FUNNY: ISIS attempts to shoot down Russian jet and see what happens…

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PS. That jet is obviously a Syrian Army Mig-21. Still hilarious, tho.
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Translation courtesy of Tatzhit Mihailovich
Hello, my name is johnny al-knoxville. . . today we're gonna try shooting down. . . a russian supersonic jet fighter. . . with my grandpa's heirloom machinegun. . . my assistant abu hajaar is estimating target range and airspeed using his thumbs. . . somehow we miss. . . russian plane is mockingly circling overhead. . . here, you can see a dude in loafers walk into the frame. . . he's obviously a coward. . . you scared . . . yes!. . . get off from the set then. . . radio: what the sh*t who is shooting at the russian . . . radio: you pissed him off abu hajaar! he's doing a combat turn!. . . my name is johnny al-knoxville and. . . we just pissed off a russian jet. . . radio: . you're shafted . how copy . . . ruun! ruuun!!. . . parts are falling off the russian! allahu akbar!. . . it's a bomb, you imbecile!. . . stupid johnny al-knoxville!!!. . . . if i survive, gonna shove that machinegun in johnny's ass. .
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