Exclusive: The Secrets of QAnon, The Storm, and The Deep State Counterstike

Alex Jones breaks down the basic gestalt of secretive intelligence operative known as QAnon posting warnings about Eric Schmidt stepping down from Google in tandem with President Trump’s recent executive order allowing the Treasury to confiscate property from corrupt entities. https://www.infowars.com/live-alex-jones-releases-the-secrets-of-qanon-the-storm-and-the-plan-to-kill-trump/
**MUST READ** https://www.infowars.com/qanon-links-resignation-of-googles-schmidt-to-trumps-executive-order/
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Caption: [applause]. it's christmas eve and i have come into . the office to stream this emergency . transmission on youtube and facebook . because if this doesn't get major . attention and if this doesn't break . through into the public's psyche the . globalist have a decent chance of . killing the president . in the next two weeks and taking over . the media using the emergency alert . system the obama kill switch that's . still in place to really bring this . country into a civil emergency is what . they'll call it but it's really martial. law now in the last few months i have . followed but never really spoken of cue . a nun or q anonymous and a lot of what . cueing on has said i already had gotten . separately from my white house sources . my pentagon sources my cia sources and . folks know we have amazing sources it's. been a big issue in the media trying to. keep the president from getting our . information and the president giving us . information one of those sources is . public his name's zach and we know who . he is he's a famous former member of. army special operations and the whole . joint forces operation out of florida . and he is part muslim his mother was . muslim and comes from some of the more . wealthy folks in morocco where he is now . and some of the things he said on air . were so serious he was picked up by the . fbi and taken to the us military base he . was then released and he has gone to . morocco where he believes it's safer for. him to be able to even call into the . show i'm probably going to have to get . in touch with him today and get him back . on . for another emergency transmission in . the next few days just to go over all . this intel he doesn't want to give me a . lot of the intel now obviously because . he's under massive scrutiny but i have . other sources as well that are saying . what he's telling me is dead-on so . before i get into all of this i want you . to listen to me very very carefully it's . very very carefully i don't just go off . my intel sources sources that have been . proven to me right over and over again i . go off of watching the globalist and. what they're doing in the media now what . does q anan say hugh and on doesn't even . basically say who they are they just say . that they have sources well there was a . plan in november to take trump out. clapper and brennan and others had . signaled this on national television at . the aspen institute in october we played . those clips they said he's going to be . taken out in the next month or so next . two months and that it's not going to be . judicial it's not going to be. legislative it's not going to be . impeachment there's a wolf blitzer clip . we've played it probably thirty times . and you've got phil mudd the former . counterterrorism head of the cia. that's the group that has the teeth in . it shane the government's gonna kill . trump that's a signal that we're strong . we're moving ahead we're on target to . people in the cells in the groups now i . was made aware of contingency operations . to stop this when the president was . president-elect and i was made aware of . the groups that were involved by . multiple sources people that have been . in delta force people that have been . high-level navy seals and and it's not . the people you see on the shows it's not . craig sawyer former leader till team six . it's not tonto toronto the only of the . hero of benghazi who comes on as a . friend but it's people of that caliber . delta force high-level navy seals cia . and they told me how . was being protected during the campaign . and during the transition by eric prince . and by a breakaway group of cia that's . pro us and i was even given the names . and that they appreciated what i was . doing and we're watching our six and we . even had issues and people came into . town and try to get me we were given . intel that was spot-on i mean it's it's . this is like a movie but it's real okay . and so i was reached out to by those . groups and then i confirmed with the . president indeed that that was going on . just you know in a brief conversation . about the subject and about our mutual. friends and then of course it came out . the intercept about a month ago and then . in politico that trump's creating a . private group of you know intelligence . operatives and all the rest of this but . i can tell you again the one way to do . this is just lay it all out because i . don't want to get into things i'm not . supposed to get into but also people to . understand how real this is flynn was . sent in to the trump organization by . others that didn't want to put . themselves on the radar and was . basically asked to go in and do this . because everybody else was scared too so . flynn was basically the only guy willing . to be the public person of the. resurgence of america organization to . make america great again organization . that actually wants to bring the power . back to the country and likes free . market and likes religious freedom and . you know aren't aren't globalist . assholes. so who don't want to sell us out to . radical islam and the whole ephesus und . i mean that there are people like that . and they they know what the american . people are upset and so the american . people have woken up american people are . involved the infowars audience has been . involved matt drudge has been involved . so there's a perfect storm of the stuff . aligning now q and on a lot of what i . saw q and on say was really good intel . and his spot-on with other until i had . and was trying to warn people that . they're gonna try something in november. but the legs got cut out from under . that's they were unable to do it but . they said. on cnn on msnbc at the aspen institute . we're taking him out in the next two . months that was the signal very arrogant . signal but to look confident with their. networks that are dwindling the saudis . have cut off the money to the clinton . networks and the globalist and and and . the the traitors in our intelligence . agencies that had been bought out by the . communist chinese and the saudi arabians. who the chinese used as a pass-through . for the money this groups been cut off . by benjamin netanyahu inside israel . that's why you've seen all that going on . so as i address youtube and facebook . here everybody else i'm just gonna lay . this out as best i can but i i basically . know from sources who qa9 . is i know that it is someone being given . information secondarily from within the . private security network it's like a . stay behind network from the original . republic you could call it of people . inside us intelligence agencies that . have a long track record of being . patriots and who aren't globalist and . who don't like seeing america get . screwed over so i know what queue and on . is being given israel intel and i . basically know who is giving him the . intel and and this is the best thinking . that the very individuals you read about . the intercept article and others i'm not . gonna get into my information was gonna . leave it what's already public source. believe the enemies up to and the . chatter they're getting so they want to . take trump out in november but we dodged . it and people go oh look you and on it's . not right it didn't happen folks they're . all over the news senator taken out then . they go oh the storms not real we see . hollywood going down we see the top. globalists in hollywood going down the . same folks are trying to take out . netanyahu that old leftist globalist arm . and to try and take out trump so it's . went about netanyahu these are the. players they're trying to take him out . take out the people that actually don't . want to overthrow israel it's in the . it's in the wikileaks that toward soros . says we're gonna overthrow israel we're. gonna get rid of it israel finally saw . that it was like my god these you know . the. the hollywood left is this bad the . hollywood left the jews in hollywood . left are so anti-israel so evil that . they're actually double-crossing with . the islamists in everybody else i mean . it's just it's incredible so that was a . big come to jesus moment no pun intended . for israel and people that just aren't . pure evil you know i mean it's just . getting down at this point . so again this information is out there . i'm seeing what cueing on saying it's . tracking with my intel that i'm getting . from a spectrum of good sources and then . we announced we can half ago mccabe is . going to resign now he's announced he's . going to retire yesterday . that's the interim director that got . caught. staging the whole fake dossier and and . has been caught fbi deputy director. mccabe retiring after trump insurance . policy debacle that zero hedge up one in . force calm the day before that we have . schmitt of google the founder of google . the head of google a total globalist . cutout group organization that he is . stepping down reportedly because of the . information that's known about him and . his what goes on his airplanes just . think jeffrey epstein . and all the censorship and everything . else so the storm is here you see the . tax cuts you see the border 70% secured . in less than a year you see four plus . trillion the stock market you see two . million new jobs you see all these . companies signaling we're with america. with $2,000 and thousand dollar bonuses. of their employees as they announced . we're not going to have a thirty eight . point nine percent tariff while china is . a fifteen globalism is over selling . america out is over bring the money back . and trump's winning doing this other . cowards and the corporations and people . that are on the fence who don't want to . be traitors but we're bullied into it . they're going okay we're with you and so . everybody's jumping ship now i'm getting. chills over to make america great again . god this is so incredible this is real . this i

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