California wildfires: moment family’s dog is found alive in ruins of home

Jack Weaver and his brother-in-law Patrick Widen walked around police barricades, through a creek and up treacherous hilly roads to film the devastation caused by the wildfires in Santa Rosa, California. Weaver's mother, Katherine, was convinced the family's dog, Izzy, had died in the fire that destroyed their neighbourhood. When the men reached the end of the narrow road, they saw their house was completely ruined. But then Izzy came bounding out of the rubble for a joyous reunion. Weaver captured the scene on his phone
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Oh geez oh there's so much smoke i can't . show you the view is a new pope busy . somehow the vineyards made it. toy structure still man tractor made it . the tractor is totally fine he's here is . he is he coming here baby . is he hey baby . hi she's a she's a lover she she just . wants to kiss on everybody it was one of . the greatest moments of my life that was . elation we came walking around the . corner we didn't expect to see her we . were just there at a video the house for . my parents and see what we could find . and praying that she might be there and . she came bounding out and it was. relation tears happiness . .
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