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Alex Jones has released recordings made during a pre-interview between himself and Megyn Kelly to set the record straight after the release of the highly edited promo for the NBC hosts upcoming hit piece.
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Caption: All i can do is give you my word and . tell you i think there's one thing about . me i do it i sam did you and i i don't . double cross so you know you just became . very fascinating to me i just sort of . thought through this maybe you know . one-dimensional guy like this is your . thing and my goal is for your listeners . and the left you know who will be . watching some on nbc to say wow that was . really interesting and then the next . thing i want to get somebody they're . going to say look what you did alex . jones it's not going to be some gotcha . hit piece i promise you that we talked. controversies and conspiracies 9/11 now . 9/11 was an inside job when i say inside . job and these criminal elements in our . government working with saudi arabia and . others wanted to frame iraq for it just . a fact. you were about to view and listen to . information that's never before been . seen or heard in the past . nsm corporate media could tell the truth. they can lie they could spin it was up . to them they were the gods of . information but megyn kelly waltzed in . here in austin texas and told me that . she was going to talk about sandy hook . she was going to talk about pizza guys . she was going to talk about chobani she . wasn't going to talk about islamic . terror attacks that she wanted to do a . softball profile of ellis jones tennis . she got here with her crew of . intelligence operatives she did the . opposite of what she said and so i was . recording the whole time from our pre . interviews right through the interviews . we have a record of it so that you could . decide for yourself what i really said . and what i stood for these tyrants. haven't figured it out yet that . information warfare is a two-way street . and we're going to give as good as we . get and that's what you're about to see . you alone. we'll be the judge you along with a jury . of who's fake news and who stands for. america and who stands against it i'm . alex jones and this is the info war well . if i started my new job. never and we're going to serve first . this monday night the news magazine . program across for 60 minutes energy . good it's sort of a good opportunity for . long-form storytelling you know it's . like you can't like the three-minute. interview it's like being dance profiles . of people and up at the top of my list . once you . so it's like an investigative report . into fake news know what we're doing . yeah come on no no elmo they're reading . you i mean i i know you guys know what . you do but the reading you aren't . interesting to me is because i followed . your custody case and i think you had a . very good point about the way to media . was covering and for some reason treated. you and your family and what was going . on as fair game where they never worked . on that cereal if you will a mainstream . media figure and i saw a different kind. of knew the whole thing i just cared you . know you just became very fascinating . commission i didn't know a thought for . the many you know one-dimensional guy . like this is the thing and the comments . i heard from you during the course met . trial and you clear the media to be . respectful of you and your kids just . reminded me that you're just like . anybody here can use your dad for the . same things we go through and i thought . now that would be an interesting story . to tell i don't know why i accepted this . challenge it's like some subconscious . algorithm that leads me with the . assurance of a sleepwalker but i knew . that if i entered the labyrinth of the . gorgon of this modern-day medusa that . through the process others would . understand the larger deception if. i didn't take the challenge then good or . at least an open heart would be hiding . from evil and so that's why i let megan . kelly set up this conflict on her own . terms on our own battlefield because . despite the fact that she was delusional . and believe that she would deceive me . and my viewers to the end the day she . failed sure but wasn't the argument be . then in the show because i see that as a . standard democrat talking point on . senate well you're doing well he asked . for privacy in his family they didn't do . that for sandy hook and he didn't do . that for the pizzeria i mean if i can . ask you about a contentious tells sort . of gotcha exchange i got that with this . show is that's really not what i wanted . to i wanted to get to toe files on . people just interesting people so i can . answer that for the critics a but this . isn't going to be a let's play clip wow . here's the headlines megyn kelly defends . alex jones interview responds to . backlash. sandy hook claim is revolting but then . she didn't show in her promo video that. i said i believe sandy hook happened and . that i had war gamed the three views . that criminal groups went in and killed. the kids or it happened as they . officially said or they use actors i. mean we saw in 1990 our congress being . lied to by the daughter of the head of a . pr firm about saddam hussein soldiers . killing hundreds of babies bashing their. brains out it's not that saddam was a . good guy. it's not that a lot of us are even . against the war we were lied to . with propaganda that they admittedly . came out and told us was a fraud later . it took the babies out of incubus . - thank you bears . i'm not be choking to die other colts . are so in the interview i'm talking to . kelly and i go they staged the dead . babies in the incubators so it's okay to . ask questions about newtown i'm not . attacking the families in hindsight i. think it probably did happen . she turns out all around us jones . doubles down and says nobody died in . newtown and hates the families to go . after anybody that dares question the . official story well that's the heart of . any free society sir i don't mine i . don't mean mine questions what i don't . like is did you know or did your . producer - that - you where i sent . hillary clinton you know personally and . it was telling cheeks like it's satire . you guys - no context but did personally . kill kids by the iraq war syria war or . the libya situation you guys cut the bet . that you like to back off of that and it . was in the same 30 seconds where i said . i'm not talking about the pizza place . i'm talking about the middle gallagher . in our west coast newsroom and how this . whole thing got started trace megan as . many controversies do these days it. began with a tweet on october 30th days . after the fbi announced they'd be . reopening an investigation into hillary . clinton's emails someone on twitter . whose name remains unverified but has. several thousand followers posted that . new emails found on anthony weiner's . computer confirmed that hillary clinton. was involved in a pedophilia ring. infowars alex jones a far-right web host . posted a youtube video seen almost . 500,000 times i think about children . this person was murdered chopped up . great lately good ab zero fear standing . up again shut up . the rumors spread inspiring some . newfound internet sleuths to start . digging around in john podesta's hacked . emails searching for proof and location . of the so-called sex ring what they . found were numerous references to pizza . [applause]. resistance to tyrants his obedience a . message hillary alex jones you can run . all i think about the children hillary . clinton is personally murdered and. chopped up and and and right we got abs . eero fear standing up against really . yeah you heard me right hillary clinton . has personally murdered children go tell . that long till i'm going to the scandal . back to it anymore . hillary clinton is one of the most . vicious serial killers the planets . everything's gonna. there's a twist to that am i talking . about the devil worship story with our . chief of staff or campaign chairman . leaves a menu of blood and semen and . body parts that's aleister crowley event . the private event oh no i'm not talking . about that i mean plus dead . christians with her operation with syria . and our operation in libya and not let . the christians get out and directing. al-qaeda and isis who target and murder . children and put them through sex . slavery and throw catholic priests off . cliffs and kill people in mass and . murder gays and everything else you can . imagine because they don't like peaceful . people and they content about it . therefore open society and they love . everybody anything they do is for . degradation and someone could have been . killed inside of your restaurant there . are no good reason other than people . like alex jones sand a conspiracy theory . that even the dc police say has no basis . in fact yes . it's a pack of lies and it's dangerous . now this is canadian on your chain . remember you had james on the faunus on . fox news you're talking about fakeness . together on a beach yes and then you . played a clip of me saying hilary . personally kill sheldon i'm virginia and . i remember the clip i remember again and . jim hate your net that exchange which is . the only time i've ever seen all i'm . saying is i can send you the right wing . watch clip where first reported it and . they say jones tongue-in-cheek you know . said that hillary killed all these kids . but didn't set it you know in syria and . libya sob i mean i'm just telling you . that's the kind of stuff that scares me . because i can stand for what i've said . and i can even say yeah i'll be cooking . okay sure sure i'll take a look at that . that's areas enrage me i tell you that i . and to her backwards to ensure that . doesn't happen sandy hook . well sandy hooks complex because i've . had debates where we've devil's . advocates have the whole story through . that i've had to base where i've said . that none of us true when you say parent . faked their children's death people get . very angry well that's all i know but . they don't get angry about the h

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