Exclusive: CCTV of Isis attack on Libya checkpoint

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Channel 4 News obtains exclusive footage of an Islamic State attack on a checkpoint in Libya, as concerns are raised that talks aimed at finding stability in the country are on the verge of collapsing.
It's just after dawn last sunday a. pickup races interview. . . it's full of islamic state fighters in. desert camouflage their faces covered. . . the silence security camera records what. we rarely see a jihadi attack on a. . . libyan check . this is apple crane on. libya's front line with the islamic. . . state. . . another camera shows a view from inside. the empty checkpoint the jihad is a mid. . . frame to the left. . . the guards 50 yards away along the road. . . they're militia men from the port of. misrata in recent days they've been. . . retreating from cert. . . now watch the jihadi he strides out into. the middle of the road firing points and. . . then makes a throat slitting motion. . . the misrata militia is firing back that. she had is calm rate takes a bullet and. . . falls. . . he's injured and crawls to the cover of. the vehicle. . . the islamic state militants try to. rescue the casualty but they came out on. . . top. . . killing three misrata militiamen in this. 30-minute long engagement. . . it shows that their tactics are. effective they're well trained. . . this is the second dawn attack on a. misurata militia checkpoint in the last. . . 10 days. . . libyan security sources say there may be. two thousand is fighters insert the. . . majority tune is ian's in the tunisian. capital today. . . regional defense ministers met to. discuss the rise of islamic state in. . . libya. . . they're fed up of libyan politicians who. are fighting each other not uniting to. . . fight the jihad is the problems between. the different libyan political factions. . . have led to a new terrorism the like of. which we have never previously faced the. . . islamic state. . . it's a threat to the whole region. because it's new and has different goals. . . from others in morocco. . . the un has brought together. representatives of libya's rival. . . governments but today the eastern. government pulled out of the talks. . . without a deal. . . libya will descend further into anarchy. and violence and the militants of the. . . islamic state will be free to spread. their terror not only across libya but. . . beyond. .
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