7th-grader shoots himself at Jackson Memorial Middle School in Stark County

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7th-grader shoots himself at Jackson Memorial Middle School in Stark County
Good morning katie you send terrance lee . here we want to update you with some . breaking news we've been following in . jackson township the district telling us . the seventh grade student shot himself . at the middle school now this happened . just before 8:00 this morning we want to . get you a live report from the scene . there jackson memorial middle school we . have sarah finney . there sarah what are you learning . terrence katie i'm surrounded by so many . anxious parents who really just want to . hug their children they are waiting for . their kids to be able to come out of . their school right now the school is . surrounded by police tape the sheriff is . here the fire department is here police . ems we also saw some members of the . summit county it appeared to be their . bomb squad coming in so a very anxious . time for parents here in jackson . township but as you said jackson . township schools they are posting on . their website that a middle school . student suffered an apparent . self-inflicted gunshot wound this. morning to all elementary schools are . closed the middle school and the high . school are on lockdown right now i just . spoke with a mom who has been here for . about the last 45 minutes waiting in her . car with her young daughter eagerly . waiting to see her 8th grade student she . says this is just absolutely one of her . worst nightmares it's the type of thing . that you really never think is going to . happen at your school she wonders you . know what exactly happened she's like so . many other parents are waiting for many . more answers at this time and most of . all they're waiting to see their kids . she thinks moving forward perhaps metal. detectors of course there are a lot of . questions as to how this student could . get inside the school with a gun so . we're gonna be out here for quite some . time now and we will bring you the very . latest here in jackson township live in . jackson township sarah vini news 5 . all right sarah thank you i can't . imagine what's going through those . parents minds right now the waiting is . the worst part yeah all right sarah . thank you let's get up now to john. rutter he is. and news tracker in the sky would john . what's it look like up there what are we . saying. tarrance katie it's a really really . large scene and there are the first . thing that i noticed were the amount of . people that were outside the school in . the amount of cars that were parked . along side of the roadway obviously if . you're a concerned parent you hear . something like this you're immediately . going to rush to the scene i'm gonna try . to zoom out and show you exactly what . i'm talking about this is the road . outside of the school and you can see . that it's just lined with both sion on . both sides with cars and then i'm sure . you saw from sarah finney's live set on . the ground all of the parents that are . still standing around waiting for more . answers outside of the school i was . actually just talking with our pilot he . did tell me that there's an ems . helicopter headed this to this area i . don't know if it's headed to to these . schools specifically so we may have to . move a little bit here in air tracker 5 . but again it's obviously a very active . scene there are multiple members of law. enforcement set up with the weather . conditions that we're dealing with today . it's kind of forcing us to hover at an . angle that isn't the best to see . everything that's happening here at the . front of the school but you can . obviously all build on see all of the . law enforcement vehicles outside of the . school but we've seen folks going in and . out . obviously this investigation is. getting right now there are more. questions than we have answers to right . now but there is a lot to see from the . air class all right john thank you if . you're not familiar with this area too . we have a map to give you a better image . of where this is happening again jackson . township the jackson memorial middle . school there also needs to point this . out is important to note from jackson . local schools all other students and . staff are safe here and again they're . letting parents know they will notify . you when you can actually pick your kid . up yep before we wrap again say goodbye . to here we just want to recap everything . we know right now about the situation at . jackson memorial middle school student . suffered an apparent self-inflicted . gunshot wound this morning this is from . the school safety services are at the . scene this time the middle school and . high school are on lockdown at this time . as well and students they say will be. released to their parents in the near . future what that means right now we're . not sure you just saw all those anxious . parents standing outside the school. waiting to be reunited with their . children the school is working to make . that happen all four elementary schools . will remain closed for today that is . what this school tells us as well and. again let's stress what terrence just . said the district right now is saying . all other students and staff are safe at . this time again the scene playing out at . jackson memorial middle school in . jackson township all right that does it . for terrence and i here stay with news 5 . both on-air and online on the news 5 app . for full developments on this i'll keep . you posted throughout the day . .
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