Cops Read Mean Tweets

Not surprisingly, cops receive #MeanTweets too. Especially when you have over 100K followers. Thought we'd share a few sent to @YRP
Hope y'all wages get cut so hard . y'all can't even afford a happy meal for . ya kids reopen major back doing santa . claus parade in november well that is . when most of them are where 90% of your . bald hair is good growth at rick stupid . genetics this why nobody likes the pigs . broth always killing them advising . people actually sent this i can result . from it i'm a cyberbully ok let's just . make it was really the grammar is . excellent water p is savage is what the . heck is that she's better at hey yrp you . and your hotel if he didn't like the . rate you just flew over me in the. chopper. did you see my dear i threw my top off . as you passed i was in the helicopter . how can i sign up for this wire people i . want to get free dental care getting . your not ugly because your jokes suck . well that's kind of a compliment yeah . a huge thank you to our over 100,000 . people following us on twitter as you . can see we've received some mean tweets . but i can tell you that the good ones . far away the mean once it's important to . understand that we're here for everybody. we're just a phone call away 911 in the. case of an emergency and will be there . to help you . .
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