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Music video by T.I. performing I Swear, Letter To The System, Warzone, I Believe, I’m Blessed, Writer, Pain, and Take Da Wheel. Β© 2017 Grand Hustle, LLC, Distributed By Roc Nation Records
The second time this week,. a black man is shot. by a police officer. [gun shots]. you know what i came. to realize man. it's that we ain't. promised tomorrow. ya'll wanna shoot . where i'm from we aint even. promised today neither. where the justice at . my uncle always told me we was. different when i was a kid. never was too sure. what he meant by that. until i start seeing. it for myself. being a black man in america. can go from racial profiling. which would lead to assault. by a police officer. hands up. don't shoot!. it as if as we never even. existed in the first place. nearly half of america's. young black men. its justified by most. because of how much. we be killing our. own brothers. black lives matter!. you see we can no longer. avoid the need to address us. us a s a human race. us as a people. us as americans. those of us who knows what's. right must stand up together. for our families. our sisters, our. brothers, our community. 'cause one way or another. no matter who we are,. we're all affected. what do we. want, justice!. when do we. want it, now!. at the end of the. day, it's us or else. alright briggs. you're driving. come on. ???. boy you aint fast as. you think you is. bullshit i run a 4 . they don't call me. wheels for nothing. let's go. hey man. yo, yo, yo, yo!. why y'all making so much. noise out here so early man . he talking about he. quicker than me. he aint quicker than me. bro you slow bro. quicker than you in what . i run a 4- . who . me. you don't run no. damn 4-40 how you . man in them. timberlands. get outta here man i. tell you what man,. first one of y'all make. it back round this block. man i got 500 on it. 500 . i got 500 on it. i'm doubling that. what you mean you. doubling that . who do you like . you like him . i like little homie. right here. yup. yeah. lets go. what you fuck. standing there for . go get it!. pass that. you was out here. watching too. let me hit that. aye man. you, you been out. here all this time. watching this go off. it's cool to let the. little homies do a little. i think the idea is to. keep the noise down. you know what i mean . it's bad for business. who, who winning though . little homie there. [laughter]. ? ain't it hard enough, ?. ? to bring your sons and. your daughters up ?. ? without dealing with. the racist stuff ?. how about your boys. the falcons man . man we made it to the. super bowl , they lost. what do you do . what would i had a done . i would have stayed. awake the whole game. that's what i. would have done. man you wouldn't did shit. i would have done shit. exactly like they did. [laughter]. they start strong. just like you do. oh shit! pull over. fucking pull over man!. stay here, i got. the runner. hey, hey, hey! fuck. ? guess you dont know that. when you living in it ?. ? like every weekend. its a man down, ?. ? they dont got no pity. for the innocence ?. ? so imma represent ?. ? dedicated tell. em hands ?. what's going on . we just racing man. racing . so y'all ain't doing. nothing but racing . we made a bet. a bet for some money. little homie gone win. i'll tell you that. i know now. naw they not gone. make the four blocks. ? what you got a gun for. boy you aint finna ride ?. ? they run up on you like baton. rouge, bet you finna hide ?. for them to be fast it sure. taking they ass a long time. they might gone home. [laughter]. [gunshot]. shit!. what the fuck was that . i don't know. [police siren]. go get my shit. so we're sitting. in the car. i saw the two. suspects running by. and then i told briggs let's. go after the first one. and i went after the. second one. are you sure that's. what happened . what the fuck. did you do . he just came around. the corner and. they were fucking racing man. man you weren't. fucking there,. it happened so fucking fast. if you're. scared to work the. muthafucking neighborhood,. you shouldn't be in. the fucking neighborhood. get another job!. we're here yet again. for the fifth shooting. in this community. this year. between the police and an. african american male. also mitchell says. that his shooting. was justified in. self-defense. actually i'm. getting just in,. that the police have. released that. officer mitchell's. shooting was justified. can you believe this. is happening again. our children can't even play. in their own neighborhoods. we need to do. something different. we need to do. something bigger. we need to do something so. that our voices are heard. because this peace thing,. its not working. [door knocking]. pastor, its time. hey man, what the hell. happened to nigga wheels . man, i heard the police. that shot wheels. getting off that shit. no they say he had a gun. he ain't have no. fucking gun. he ain't have no. motherfucking gun. everybody be saying that. wheels be using. the hands. shit i bet if we. start busting back. at they ass they'll stop. yeah man, that's what the. fuck i'm talking about. come with me real quick. what's up . where y'all going man . i don't know i'll be back. be safe. for real. ???. ? so dissapointed ?. ? we all dissapointed ?. ???. ? all dissapointed ?. ? now i believe in a. lot of things ?. ? believe karma real ?. ? believe allah king ?. ? i believe the bible. is re-written ?. ? the preacher be bullshit ?. ? so when they speak. believe not a thing ?. ? believe m. l. king. had a dream for real ?. ? he in heaven and we. dealin with a demon still ?. ? like an episode of pinky. and the brain for real ?. ? want to run a real ruly. everything for real ?. ? well goddam ?. ? what you think gon happen. when you die my man ?. ? even better what you. think you gon do ?. ? when they push you. in the fire my man ?. ? well i'm a sinner,. true, but not like you ?. ? i ain't been malicious. in any of the shit i do ?. ? well i might smoke. me a blunt of two ?. ? menage a every. month or two ?. ? sell dope to get. some money shit ?. ? i wanna do law, but i. can't go to school, ?. ? ain't got the money to ?. ? rather give me 50 years. than a scholarship ?. ? anything to keep me. out of politics ?. ? i believe politicians. pull a lot of tricks ?. ? the war on drugs, crack. epidemic, all of that ?. ? the death of bob. marley and malcolm x ?. ? pac and biggie too but i. ain't really sure of that ?. ? believe jesus died. for my sins ?. ? don't need no fake image. to hide behind man ?. ? the kkk and the usa ?. ? got thing like superman. got for lois lane ?. ? uncle sam left a lady. just to dress up ?. ? grabbing on her pussy. yelling show that thing ?. ? to be clear, ?. ? i ain't tryna say there. ain't no black thing ?. ? or a white thing ?. ? it's a dead wrong. and right thing ?. ? believe white supremacy. and y'all gon see ?. ? everything they try. to bring down on me ?. ? stop and frisk, mass. incarceration ?. ? perpetuation of. recidivism ?. ? create a system that. is hard to break ?. ? a million still. behind bars today ?. ? because columbus day. you believe a holiday ?. ? what about capone. and doc holiday ?. ? lucky luciano, john. gotti day ?. ? bobby johnson and a. larry hoover day ?. ? happy meech day,. happy tooki day ?. ? happy hitler day,. sound stupid, eh ?. ? that's a hypocrisy more. american than democracy ?. ? far as i can see,. the constitution ?. ? wasn't for folk who. look like me ?. ? and that's what i believe ?. ???. ? waking up, thanking god. ?. ? everyday is feeling. just like sunday. ?. hey there, how you. doing alright. well isn't this. wonderful. alright. a life for a life. now what kind of message does. this give to the people . is it our message is. this what we want to do . naw, this. this is. the message. alright. how are you . good. [locker slams]. i don't care what the. fucking media says. alright their not. the ones who have. to worry about getting. shot on the job. you know i wasn't. there right . yeah i know you. weren't there. he put his hands in his. pockets man and i reacted. just like i learned. in the academy,. just like you. learned. yeah. you would have done. the same thing. and when it comes down to my. life or theirs out there. i'm sorry but its going. to be my life everytime. i don't care if you're. black, brown or yellow. alright the only color. that matters is blue. [locker slams]. ???. ? my ambitions as a rider ?. ? i just want to answer. what y'all asking ?. ? pretty boy tank with. the ball cap and ?. ? keeping up i should hang. with the kardashians ?. ? my ambitions as a. ?. it could have been. any one of us. out there its either. us or them. and i say fuck them. them . what is that supposed. to mean huh . what cause he's black . we're here to save all. lives, not take them. i look after you,. you look after me. ain't that right briggs . don't put your hands. on me no muthafucker. briggs chill!. mitchell, you're. drunk bud. ???. ? my ambitions as a. ?. ? ?. ? for those that don't. know me, ?. ? don't ever dodge pain. and adversity because ?. ? pain is just weakness. leaving the body man ?. ? pain's just the weakness. when it's leaving the body ?. ? pain's just the weakness. when it's leaving the body ?. ? ill on my name be. aware when you speak ?. ? ill on my name, then. say it better than me ?. ? pain's just the weakness. when it's leaving the body ?. ? pain's just the weakness. when it's leaving the body ?. ? ill on my name be. aware when you speak ?. ? ill on my name be. aware when you speak ?. ? the other side,. ain't no love at all ?. you ready to lead . yes sir. ? take it how it. comes, no fuck at all ?. ? say bitches it's us or else ?. ? til its nothing else ?. ? nothing to fear but. fear itself ?. ? i fear no one. but god ?. ? put that on. franklin roosevelt ?. ? poolside at the roosevelt ?. ? i give a dam how. much dough is there ?. ? never compromising my. principles not going there ?. ? seattle, mariners ?. ? fitted cap and. a derringer ?. ? cuz life is mandatory ?. ? end of story ?. ? pain's just the weakness. when it's leaving the body ?. ? pain's just the weakness. when it's leaving the body ?. ? i think i'm out my mind ?. ? people say i'm trippin' ?. ? cause i raise hell. everywhere i go ?. ? i'm on 285 in my. old school ?. ? same old tootie ?. ? be like tip stay in. shit some, i know ?. ? but i believe in god,. and i know he be with me ?. ? even when my mission ain't. as righteous as his will ?. ? i'm in a v-12 fast. enough to pop a wheelie ?. ? driving reckless. everywhere ?. ? but i got jesus. at the wheel ?. ? help me jesus,. take the wheel ?. ? aye help me jesus. take the wheel ?. ? god help me man ?. ? lord knows i don't want. to go to jail again ?. ???. briggs what the fuck man . where are we . where the fuck. did you bring me man . what's going on . what the fuck . [gunshot]. [cell phone ringing]. where my phone . yeah. naw man i'm up . i fucked. around and dozed off. what's happening . yeah alright. yeah. run it. alright later. ???. ? artificial drug dealer, ?. ? make them leave thug ?. ? wanna be a killer,. court room seat filler ?. ? in a overseas villa ?. ? water front. roll a blunt, ?. ? think im martin. luther king ?. ? we shall overcome ?. ? g3 ?. ? laying every bad. bitch you want to come, ?. ? give them a run for. they money ?. ? having fun for they money ?. ? ugk alumni yea thats. how i run my, ?. ? shit sit her in a bentley ?. ? make her sell a hundai ?. .
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