Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana Teacher Arrested At School Board Meeting, Speaks Out | TODAY

A Louisiana teacher who questioned a school superintendentโ€™s salary raise was removed from a school board meeting, then handcuffed, and the incident was caught on camera. In an exclusive interview with NBCโ€™s Tammy Leitner, Deyshia Hargrave says itโ€™s โ€œsadโ€ that it took a woman being forcibly removed from a meeting to get people engaged. She says her students who saw the video were โ€œfine, so Iโ€™m fine.โ€
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Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana Teacher Handcuffed At School Board Meeting, Speaks Out | TODAY
Dasia hargrave is back here at school . teaching again today she tells me she . has no regrets about speaking out and if . given the opportunity she would do it . again this morning deshawn hargrave is . having a hard time making sense of what . happened not being thrown out of the . school board meeting slapped in . handcuffs and arrested i just kept . thinking this is really happening this . is really happy is really doing this . speaking exclusively to nbc news the . young middle school teacher is now known. by millions across the country it's sad . that a woman has to be forcibly . violently removed from a board meeting . for people to start caring many are . calling hargrave a hero for standing up . and questioning her superintendents . raised when she and her fellow . teachers have not seen a pay increase in . almost a decade i don't support our . people getting arrested i do not however . a person has to follow the rules . superintendent jerome pio telling his . side of the story saying his district . ranks 6 in performance while among the . superintendent's his salary is 57 she . was questioning if you you deserve a . raise you know can't use it's better in . the classroom can always use more money . in the classroom but when is a good time . for a superintendent to get a raise . since the contentious meeting pio says . he his family and his staff have been . bombarded with death threats and . obscenities my sister's my family we're . all educators for those threats against. them. more people were hurt it is not fair to . our families anyone's families anyone in . vermilion parish hargrave says she's . only seen the video of her arrest twice . finding it too disturbing to watch and . the realization that my students were . gonna see the video and i had to go to . work the next day and i teach fifth and . sixth graders so i wasn't sure how they . would feel about it but she says they . were okay they're fine so i . by a teachable moment i'm hoping for . teachers people outside of education to . have a voice show up you don't have to . say anything just show up just do . something. dasia tells us she would like an apology . from the superintendent and the deputy . who arrested her. we're told the school district will not. be pressing charges . khoda savannah all right tammy that's an . interesting one thank you hello today . feds thanks for checking out our youtube . channel subscribe by clicking that . button down there and click on any of . the videos over here to watch the latest . interviews show highlights and digital. exclusives. .

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