Donald Trump Saved Us From More Than #PizzaGate

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PizzaGate is entirely real, but only part of the equation: why do you think the broadcast media has broken down into a "Fake News! Don't trust anything you read online!" freak show? Why NOW? Internet media is not a brand new industry, after all. Why do you think Hillary Clinton's people are pushing feverishly for recounts and "briefings" on Russia's hack of the election, even though no such thing occurred?
They're covering for PizzaGate, which is real and going viral worldwide. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, is a Satanic pedophile who gets invited to Spiritcookings. It's in the Wikileaks. We're seeing social media reports of millions of South Koreans protesting their leadership due to Wikileaks revelations suggesting some of their politicians are also tied up in the globalist Satanic cult.
It's a global problem. Electing Donald Trump was only the start of the solution. This is Global Justice, and unawakened low energy elites will pay dearly: even hiding in Antarctica or the Arctic would hardly spare these filth from the public trials and investigations ahead for them. We are angry. And we KNOW now; no longer theories or rumors.
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Caption: Hey friends so good video and store . gonna share some updates on donald . trump's battle with the media and even . his battle with some in the cia and what. is driving that craziness but before we . start today's big i'm not a lifestyle . blog or anything like that but this is . just such an awesome view i have to . share it pretty cool . so yeah that's a that's what i got to . wake up to sunrise over the ocean and . you know the earth is 71 percent covered . by water and here you know . self-important humans on the land we . think we're the center of the universe. we're really not looking out at the . ocean gives you a reminder of just how . temporary and fleeting and insignificant. life is even though life is very. precious and it matters to you and me. it's all over so fast that it's good to . appreciate that because it it refocuses . you so donald trump's recent election is . really the first time in a while where i. felt like my country is an extended. family almost like this really is one. tribe this is one cohesive nation . i feel a sense of camaraderie with my . fellow americans that i haven't felt in . a while and i think that's because . donald trump as much as the media is. behind him if you actually read his . twitter page and you watch his youtube . videos and you avoid the mainstream. media filter as much as possible. he's just a great guy you know i saw . tweets the other day that he's already . looking to to do something with the f-35 . fighter jet program which for years of . politicians in dc have said is just like . out of control . runaway spending not going anywhere . the epitome of defense contractor pork . barrel basically and hear donald trump . is not even in the white house yet and . he's tackling that overpriced program of . course donald trump is also called out. before billion dollars a year spent on. air force one he wants to reduce those . costs these are all good things because . the end of the day we're basically at . the customers right we're paying taxes. we want our taxes to be used and . appropriated as well as possible and we . don't want to waste it on unnecessary. stuff and for sure i think donald trump . was smart to identify air force one and . something that costs too much money do . you really need an airplane for our . president that has protections against . nuclear war. is he just gonna fly around all day long . until the end of time if there is a. nuclear war that doesn't even make sense. the air force one program was created a . much more paranoid era where the . political and military scenario is much . different than it is today in 2016 and . the best way to avoid a nuclear war is . to avoid a nuclear war not to build some . overpriced playing that keeps our . president safe from radiation and all . this stuff right so i interview donald . trump my podcast as many of you know . about five years ago and at the time i . was not nearly as popular as i am today . donald trump had initially reached out . to me because i'd written something . about him when i was working as a . reporter in new york and so he called me. at the agreed upon time for the podcast . interview and he was uh one of the best. guess i've had on my show pretty much we . talked about china and currency . manipulation and this was long before he. announced his candidacy and long before. i think he even knew he wanted to run . and here he was giving me the time of. day this young podcaster and he's doing . my show donald trump the billionaire . real estate developer and just from. working in new york is a reporter that . was my first job you hear things about . people you know especially since i was . interviewing a lot of celebrities and. businesspeople you start to hear things . about what people are actually like and . it does come out that certain. celebrities and certain billionaires are. mean or are phony or trying to cover up . some kind of glaring character flaw that. you don't see on tv but the second the . cameras are turned off. it's obvious that person has some kind. of personality problem or some kind of . issue with other human beings and that. was never what i heard about donald. trump i always heard incredible stuff i . remember many years ago being in a bar . with a woman who used to work at the . trump organization and she was just . effusive with praise for trump and for . the organization he built and this is . many years ago and i just kind of filed . away my file that away my brain and . then you know a year ago in the media . was attacking trump is severely as they. were that was assigned to me that . something was off because that just. didn't reconcile with the man that i had . on my podcast is considerate kind very . intelligent person you know this fascist. this angry person who hates women and . all that stuff it just didn't seem like. the man that i had interviewed and so we . have to understand the media is truly. lying to us today many of us believe . that journalists and we believe that. media whether it be the newspaper you. pick up in the morning or the channel. you turn on your tv. many of us have this belief that the. media is there to vet information and . then to provide the facts for us and you . know ideally that was probably the case. in the in the past to some extent . hopefully hopefully it wasn't always. this bad maybe it always was and we just. didn't notice it because we didn't have. the proof but i'd like to think that . things in journalism used to be better . but today it's no longer medicine it's . not a way for you to save time by . figuring out what's going on in the. world they're not summarizing the . world's events for you anymore they're . pushing propaganda down your throat and. they're pushing lies into your home via. the television and via the the newspaper. websites like the new york times and . like the washington post i like what . mike tournament says on twitter all the . time which is that the new york times in . the washington post are just . billionaires blogs . he's been going through the financials . of one news website and he's he's amazed . it seems that they don't actually make. money. these are just basically vanity projects. for elites they pour money into media . outlets these media outlets don't have . to turn a profit they don't even have to . get good ratings all i have to do is . push the narrative whatever that. billionaires narrative happens to be. unfortunately most of the billionaires . who have been snapping up media outlets . for whatever reason are bizarre. globalists who don't like america and . resent americans and you can even see . this on cnn and msnbc when rachel maddow . speaks now especially since the election. there's a level of scorn . and a level of anger that i just don't . think belongs on television i think it's . bad business for msnbc to keep her on . the air and yet they do why is that well . i don't think they're primarily . interested in turning a profit. i don't think they're primarily . interested in viewers or somebody like. me who gets 450,000 views on youtube . every 24 hours and he was not spent a . penny to get their somebody like me . would be snapped up by msnbc or cnn but . i don't fit the narrative that's the . thing they don't give a shit about the. numbers they just care about pushing. their own propaganda so again what we . thought was medicine the morning . newspaper the morning news show on tv is . actually now poison and because i don't . believe in eating or ingesting poison . every morning i no longer consume those . media outlets because they're not . providing the truth so how do you get . the truth today unfortunately are you . know kind of fortunately in a way i this . is a neat time to be alive . you have to actually that sources. yourself i'm sure on twitter and other . social media on youtube i you've already . identified people that you believed to. be truth-tellers or researchers or . something approaching a real journalist . and i'm sure you already have some of . those people and you're following them. well over time you develop a sense of. who's good and who's not good for. example michael tracy even though he is . far more left than i am i think i so . he's politically different from me that . michael tracy is somebody who popped up . on my radar because his twitter . commentary and his articles during the. election or consistently excellent and . fair where is nearly everybody else in . my feed was not consistent and not fair . so i began to follow michael tracy more . closely and now he's one of the people . along with tournament which along with. jack pasovic along with several others . he's one of my go-to sources for . information and you'll develop the same. patterns you'll find a certain number of . journalists that you're comfortable with. following and now we're entering the age . of the individual so it's not that you . trust somebody because they work. cnn you trust somebody because their . track record is good i've noticed an . outbreak in the comments section of this . happens every once in awhile it's almost . like a herpes outbreak but i've noticed . this outbreak of shields trying to say . that i'm the cia operative and that my . last video criticizing the cia for . attacking trump and for trying to throw. out this nonsense russian conspiracy . theory to throw a monkey wrench in the. election of trump right and him taking . office in january twentieth the . inauguration of trump rather uh so some . people saying all of course you . criticize the cia now i'm not going to . spend all that much time debunking the . david seaman is a cia agent theory . because i'm a big believer in judging . people by their actions and not by their. words and from my past actions and my . current actions it should become evident . to you who i am and what i'm about and . so in the same way that if somebody in. the comments section said mars is made . out of cheese.

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