Deyshia Hargrave Speaks Out About Being Arrested at School Board Meeting

Hi i'm des cheveux grave i'm a middle . school teacher in vermilion parish and i . teach fifth and sixth grade ela . currently english language arts i love . my job i just went back to work from . christmas break . yesterday and i attended a school board . meeting where i plan to hear concerns or . watch a boat take place about the. superintendent's contract and my voice . was silenced during audience concerns . for the superintendent by silencing my . voice they've also taken away or trying . to take away my first amendment rights . to speak and i'm appalled at this and . you should be too i was always taught . that what's right is right and what's . wrong is wrong and when you see . something you should say it's wrong even . though it doesn't involve you this . particular issue directly involved to me. directly involve my students my fellow . educators and support staff cafeteria . workers citizens outside of the school . system even so i chose to speak out i'm . hoping that you choose to speak out . after seeing what happened to me and you . don't let it become an intimidation to . you you let it be your strength because . it's slowly becoming mine when i went . back to school today i saw that my . children's faces and they had so much . care and so much love and so much . gratitude for what i did and so did . their parents and i'd like to thank my . community my students my fellow . co-workers and educators it was a huge . deal that you not only message me you . were black in support of me you share . things on social media you got vocal and . that is the most important thing so . please don't let the conversation in . with me please go to your local school . board meeting speak out be vocal i . continue to spread the word across our . state across our country. in any way i can to make sure this . doesn't happen to someone else and i . can't do it alone so just join me and do . a nice i use your first amendment right . exercise your right together to speak a . lot of people came before you worked . really hard to ensure that that was. there for you. .
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