Explosion Takes Place Near New York City Port Authority | TODAY

NBC News researcher Christian Santana is on the scene near the New York Port Authority in midtown Manhattan, where an explosion has taken place and there is a heavy concentration of police, ambulances and bomb squads. Jonathan Dienst of New York’s WNBC reports one minor injury and one person in custody.
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Explosion Takes Place Near New York City Port Authority | TODAY
City police responding to an explosion . in midtown manhattan near the port . authority bus terminal . nbc news researcher kristian santana is . at the scene joins us by the phone . christian what are you seeing in hearing . about three dozen police vehicle fire . trucks and police begun clearing out the . area it's unclear what what the . situation is there are bomb squad . vehicles president president and lisa . cleared out the port authority terminal . itself okay and and you mentioned the . ambulances you have you seen any kind of . injuries or anything that would indicate . that there's been any kind of that kind . of activity there's anyone injured . police right now are running around the . buildings with looks like bomb sniffing . dogs - looks like they're looking for . some kind of some sort okay christian . thank you so much in our investigative. reporter jonathan dean saying there's . been one minor injury one person in . custody against an explosion of some . sort that seems to have taken place near . the port authority bus terminal in in . the heart of manhattan 42nd and 8th . street and as you can see from that . image police activity is extensive . ambulances bomb squad we will find out . what exactly has transpired here and . continue to watch it thanks to our . reporter christian who's on the scene . hello today fans thanks for checking out . our youtube channel subscribe by . clicking that button down there and . click on any of the videos over here to . watch the latest interviews show. highlights and digital exclusives . .
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