Fisherman hooks mammoth 3,000-pound shark; Nurse shark bites Florida woman on the arm – Compilation

1. Dec 22, 2016 β€” A fisherman who routinely catches and releases sharks had the experience of a lifetime after hooking not one, but two of the great predators in a single day.

2. May 16, 2016 β€” A fun day at the beach went downhill fast for a woman who found herself on the receiving end of a very sharp set of teeth.

3. Jan 10, 2016 β€” The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan was the only place in the world where a great white shark was being held in captivity.

4. Nov 4, 2016 β€” Scientists from Spain have discovered an Atlantic sawtail catshark embryo with two heads, a threatened shark species found only in the western Mediterranean.

5. Jun 12, 2015 β€” A shark expert posted a video to his Facebook page that shows him exiting his shark cage to give an enormous great white shark a high five.

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Caption: Tomoe news presents shark shark shark . shark shark shark shark shark shark. shark shark sharks monster great white . shark cooked near south carolina a . fisherman who routinely catches and. releases sharks had the experience of a . lifetime after hooking not one but two . of the gray predators in a single day . after setting off near the hilton head . coast in south carolina on tuesday chip . mishlove and his two-person crew hooked . a great white shark weighing a whopping . 3,000 pounds but before they could catch . the mammoth shark it spit out the hook . and swam away the disappointed fishermen . nearly called it a day but decided to . give it another shot another great white . soon came biting this one more modestly. sized at 9 and a half feet long after a . bit of a struggle the crew finally . caught the fella but an acoustic tag on . him and sent him on his merry way . tags typically stay on for seven years . and provide scientists with helpful data . to study and protect the majestic . predators all in all it was a pretty . productive day from missha loeb and his . crew still the fisherman can help a pine . for the one that got away baby shark . bites woman and doesn't let go a fun day . at the beach went downhill fast for a . woman who found herself on the receiving . end of a very sharp set of teeth the 23 . year old woman and her male companion . went swimming at red reef park in boca . raton florida on sunday afternoon nurse . sharks often swim near the reef but are . typically docile and stationary they . rarely attack humans unless provoked . so when the woman and her friend grabbed . one by the tail it lashed out and bit. her forearm with its small but. razor-sharp teeth the shark clamped down. hard and didn't let go . the woman emerged from the water with. the shark on her arm. shocking beachgoers she was brought to . the hospital with minor injuries and . bleeding the stubborn shark died before . help arrived but its jaws remained . locked over the woman's arm she was . later released from the hospital. presumably with the shark now removed . japan has the world's only great white . shark in captivity wait what happened . shark is on display at the okinawa . chmura aquarium in japan and this is the . only place in the world where a great . white shark is being held in captivity . the 11 and a half foot long killer was . accidentally picked up in a net on. tuesday. behold the great white shucks is it dead . already. what the after just three days the cause . of death is clear captivity the shark . never had to die like this send a . spokesperson for the people of the . ethical treatment of animals the . aquarium released a message saying we . had displayed the shark in the sea of. dangerous sharks tank from january 5th . 2016 but the shark's condition took a . sudden turn worse and we confirmed it's . dead. january 8th the sudden turn for the . worst was you guys catching it sharks . need to continue swimming in order to . maintain their oxygen levels and body . temperature this shark refused to eat . after being taken into captivity it . eventually sank to the bottom of the . tank and then floated up to sharky . heaven rest in peace jaws if you'd like . to send your condolences or hate mail to . the shark's keepers here's their address . mysterious two-headed sharks. surfacing all over the world apparently. two heads are all the rage these days in . the shark community cases of fetuses . with dice eppley the condition of having . two heads have been reported off the . california coast and near australia more . recently scientists from spain . discovered the embryo of a two-headed. atlantic saw tail cat shark a threatened . species found in the western . mediterranean the research teams . findings were published in the journal . of fish biology in 2013 fishermen . working off the florida keys caught a . pregnant bull shark and when they cut . her open they were stunned to find two . unborn offspring one of whom was a . mutant it was the first two-headed bull . shark on record most cases of the . two-headed sharks are conceived by blue . sharks as they can have up to 50 babies . at one time scientists aren't exactly . sure what's causing the bizarre birth . defects but theorized overfishing in . some regions could be shrinking the . gene-pool leading to such physical . abnormalities as you may expect human . pollution of the oceans may also play a . role in these mutations shark . researchers say most of these misfit . creatures don't survive long after birth . and that's if they defied the odds and . even make it out of the womb but who . knows in the deep dark depths of the . ocean there just may be a two-headed . monster who hasn't bothered to show. himself yet the next step in evolution . may be the jaws film franchise is. probably due for a reboot any day now . diver gives monstrous great white shark. a high-five if you saw this enormous . shark swimming right up to you wouldn't . you scramble into your cage as fast as. your flippers could carry you not this. guy a video that's making the rounds. online shows what might be the largest . shark ever filmed underwater in it shark . expert mauricio. oh yes padilla exits his cage to . high-five the beast the great white . shark named deep blue is an estimated 20 . feet long the average great white . measures roughly 14 feet still more than . twice the divers height deep blue was . first spotted off the coast of mexico's . guadalupe island during discovery's . shark week filming the team managed to . tag deep blue who may estimate to be . about 50 years old . the team which included mauricio says . the shark was pregnant at the time of . filming meaning she was likely super . hungry mauricio you're lucky you've . still got that high-fiving hand and the . rest of you great white shark almost . bites off more than he can chew . everybody orange county california . resident penny novack was walking along . san clemente pier on the afternoon of . january 18th when she noticed a . fisherman had hooked something powerful . enough to almost snap the guy's fishing . rod in half she of course started . filming when we looked over the edge . novak said there it was by it she meant . a great white shark seriously in san . clemente california the creature . reportedly thrashed about for fifteen . minutes trying to free itself and for a . second novak said the shark went. underwater and they thought it might be . dead but great white sharks aren't that . easy to kill even if you have a bigger . boat after deciding on a new strategy. the shark left out of the water and . chomped down freeing itself much to the . delight of the fishermen and the shark . as well no doubt great white sharks are . commonly spotted off the coast of . northern california but one theory says . weather phenomenon el nino could be. encouraging sharks to move south into. warmer waters or maybe it was just a . tourist in any case southern california . beaches are totally safe just um keep an . eye out for fins great white sharks . being hunted by killer whales great . white sharks are widely seen as the . oceans most feared predator but three . separate incidents of their carcasses . washing ashore in south africa this past. month would suggest that they too have . something to fear orca whales marine . scientists dissecting these great whites . have observed a fascinating pattern the. bodies each wrought with orca bites are . missing the shark's liver the organs . were removed with almost surgical . precision offering us new understanding . about the hunting behaviors and . capabilities of the killer whale great . white sharks traverse the ocean as . solitary creatures but orca whales refer . to as the wolves of the sea are often. known to hunt as a pod when hunting . sharks orca whales use their powerful . tails to create strong underwater . currents from below forcing unsuspecting . great whites to the surface the whale . then stuns its prey it then lifts its . tail out of the water and swings down . with tremendous force unleashing a fatal . blow the great white shark sliver holds . a high concentration of squalene a . steroid and hormone producing compound. attractive to killer whales. south africa's recent influx of great . white shark carcasses absent of a liver . is leading scientists to believe the . whales may be relaying this hunting. strategy amongst their pod the . researchers think the sharks may have . now become of interest to the orcas . because their typical food sources are . diminishing from pollution and climate . change in the five years prior to these . findings only four great white shark. carcasses had washed ashore in this . particular region shark nudges divers to. remove hook lodged in its body it's not . very often you hear stories about sharks . and divers getting along but this video . appears to show there may be more going . on than we realize on march 22nd diver . josh echols was going for a dip in the . atlantic ocean near jupiter florida when . a lemon shark swam up to him and gave . him a nudge these powerful sharks aren't . known to be a large threat to humans but . you never really know what might happen . in the ocean . eckles decided to take a closer look at . the shark and when he did he found a . relatively large rusty hook lodged in. the shark's body the creature was . obviously in pain echols managed to get . a grip on the hook and gently pulled it . out of the shark's belly freed from the . foreign object the shark swam away . peacefully in the seconds that followed . the shark circled back over to the . divers allowing them a chance to check . on it while also appearing to swim . around them and even with them perhaps a . show of gratitude whatever the case may . be this is a huge step in the right . direction for shark human relations. [music]. preggers shark takes a huge bite at a . divers arm. [music]. poor gotta be now . [music]. [music]. kroenke sheela in a scene straight from . jaws a great white shark boarded a man's . boat in australia last month teri salwa . told abc news that the 200 kilogram fish . left over a meter out of the water and . into his boat when he was out fishing . cases of sharks jumping onto boats are . rare and this one's no different . shark specialist george burgess posits. that sharks only jump onto boats if . they're caught by fishermen or in . pursuit of prey that an angler has . hooked another scenario could be that . the boat was passing while the shark was . striking its prey. so would told abc he was fishing for . snappers and had two small pieces of . sardine at the bottom of the ocean. however these were attached to a line . under the boat not where the shark left . from the 73 year-old mariner suffered a . gash on his forearm bud said the . incident won't stop him from fishing and. joke that maybe next time he'll find a . croc to wrestle australian say why are . we not surprised . shark kills teenage girl in australia a . teenage surfer was the victim of another . shark attack off the coast of western . australia on monday the attack took . place at a popular surfing spot called . kelps bed in wiley bay this coastline is . reportedly known for great white shark . sightings the 17 year old girl was . serving with her father on monday . afternoon while her mother and two . sisters watched from the shore the shark . attack left the team with severe . injuries to her leg . and she later died from her wounds the . beach has been closed by local . authorities until further notice. just when you thought it was safe to get . back in the water if you think sharks . only enjoyed chomping on servers or . bodyboarders think again an unidentified . 28 year old tourist was wading through . waist-deep water just off florida's . cocoa beach near cape canaveral about 3 . p. m. on sunday a witness told nbc news . she saw a shark fin come up out of the . water and slap the victim across the . face but being rudely slapped by her . shark wasn't the only nasty experiences . unfortunate tourists endured that. afternoon the creature then took a nice . big bite before swimming away leaving . the tourists with an almost seven inch . gash near her ankle a wound described as . to the bone hearing the woman's cries. for help several brave beachgoers. responded a woman identified as holly . peterson reportedly entered the water . grab the victims hand and dragged her . back to shore paramedics transported the . victim to hospital where she's. recovering while the number of shark . attacks in american water seem to have . increased significantly this year . experts say the number of attacks so far . in 2015 are actually only slightly above . average teen surfer survives shark . attack in australia a teenage surfer in . australia was attacked by a great white . shark on monday morning after the local . government abandoned the installation of. a shark barrier in august . seventeen-year-old cooper allen was . surfing off lighthouse beach at bolan . all on the north coast of new south . wales ironically he was surfing above . the cement base of a half-built shark . barrier that was supposed to protect . beachgoers a three and a half metre long . great white shark came up from behind . cooper and left a large bite wound to . his upper thigh. luckily the shark became tangled in . cooper's leg rope and he managed to swim . back to shore the installation was . abandoned after authorities found out . the beaches were too rough for the . barriers the shark nets were part of a. 16 million dollar state government . package that were supposed to counter . shark attacks in the area . [applause]. [music]. [music]. you. .

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