Continuing coverage of Vermilion Parish teacher arrest- KATC

Continuing coverage of Vermilion Parish teacher arrest- KATC
- arrested during a vermillion parish . school board meeting will not face . charges. abbeville city attorney says he's . reviewed the video from last night and . won't be prosecuting this is a story the . whole country is now following and there . are mixed opinions tonight last night . deja hargrave was charged with remaining . after being forbidden and resisting an . officer she was handcuffed after raising . concerns about teacher pay during a . discussion about the superintendent's . new contract that contract came with a . thirty thousand dollar rate we have team . coverage we start in abbeville with. justice henderson where teachers were. meeting to discuss the arrest they just . got out of that meeting justice jimmy . marcel i'm here outside of blacks in . abbeville where a meeting just took . place so that the vermillion association . of educators and teachers across the . pairs could be briefed about the arrests . that took place last night i'm here with . the president of that association for . her to tell us a little bit more about . what took place at that meeting and how . they plan to move forward thank you . we invited educators of vermillion to . come tonight and speak about the . situation that's going on with daesh's . arrest and we decided that we are going . to stand together in solidarity this . thursday afternoon at 3:45 at nigel and . square and we're gonna rally that we . will not be silenced her first amendment . rights were violated and we want to . stick with her and we were behind her . and we support her 100% thank you so . much we will continue to follow this . story live in abbeville justice . henderson ket ctv 3 and the issue that . started at all contract negotiations for . superintendent jerome pio he was making . 110,000 dollars he'll now make 140 the . board voted 5 to 3 in pios favor the . superintendent told us directly he would . not talk about last night's arrests but . he did talk to her abi breidenbach y . about why he feels the raise is . justified. the contract negotiation was a long time. coming i was in favor of giving him a . two-year contract and according to the . superintendent the numbers for the. salary bump were well researched so what . we did was look at how our teachers . compared to other teachers across the . state louisiana and in acadiana how our . administrators compare across everyone . here's how those numbers break down . teacher salaries in vermilion parish . ranked number 42 out of 69 school . districts in the state . principal salaries ranked number . meanwhile the superintendent was below. both of those rankings at 57th in the . state and one of the lowest paid in . acadiana in fact pio says he's never had . a raise since being hired five years ago . and he feels a lot of progress has been . made in that time when i started our . district was ranked right at number 17 . 16 17 out of the 69 over the course of . several years we have improved to where . we're now right number six vermilion. parish also bumped up from a b to an a . rating one of just two a school . districts in acadiana. still not everyone voted in his favor . teachers who really is responsible for . test scores performances and everything . else that go on in this system have not . been given the race for last ten years . so how does the board justify giving the . superintendent the father dollar dollar . race kibby pilla is one of three board . members who voted no on the new contract . with the five other board members voting . for the new salary in vermilion parish a . b breidenbach ket c tv3 as for the . marshall we're told his status with the . school board has not changed following. the arrest and he will continue to . provide security at those meetings . valerie ponseti joining us live from . outside the marshal's office tonight . valerie jim we weren't able to get . comment from the abbeville city marshal . at all today we were told he was out of . the office and would not be available . the city attorney says the marshal was . not working . the deputy rather was not working for . the city last night but has employed as . a resource officer for the school board . other groups though have issued their. comments about the arrest . the aclu responded calling the removal . and arrest unacceptable saying it raises . quote serious constitutional concerns . the louisiana association association of . educators denouncing the treatment of . the teacher regarding her as a loving . parent and dedicated teacher the . president of the vermillion parish . school board stands on the other side of . the fence showing complete support the . arrest officer and says he was only . doing his job but that doesn't mean the . backlash from the viral video of last . night's meeting is sparing any victims . staff when i happened to be at the . school board office game and scared to . death because he got in the phone call . that somebody a man was said he's only . the way to the school board office . making threats so we had to lock down . the school board put a message on the . front to say if you got business with . the board knock on the door we'll check . you out before we let you in we . contacted the sheriff solve the city . police i've got a call in to the fbi . because of the national and . international across the state line . threats that we've been having the . school board president tells me he . believes what happened last night was a . petty personal attack on the. superintendent the teacher meanwhile is . reportedly speaking with an attorney. from the teachers union live in . abbeville valerie ponseti katie ctv 3 . .
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