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TRY NOT TO SING ALONG CHALLENGE *IMPOSSIBLE EXTREME VERSION* - If you Sing you Lose EXTREME Challenge! *Can we Smash 50,000 Likes on this Video? If we can then i'll make my Mum do a Challenge! Comment what Challenge she should do below!*
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Caption: Oh the temptation mr x of heritage guys . and welcome back to another video now . today we're gonna be doing something . completely different. yes that's right a brand new challenge . is coming to the channel today it's . gonna be pretty down also well i think . it now just before we start the video if. you want you if this is the first time. that you've seen my family on attractive . based on your screen remember to hit . that big red subscribe button down below. and also click the little bell decided . to turn on notifications for my channel. so we can get my videos early and not . missing upload what yeah what is the . challenge you're gonna be attempting to . the morgan you may be asking . actually you're definitely not asking . because the titles down there and you've . definitely read it before coming on the . video so there's no point building . offers if it's a mystery guys we're . gonna be attempting the try not to sing . along challenge . what is this challenge you may be asking. again you are probably asking that. because the names pretty . self-explanatory . listen to songs and the challenges for . not singing along with these songs are . usually very very catching and you know . who doesn't love to sing along to songs . seriously if you don't sing songs in the. shower something right here. what ya guys we're gonna be attempting . this challenge today and on top of that. we have a special guest who is the. special guest i hear you ask a look is . my palm tree a brand new palm tree what . you thought was gonna be a real person i . don't speak to people come on no but for. real guys if you could leave a like on . this video they'll be absolutely all my . monitors just called as i was saying . that but yeah guys if you could leave a . like on this video i'll be absolutely . amazing and i've got a little bit of a . deal with that but that can't speak . i've got forever deal for you basically . i was thinking that if this video can . get 250 . yes i've d rho by wasn't like 50,000 . likes i would do this challenge again or . a similar challenge this maybe try not . to laugh with my more i think i'd be . really really cool to do a challenge . like that with my mom so if you want to. see that legalized let's get 50,000 . likes and also comment down below the . challenge i should do about try not to . cringe try not to laugh try not to get . satisfied only want to see and smash . your life but yeah i think i wasted . enough of your time so without further . it will show you started yeah i think i . think we should to get to my camera into . position. this is a interesting unknown ok the . camera is in position the headphones are . on and oh god i officially now can . barely hear anything. the noise cancelling on these headphones . is insane now i absolutely marvelous . interviews it's one of my favorite . things to do to be really sing who . doesn't love listening to music i mean . like ever love you could sing along i'm . not really good at singing but once you . get in the mood once the music hits you . know you can just let yourself go i'm . sound very very weird right now but i. think you guys understand what i mean . yeah anyway bottom line is i listen to a . lot of music and some songs like i. literally can't listen to you are just . getting in the mood and your sing-along . so this should be really really tricky . they all i could backfire and all the . songs will be once i and i'll be easy . we'll have to see but yeah how about we . start the challenge and see how long i . can go without singing along to one of. these songs got my headphones on to make . it even more . what's the word what's the word can't . think of the word to make it even more . effective i guess probably not the right . word but yeah you guys know what i mean . let's get started and also feel free to . like play along with this and tell me if . you sign long 20 songs in the . conversation below because i'll be funny . and yeah i want to see any you guys sing . along because i probably will haha . however no one watching this video once . hear me saying we all want to hear my . voice just me so i'll probably try and . go easy on you guys anyway let's do this. i got brought in a non-home pretty clear . on never outside without being funny . this song you know it's a really good. song however i only really ever used in . my youtube videos as a job . oh song raindrops oh josh mind market . every honest i believe it is a good time . so i don't i don't know all the way so i . think i'll be okay for this role and . giggle yeah i think was the song the . balls because actually i'm just gonna . head this you call this step i don't . want to like insult a really popular . song. ok so you guys know some people i've . never heard this all the temptation the . amount of time to hear this . that's what singing along but nothing . wrong . oh my god almighty seriously i love . michael jackson my real huh gonna get . really really tricky like it wasn't bad . for this again . i've heard this song a few times never. the biggest bond to be honest no more i . don't know anything more i didn't do . well in think i'm doing what's this song . ariana grande look at a fairly nice . again i've only ever had this . oh my god i must have heard this a . thousand times probably more . this is just like the biggest grow back . no not much of a throwback i was . watching this like not even that long. ago. [music]. i've never ever again . i don't miss you guys often like insult . one of your favorite songs robot never . ever had this i've used this . instrumental climbing . well i've actually only ever heard this . song right once so i act again this is . going well for me i don't listen to too . much like robins i listen to a lot of it . but not much we would we can we just . have a little replaying that may i don't . listen to too much like crap and i . listen to a lot of it but not much . oh you're welcome morgan that makes that . makes a lot of sense many oh the classic . somewhere text drank some guys are i . legit everybody they did some latex . friends use this except for me because . another girl to text it to you guys . that's genuine story as well the power . rangers won i was very close but i . didn't have anything to it so it's going . well okay here we go guys you ready you . ready i'm think you're ready i'm really . [music]. i'm one way in to see if i recognize it . never heard this in my life i mean i'm . young but probably why a lot of these . are probably like old this list again . all my god this is the most catchy song . ever i didn't even like this song . yeah i was still like singing it was . stuck in my head when this first came . out all know this is the famous own and . it's not my favorite but this is a very . are my god i was no this is one of one . down my spotify play was now not a part . of the song never was really having fun . no this is my favorite so you like two . months i think it still is to be honest . of us to listen to this . oh thank god they called the course that . was close those clothes don't want the . song don't like it . [music]. oh no oh that was close . all songs song i'm gonna are not this . again all this this is a good song . why didn't you this there suddenly takes . practice from god up get up my god i . don't actually have generally regard . this was a very good song few moments . ago by year . what. mr. developments on i'm close . come on the chorus they keep going on . the chocolates where i want to sing your . local ok making the challenge is easy . for me this is another one of the songs . it was all over like everyone god speak . to we're just starting in this every . night again and i just be like never . felt it to be honest never never liked . our song again same bloody story with . this one i never liked this song it was . like a top chart it was a nice or island . i don't make jokes especially not me . over this never this assumes one . direction for the girls split up has . ever died inside genuinely however this . actually i've had this like once . incredibly catching . again another song never really liked . but it's just incredibly catchy i start . singing this ever gonna be like well i . think about and i don't know what i'd . like that song is a few songs which i'm . certain if they come on like i will not . be able to resist but there's a few of . my favorite songs if they're gonna come . on. no clue all know this was so good . oh this is on my favorite song this . world are only one day . oj yes . nobody to complete smashing it boys . yes mr. paltry i'm doing it i'm actually . doing well a challenge bro the missing . miracle . why do i have a palm tree probably . thinking honestly lies i don't know . either story is quite cool get back . dunno wants to see you anymore okay i . think we have time for one more shadow . or a woman shot this is a bit awkward . i don't know what never heard the song . oh are the songs of memories memories i . was like eight at the time of things but. still the memories are really good song . i like that not going off them . oh not this again oh well i read it all . oh all this 10 this 10 this one have . been on yet and this one is very very . catchy very very culture never really . listened to that much but it's catchy . sticks in your ad that song 16 heads . oh the weekend . i mean obviously him you tell from here . but ya never never heard this song . minute drill. i just remember the hills and view of . this also sent twice this. [music]. no lighters never heard it before lunch . literally never heard this . oh it's gone okay well what's this then . this what the hell legit i've had my one . of these songs are no no all the litter . the bit in a minute the oh no are the . song is an absolute banger ok they . couldn't at the good . oh my god i use the biggest eminem fun . boy when i was like ten was in germany . ask because i was an absolute rebel yeah . legit i listen to em so much over there . so like oh it's just some random songs i . like favorite and i still love them . no no no no i don't listen . no you can't listen to her crib about . seeing it alone i saw ok lassie and . nasty and i put my god i don't know i . just don't listen to much music or . whatever of these like really old songs . i've never heard that all this is the . universe's customers . this is catching i still never know . saying this but is captured same song . over and over again everyone uses the . same self. oh was i del i mean i said well i've . never heard this arch i've heard it why . don't i remember all my god this all . this is culture this is very catchy . i'll go away little mix i've heard this . some about 72,000 and five times on the . radio and a spinal board it don't like . anymore. oh this is catching a taylor swift yeah . i think it was but that's a good song . yeah i started tell us where and all the . world i don't know . brillion oh no did i am lying i do know . this i don't like you know i saw is . pretty good songs pretty good something . a little bit harsh ok . [music]. although oh no oh sure . oh does that count hold on hold on hold . on now technically i'm not sure that . singing along i mean like i was like . home in well that's home in any way that . was literally like the last song on this. video so yeah i think i think i . completed i'm not sure the guys tell me . the conversation if you think i . completed that challenge because i think . i got it i think i completed boys i'm . not sure. tell me what you think but it from her . mama concerned the style says if you . saying you lose and everybody sing it . out anyway funny story about maps by. minh fire which is our song legit pretty . funny story to be honest when i was like . quite big like when i was pretty far . when i was a lot more level like . somebody call me anyway yeah we're doing . that when i was on the treadmill like . basically this was the song and play not . just this song obviously but this song. would be top of my spotify playlist or . probably itunes back then and yeah that . song i just found like such a good song. and i would you listen to that like . every every day that went to the gym. while i was running on the treadmill and . yeah i was pretty funny story but the . house so i still listen to every now and . again and the throwbacks it gives me his . mental yeah guys this is where i am . going to end this video i really really . hope you enjoyed it enjoyed remember to . leave i think thumbs up on the video . down below if we could get 50, . lifestyle be absolutely mental that's a . crazy goal but i think you guys own can . do it also if you look below the screen . should do a little bell which will be . next to the subscribe button below if . you're on your phone just get on my . youtube channel and click the little . balance really easy to see guys click . the bell and turn on notifications i'll . allow you to be early on to my videos so. you can see them first you'll get. notified and as well as that you will. never miss an upload you want to hit. that notification. one because you don't want to miss an . upload because i'm gonna be trying to . load really really frequently like . coming coming off i'm going to be trying . to work daily if i can or every other . day so yeah turn notifications leave a . like subscribe if you are new and also. check my other social medias click the . little description down there all the . links will be down there all the stuff. you need but that's buy it for this . video i really really enjoyed and as . always i've been more you guys been . awesome and i'll see you in my next. video peace out if you enjoyed the video . don't remember to subscribe to mugsy's . channel and don't forget to leave a like . if you have a big penis at pack that . they're watching these boots . .

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