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CORRECTION: At timecode 25:16 of this programme, the phrase "range of shareholders" appears with respect to We Believe in Israel and who it works with. The correct wording is "range of stakeholders."
In the first of a four-part series, Al Jazeera goes undercover inside the Israel Lobby in Britain. We expose a campaign to infiltrate and influence youth groups, including the National Union of Students, whose president faces a smear campaign coordinated by her own deputy and supported by the Israel Embassy.
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How israel influences british politics . we reveal from the inside how the . israeli embassy penetrates different. levels of british democracy and the . first of four programs the battle for . britain's youth following decades of . violence a new challenge has emerged to . israel's occupation of palestinian lands . called bds that's the global movement to . boycott divestment impose sanctions on . israel and expose it as an apartheid . state the israeli government has . responded with the campaign to rebrand . the country's image the reason we should . fight videos is because thrall it's a . moral outrage it's an operation run by. the secretive ministry of strategic . affairs they recruit mainly former . intelligence offices . its main task is to counter bds . worldwide using an undercover reporter. al jazeera's investigative unit exposes . israel's clandestine activities in . london a city that's become a major . battleground bds campaign in many ways . germinated in britain . you'll meet the people working to . challenge bds at every level of british . politics. ok this initially we were basically . means one of israel's main targets is . the labour party for the first time its . leader is a champion of palestinian . civil rights and be happy to see jeremy . corbyn no longer leader of the labour . party official it's a covert action that . penetrates the heart of britain's . democracy it is outrageous interference . in british politics shouldn't be. permitted. it's a battle of ideas seeking to change . not only how israel's portrayed but even . how it is debated for put a split . [music]. our undercover reporter grew up in . germany and creates an identity as a . graduate planning to live in britain . robin sets himself up in london as an . aspiring labour party activist with . strong sympathies towards israel . after over a month of attending party . functions he stood out as a friend of . israel . and before long you recognize the . familiar face rubbing against ok listen . you maybe it's a meeting of the labor . friends of israel or lfi members of the . british parliament who lobby for israel . oh yeah take the district so shy later . explained to robbing the problems the . elephant's facing her once and you feel . though obviously when they will be . coming things they want their field and . then that take change is done this for . years everything to join the environment . that used to do is going to join the . fight is not doing it anymore they're . doing it to magical . part of the 40 new and pieces just . started a selection sort of the monsters . see ya . so nearly defies endeavor . to get more people on four pitches . robin tweeted and wrote articles about . israel in the labour party building up . his online identity he discovered. numerous groups that support israel and . which identify themselves as independent. grassroots movements one is the sussex . friends of israel organized a march to . protest against the pro-palestinian . movement to boycott israel robin had . joined them . shy later described the embassies role . in some of these movements there is a . grassroots organization as suspense of . israel during the demonstration . it's great that alliance wins the bike . for arizona is round so shy had helped . establish a youth group within the. conservative friends of israel well . beyond fractional-reserve started with . it here and i don't intend to be the . same label the enterprise's it was happy . everyone out of the area specifically . identify young people in the village . ok . the moment it will be time to 100 people . try to people then started to become . station . [music]. we ever build something like a group . yeah yeah good children and here is one . thing that i can share share things you . know what happened but the collector's . editions and effective but we have been . changed . thank you very much gray have a nice . evening . our investigation link the embassy . senior political officer with a series. of pro-israel groups the parliamentary . friends of israel young conservatives . lobbyists as well as grassroots . movements in addition shiz involved with . the youth arm of the fabian society an . influential labour party think-tank . countryside guide he's getting like a . diesel and missing people say that's . very true and you know i know shy shy . process and we add shine know yourself . is very much babe and white and if you . told hits on the scene they not only . provide you have got done it appears the . israeli diplomats mission is to build. support for israel at all levels of the . labour party . other groups of their debating their . face getting the dresses of the . neighborhood so i says he knows nearly . all the fabian society activists more. than going to the painting go on to the . plugins crystal was about broken martin . at a bar explains how foreign government. support helps the fabian membership is . good . each of the manpower and he's got great . contacts on baby sites all frankness . line and israel as far as greatly as . well . he's very very very supportive as long . as very balanced i went on one of the . trips of the conservative friends of. israel to the middle east it was . brilliantly well arranged very well . looked after you got fantastic access . you did meet palestinians if all you did . was rely on that one trip he would have . a very one-sided point-of-view recently . saw something on our parents value like . somebody would think that you know the. israelis are not giving one given that . students will tell something in ramadan . final results according to hire its . newspaper israel which controls all . water sources in the occupied west bank . did cut supplies . even if the reason was contested been to . as well. delegation about seeing what systems as . you're not behind us also know that one . day you never once and that if you . actually go to the country our . undercover reporter discovered that. shyness old played a role in another key . labour party organization the jewish . labor movement or jlm . robin attended a summer barbecue . organized by the jail and . much of the small talk turns to the . israeli embassy . we do not have to shine . are you shy yeah stick by what we shot . you weren't sure what the ambassador . this know what i wanted to also have . formally welcome bela to her you don't . find me birds on that minus ev is that . had the most labour party and political . experience but there was something that . we felt the chair of executive construct . these matters far more which is that . should one of you just seeing this stuff . from the inside 24 countless battles . alongside you which is why we took the. step of pointing out to this role . because we think she's going to go on . and try an incredibly critical role i . believe the struggle against i services . in the labour party my life i've been . introduced i'm hello i am james bbq and . chief director. let's go out to change their party for . the batter and hopefully in the future . of this country for the better weather . you know aggressive strong fair society . [applause]. what came next surprise our undercover . reporter. shy had asked robin to become part of . the israeli embassies plan to track . young labour party members as well try . the opposite of people saying is if you . and you would like to get any games will . be the sum of the community wanted to . try then suggested that as well as . setting up the young lfi robin apply for . a job at the israeli embassy he was . invited to a private meeting at a london. hotel. it included embassy staff and british . supporters of israel and israeli . diplomat takes robin to one side . we're looking for work come on work and . having something my interests . cited about that actually . so i handed in my singing got a bit . better . exactly where we have to put something . in to work on the whole video doing . research the different video through . they are what they are a little bit of. strategy on that hopefully kind of other . things my appeal to you . el arroz the new director of the jewish . labor movement was pleased to hear of . robins plans to set up a young lfi why . you like them young . i need everybody to your number 15 on . the guest of honor a minister from the . israeli government that people totally . along people know and compromise a moral . giggly the level along the jewish people . the primary role of israel strategic . affairs ministry is to counter the bds. movement eating bread for the future . will be there because we will allow them . to continue with all alive does spread . just breathe . we will lose this contact the young . generation and maybe from here that will . be the next leader of the uk or other . countries and the thing that really the . very bad country. during another meeting with the embassy . senior political officer shy tutors . robin on setting up a new pro-israel . group people trigger the feet . yeah yeah how do you approach him . furthermore i think you need something . to sell right . stir it be maybe your friend with . education that's always a good start . second maybe you need an interesting . speaker that's right damn sitting here . and like if you're volunteering to be . there in germany turkey needs to someone . to do social model and so more between . take care of speakers or events or . someone that will be german of the . engagement then you just turn around and . people becoming the infrastructure that . it's not just irresponsible of you and . six shoulders are able to sell their the . quality of the organization and kinetic . that's doing weird stuff compilation . contribution like them i will be making . rudy michael rubin . by doing that you have an idea you want . to take it for us boxes position in the . other part commentary na . which means identified i work for labor . by for a chat later students id shy . bible college students we did a couple
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