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Bulldog Betsy and Tom Cat have some interesting updates for their listeners. Meow.
Here is the cat litter box below. And it is FULL!
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This is thomas and betsy for the . american intelligence and media and. today is march 3rd thomas i just wanted . to remind you of that right now because . you remember at the end of february . february 28th that reminded people on . truth news headlines that betsy the . bulldog i guess has become a new mascot . just wanted to all the alternative media . creators out there to pay attention that . this was military tribunal awareness . month remember that you certainly did . and we got a great because we have to . start preparing people what military . tribunals are what's gonna happen cuz we . got a big ugly mess to clean up and we . don't want people to get too weak doubt . we need to support the president and all . that has to be done so i was very . pleased to see and that's why i'm kind . of out of breath that it looks like the . white house was the first step up to . recognize military tribunal awareness . month . on march 1st which was two days ago . it looks like trump signed this 2018 . amendments to the manual for . courts-martial. and it's on the cuff site and it's in . the link below so i read it and i just . couldn't make heads or tails of the . people you know so i thought well i'll. come as thomas so i gave him a few . minutes to look it over he said in . silence and then he said i know what . they're doing so what are they doing . oh well betsy you cornered me without . talking to any other conclave members i . want to thank you for bringing it to my . attention though i did not know he wrote . that two days ago it's very strange . i read to the end of it and i was . shocked and awed because i couldn't . figure it out it took what how long five . minutes and then it dawned on me oh it's . very clear what's going on so i'm going . to give you my personal opinion this is . not the conclaves opinion i will try to . get this verified by the end of the day . with others but seems to me pretty clear . in the first first off he's writing an . executive order about the uniform code. of military justice the ucmj . so anyone who's been in the military . shakes in their boots when they hear the . four letters ucmj that means you're . gonna be court-martialed you don't. really have any choice you're you are . convicted guilty and they'll never see . you again. so you know when you talk about military . tribunals you talk about court martials . or there are other forms just basically . military courts all of those military . courts answer to trump the uniform code . of military justice is written for those . who are enlisted or have been drafted . they're working in the military right . and they've made they've signed a . contract in that contract in a way . though this would be debated by and i . have debated this with lawyers who are . jags you know and they will tell me no . no no that isn't quite the way it is but . yes yes yes that is the way it is you . suspend your entire citizenship rights. because if you go into the military and . you get unlawfully discharged they i . think they call it now and you committed . a crime or something and they kick you . out they can also if they want to . suspend your citizenship and deport you . anywhere they want now it's a small. clause but it basically says when you go . in the military you have the huge ax . hanging over your head you better not . make mistakes like hillary made with . email espionage whether she likes it or . not she was and as an agent of espionage . this is a fact and she if she was in the . military at the time they could just you . know basically they say is issue did you . do this is that your signature okay . goodbye . you'd have a lawyer but you know it'd be . a formality. and you would go to jail or whatever . they want to do to you for the rest of . your life so you kind of suspend you . willingly suspend your your rights as a. citizen in the u. s. bill of rights . because when you're in the military you . have to take orders and if you don't . people die it's not a joke anyone who's . ever been in the military and been on . the front line had bullets whizzing by . their head knows this to be true so what . could happen here and what is happening . here is trump is writing an executive . order that is extraordinarily mysterious . and only does one thing i'll explain . what it does in a second but he mentions . this in the first section of it that he . mentions two things two very important. things the ucmj the uniform code of . military justice and he then mentions . the ndaa. not by spelling it out the national . defense authorization act now i have . been laughing with you on previous tapes . betsy because i have said genius that he . gets a two year-long budget that means . the ndaa is in place he gets to be if he . wants to king of america because the . executive order is written by obama . thirteen of them all strung together . would have given hillary and gave obama . the power to create martial law and take . food from your house guns from your . house everything everything your bank . account just read them we've written . about this it's it's shocking what obama . did behind our backs trump now has that . power so what he has just done is the . following and i really don't want to say . this betsy because okay evil bad guys no . kittens kittens love all right so all . the bad guys will go away all right . here's what here's the truth betsy let. me tell you so what happens right here . somebody want all of our readers to talk . about kittens and dogs okay . on the comments section okay that gives . us a little buffer i like kittens you . like dogs or no i like dogs you like . kittens i'm sorry i'm just distracting . now go ahead cuz all the trolls are gone . go ahead okay here's the deal there's . only one thing that this executive order . says and that's that there's a . demarcation period in the demarcation is . before and after january 1st 2019 well. if you read this all you can say is what . is going to happen on january the 1st . 2019 and then when you read it closely . it is basically an exoneration of anyone . before january 1st 2019 that did some . things that might have been spurious or . not so. or even could be court-martialed for or . might have been bad but it was perhaps . because their superiors told them to do . it so i've said this from the time that . mike rogers admiral michael rogers the. head of the nsa who's now stepping down . he stood up against the intelligence . communities and he asked for an audit . back in the spring of 2016 i say because . he had at that point saw which way the. wind was blowing and the fisa court . audit is included in the inspector . general's audit of the fisa court which . was given in december 2016 and the . hundred paves response to that which is . a correction plan mentions michael. rogers actions a lot now why did he do . that to cover his ass. excuse me cya as they say in the army in . the military he was cya and why did he . have to cya because what he was doing . was criminal he was ordered to do it but . he was also the head of his own agency . and he didn't have to do it . he's in the military he also can stand . up and refuse to do take an order but . then you go to jail and or whatever . court-martial or whatever but the point . is you can and he didn't so the others. in the intelligence community are all . fighting why they're not active military . so what this executive order says is . everyone in the military who took . actions before january the 1st 2019 are . going to be considered different than . people who would come under the ucmj and . the ndaa after that time so i'm going to . make a supposition from that and this is . a wild supposition and we don't want . people passing this around too much but . the reality probably is because you've . already named it that we've called it . out this is treason at this point it's . sedition we're getting ready with the . conclave to write something on you know . what are the steps of trees and what . needs to be done exactly and we were . going to use a people's court as a idea. but the other day betsy was asking me . questions and i had . answer well yes under certain . circumstances robert mueller and james . comey andrew mccabe and rod rosenstein . could all be arrested for the deaths of . those on 9-1-1 yes they are criminal . combatants yes they're part of terrorism . those laws are still in place they've . been changed a bit but they're also . broader than ever he could use that to . arrest those people for nothing that's . going on in the in politics right now . but for their past crimes he could . immediately arrest and put them in gitmo . and forget about them yes and that's . what i've been saying all along they . think that since they covered up their . crimes that those crimes don't exist . well you know what in enough time light . comes on everyone in truth is known and . now we have these guys and we could. connect them to what happened on 9/ . yes because really that and then trump . could take the attempted assassinations. on him so far and if you haven't heard . about those you can look into those who . spend numerous the other day a weapon . was found in his in his convoy was . somebody saying they didn't know it was . there a loaded weapon right that there . was a person caught going into trump . towers who was an fbi agent they . released him they kept his gun which was . an fbi issue gun with the serial number . scraped off of it. there was a on and on and on the death . of seth rich all we need is a death you . see all we need is a death and that . death needs to be seditious and. treasonous and it doesn't have to be the . attempt of the dossier to create a . conspiracy to to deceit a duly elected . president no no no those things haven't . happened. it can't be uranium one because they can . go back and say oh no you know this . started with daddy bush and bill clinton . was doing this back in the
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