . nice cup of tea . that's maybe want to get a cup of tea . they going to trigger some people right . now. milk before the water recycle i wouldn't . be disappointed if this became a staple . part of videos where we is imminent doom . let's move on what was their experiments . to do you have for giorgio can use your . camera to make music with me okay . all ready to lock into recognition with . me take a picture and i'll tell you what . i think that with people . you're here we go on it . alright working on it . almost there that glasses were not . knocking yes it is just making this pot . help this is often helpful like all . because it will always working on it . almost there working on all over myself . instead of candy in this pocket . thank you pretty close . mother this is so worth rules time . working on it looks like single when . three four cameras . what the hell in seeing family . one more time . what the hell that's one big lollipop . camera what you want the background here . we want relations lol that library on my . street. yes pacific i think furniture in one . piece for the i-5 actually speechless . oh i gotta so glad i didn't try that . prior to recording that's amazing . eric rosenbaum and your town man follow . follow you guys are freaking brilliant . be like andy samberg how does it work . there are two parts image recognition . for seeing things speech synthesis for . talking boil for image recognition we . use the cloud vision api you can just . send a picture and returns labels for . what it sees into the computer voice we . used an open source project called mary . ts combined with the web audio api this . let us out of sex with the computer . choice and stick it to the beat we got . plans within this part often that's so . cool. oh yeah i have so freaking speak of our . cooled is almost like only so hyped this . artificial intelligence can wrap that . amazing don't have a job because not . only can wrap they can freestyle you can . freestyle bear-like am . let's head back to the experiments oh . that's so good . k the infinite drum machine where we . going to create beats using sound from . the everyday world so basically this is . an andrew hong simulator japanese . alright start playing ah we can move it . around our that's so cool . all right what's the beats unlike as . reports paper bag so open and move . billions cube close drop . now that's a strike had a decent kind of . four on the floor to start kind of thing . this is so cool this isn't this fun way . to make new that it kind of ordered by . frequency so like over here is all the . high-tech then you get the middle and . then the dc the deepest oh are gorgeous . that sort of the samples by like . frequency content that would be so . useful in a music program animal lion-o . and they've got different tags and stuff . and just search we can see the tempo . rachel first 30 . yeah article all these different noise . makers were classes and noisemaker metal . rock. this is fun i think translator take a . picture of something to hear how to say . it in a different language got a girl . yeah i'm just hair yeah . judging from the views on my recent . video about that youtube thinks so too . ten 98% face 97% it's more so all i am . had and i am a face i like this like . this they think they're just didn't . drink is my favorite pop singer are . brilliant learn some japanese i'm going . to be a japanese one day the key to . success. come on japanese people happy minot . footwear know you i don't know what you . gettin that need it . nail act up art well you're not to key . the key any oh if only it was wrapping . the first thing one was waiver effective . services they may be either get headers . from the banking structure that very . specific about a couple thing i get . first aid . come on jess into cup oh my god look . only disease i'll make it super easy i . get that gadget god she feels like doing . this video with my sister . ya have well at least we know what hair . is in japanese now . yeah i am not not feeling this one as . much as some of the other thousands of . good sounds visualized using machine. learning. shh . this is weird . oh here we go visualizing . high-dimensional space sounds like one . of those freaking unscientific spiritual . youtube videos are like how to visualize . your highest dimension that's the father . of me . so this is like a 3d visualizer that . automatically map things together. depending on different factors setting . sprite image computing pca have so much . idea what these things mean so let the . help freddie why what are all these . numbers. why why actually really interested in . how did what . oh my god i am so lost yeah i'm not sure . that i have time to really come to . understand this just yet it would be fun . to really sit down and try and get this. is just watch the video see if i explain . hi i'm daniel hi i'm mark hi i'm friend . hi oh hi mark we're looking at a subset . of words that the computer has learned . about we can also look closely at . smaller sets of words if we search piano . we can run piece me only on the words . related to piano we get clusters of . composers genres not going to cool for . each images 784 pixels the computer . treats each pixel as a dimension we . collapse all the numbers of it . ok so this is all the words what . happened to put search fight dre didn't . forget about dre wow rap is more . associated with drains and it is with . musician that's pretty impressive i feel . like i understand it well enough to do a . very interesting part in it . i think we're gonna end it as as it . should be a sick ready to open its . remedy a picture and i'll tell you what . i see waiting for you . you're here we go that's holding idea . yeah this is gonna destroy everything . listen to the reputation of yeah alright . they get you working on . almost there . [music]. idk another 20 get back to the race that . has existed that is fucking crazy . i calvo you how cool machine learning is . i really makes me want to learn more . about how it works like i get freaking i . no doubt on this stuff a lot too so what . search for joining me in this let me . know if you want to do any more videos. on ai things obviously if you know any . tools like this kind of thing let me . know because about the terms of things . like this that no one really knows what . like obscure sites like that edges to . cats thing and stuff like that . man that was so much fun sucks that is . probably going to kill us all . .

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