Eminem Unleashes on President Donald Trump at BET Awards. #HipHop #Eminem #AmenEminem #BET

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Rapper eminem unleashing on president . trump last night if the be et hip-hop . awards in a blistering freestyle rap. here's a little face . this is his former distraction plus he . gets an enormous reaction when he. attacks the nfl so we focus on that . instead of talking puerto rico with gun . reform for nevada all these horrible . tragedies and these border would rather . cause a twitter storm with the packers. from his endorsement abandon support for . the klansmen tiki torches in hand for . the soldier that's blacking comes home . from iraq and is still told to go back . to africa for can a dagger in this . racist 94 year old grandpa who keeps. ignoring our past historical deplorable. factors now if you're a black athlete . you're a spoiled little brat for trying . to use your platform of your stature to . try to give those the voice you don't. have one . he says you're spitting in the face of . that too far force you bastards unless . your appeal w-whose tortured imp addict . because to him you're zeros cuz he don't . like his bore heals taxi that's not . disrespecting the military well they're . young let's discuss all of this with cnn . political analyst john avlon and cnn . sports analyst christine brennan great . to have you here so mm weighing in on . the nfl controversy and his own . inimitable style or there he also did . something really interesting guys he . said to his own fans who may be . supporters as well a president trump . that he doesn't want them anymore as . fans i mean watch this any fan of mine . who's a supporter of his i'm drawing in. the sand align you either for or against . and if you can't decide who you like. more in your split on who you should. stand beside i'll do it for you with . this. the rest of america stand-up okay so . he's from michigan detroit obviously and . that's one of the states as we know that . turn for president trump what do you . think of what the iem is doing now look . that's a powerful freestyle he did last . night that's gonna reach a whole . different audience and the intersection . of politics and pop culture is powerful . it's not about whether michigan flips. because eminem does that last night but . it's about folks who are hearing things . in real time that they might not have . heard before the reference to you know . from mccain's the trump's diss of john . mccain talking about you know we get . distracted when he talks about the nfl . we ignore puerto rico or nevada gun laws . i mean that that's a substantive . passionate critique that's gonna really. resonate with folks who might not be . paying attention to the day-to-day . that's why the intersection so powerful . that's why it mattered last night and . why we're gonna keep talking about it . look look we're dealing with this . morning this is all terrible territory . and everybody's gonna get angry but too . bad the president is tweeting about the . stock market this morning why would he . be trying to distract us from the . weinstein investigation i don't mean to . dump this on you christine so i'll carry . the ball on this you know why well what . did we go through in the election with . him that tape comes out of access. hollywood all those women come out they . are all discounted as some kind of . political ploy and there is no . discussion of accountability in any real . way and he goes on to victory and we . wonder why we see what's going went on. with weinstein and the continuation of a . culture christine we turned to the law . in situations like this why didn't sighs . vance prosecute him will weinstein be. prosecuted this is about culture as much . as it is about anything i mean isn't . that what's going on here whether you're . looking at the nfl and what's right and . wrong or what's right and wrong when it . comes to harvey weinstein you're dealing. with the same critical mass what do . people want to be about what do they . want to define themselves as well. absolutely chris and what john said . about the culture or the intersection of . politics and culture well politics and . sports were they are now in a big way . following trump's what it was now two . and a half weeks ago that speech in . huntsville and the sob line that dragged . the nfl right into or he dragged the nfl . right into this conversation is it . distraction is it playing to his base . obviously there's a lot there but . especially i think when you . mm and the let's say under what 40 under . 50 crowd that he's dealing with well . that's also the future fan base of the . nfl which is why this is so important . this issue of what's going to happen in . the future with the nfl on the one hand . the owners want something but they also . are looking at the bottom line and . thinking who are my season ticket . holders in 20 or 30 years and that . clearly is the anti-trump pro m&m crowd . well as if on cue president trump is . just tweeted about the nfl he says it is . about time that roger goodell of the nfl . is finally demanding that all players . stand for our great national anthem . respect our country kristine let me just . stick with you for one more second so . this is roger goodell has given guidance. for his players to stand president trump . obviously supports it what's your take . trump is saying something though that . roger goodell did not say goodell is. saying they should stand what he said in. his letter yesterday was the exact same . guidance that is in the manual they . should stand that's the wording and that . is important the nfl has not changed its . demand yet and i don't think it will . because they're going to have a meeting . next week and that's this the focus now . for so many people . ellison but the reality is that the nfl . is not saying they must stan the nfl is . also concerned about jerry jones he. can't go rogue and go off on his own . they want to have a unified policy so i . don't know that we're going to see yet. the nfl saying that players must an in . effect it's against the collective. bargaining agreement to change the . wording of the rules during the season . so i think trump might be declaring . victory before there is even anything . close to a victory once again he's . pulling at the threads of culture and. how people define themselves look we . could have a president right now with . this weinstein thing who put his arms . around it and came out and said we're . gonna have a conversation about this . right now. this is where this stops this is a . culture of change but i guess he's also . compromised because of his own past look . when he was asked about weinstein. comparing it to him he said what i did . was locker room talk yeah this is . different no no no look first of all . they're parallels and listen to the . tapes that even we've got first of all . the rationale unfamous i can get away . with this pay attention that certain . parallels we've seen from from . statements that have been made by the . women who have accused the man who's now . president about you know hotel rooms and . showers and robes certain mo there's a . clip from the stern show where he's with . ivanka and he. laughs about you know being a . quote/unquote sexual predator so that's . a different president and the office yes . the office of president is primarily one . a moral authority but it doesn't need to . be as we're seeing now could should the . president lead a conversation about it . yes but not this president we're gonna . have these culture war debates we're . gonna have these these these. distractions and the president's gonna . try to focus on his version of the facts . but but the cultural conversation we . need in a country this president is not . equipped to lead and what do you think . john about what he's saying about the . nfl and if christine is right that on . sunday this weekend we might see . something entirely different the fact . that roger goodell is suggesting that . they stand doesn't mean that they have . to stand doesn't mean that they will . stand no of course not it and look part . of the irony or i think the . self-defeating aspect of what trump does . when he tries to reignite these culture . wars is he elevates this i mean you know . colin kaepernick had been effectively . marginalized you know but all of a . sudden his whole movement gets elevated. because the president picks that fight . so it actually ends up blowing up in his . face and look you know as kristine . pointed out that tweet seems to be in . contra or doesn't comport with what the . goodell actually said wait i thought. this was an administration that believed . you get your own opinions but not your . own facts . all right st. john thank you both thank . you all right look . .
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