How Trump Can Transform Education | Duke Pesta and Stefan Molyneux

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How can Education be saved in the United States of America? As President-Elect Donald Trump prepared to take office, Dr. Duke Pesta joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss how the Department of Education could be systematically dismantled and the dangers to avoid when reformulating the concept of education with the United States.
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Everybody's depend on you hope you doing well back with a good friend dr. do pastor attended university professor author and the academic director of freedom project academy a live online school individual classes complete curricula for students in kindergarten through high school you can find out more about this and fpe us a dark so don't pass that we have a new administration for those who may have missed that perhaps you just coming out of an isolation tank for a couple of months for cryogenic freezing or something you've arrived in some other gas giant but we have a new administration and let's just say that the the trumpet astok new administration does seem to be willing to shake things up with regards to education of course you provide education both at the university and through a freedom project academy if you could take the american educational system on a wild white right through your unconstrained preferences what sort of advice would you give the president-elect at the moment well i'm a little nervous i mean i'm thrilled that he was obviously a hillary clinton administration would have would have magnified exponentially everything that's wrong with american education in the same way that the about the obama administration did were exponentially worse now than off education wise and we were eight years ago eight years or even four years of hillary would have exponentially made that kind of like the national debt growing growing growing and there's hope donald trump has said that he wanted to get rid of the department of education donald trump said that he wanted to get rid of common core donald trump said that we need to turn education back to the state which is a step that the state is not the answer either however with his new education pick for secretary and some other things you know it every republican candidate pretty much and every republican president since 1980 has said they were going to do this and none of them did it not one of his follow-through it in the case of ronald reagan in the case of george herbert walker bush in the case of george bush once these at and the candidates people like mitt romney when when we narrowed down back in 2008 we narrow down a presidential candidates 21 it rawr 2012 why mitt romney he never mentioned it to get so here's what has to happen first and foremost department of education has to go what you want jimmy carter did i forfeit arguably the most failed president in american history i think you have to argue given how important education is he may be in retrospect the most successful president in american history in enforcing something really bad by creating the federal department of education he guaranteed now that american education by default would all have to subordinate itself to what came out of that washington entity what happened immediately was the department of education became responsible for deciding who got all that tax money that was going to pay for education so of course what they started to do immediately was reward school states districts reward people who conformed and punish people who didn't so well before you had common core you had a out-of-control government organization who is using the power of the purse to buy what it wanted and punish what it did progressive liberal education if you don't get rid of the department of education whatever gains donald trump makes will be lost by the next democrat president whatever he manages to do right will be undone whether it's for eight years by the next democrat president and so you have to get rid of it and the the argument that has to be made it look at that if i were in his shoes first thing i would do i might not be able to formally abolish the organization without the help of congress but as we've seen with president obama you can certainly shape the organization here's why we lose whatever democrats take office and the first thing they do is they appoint a clear out all the old republican stink and they put all new people and who believe what they believe presidents come and go congress comes and goes but you know it stays the same the same bureaucrats who are working in the department of education the last 40 years i've never left the department of organization from top to bottom is progressive and liberal i guarantee you there are 1 in a five thousand or so employees department of education not one in a thousand as a conservative so republicans come in they can tinker with who's at the top but the culture stays the same if i were president trump the first thing i would do is i take the top 5,000 people i take the top 1500 who are 50 above and i give an option we're gonna buy you out retire you right now we're just gonna cut your jobs they're all gonna jump for the retirement then the lowest who are relatively new id reassign them i give you two choices we're going to reassign you to the department of homeland security something something something or we're going to terminate you get rid of that right so you you you make it absolutely as small as you can then with your republican majorities you make that you make over the next two years you make the case this is unconstitutional it is clearly a huge drain of resources i mean my god they have their own swat team and the department of education right i mean huge drain on resources it's economically unfeasible right how much better off would we be to let the state's decide a portion to each state base i'd like to see them get out of the fence to get out of funding them all together but in the short term a portion to each state based on number of school kids portion certain federal monies that you then let the state legislatures decide how to spend it right that's a step down once you've done that absolutely zero need for the department of education i would immediately then close it a sell the building and solve the ground where nothing grows there again then when you've done that it may be in your second four-year term because this would be such a radically popular idea among everybody but radical lefties you're gonna get elected to four more years then the second time around then you you put you put the pressure on the state legislatures right to a state-by-state begin to shrink the role of the state education you should be district just education should be a school district thing it should actually be a school fit every american school in this country i should know how much money is going to get based on the size and the number of students acer should be absolutely formulated and what and then you hold that local school accountable here is what a 4th grade reading level is here is what in ninth grade reading level is here's what a college reading level is here is when a third grade fifth grade eighth grade 9th grade math students should know if your students aren't getting their clean out the school district and bringing teachers will do it right no complicated standards no centralization no nationalization bring in real teachers and give them a simple basic chart this is what a fourth-grade reading level reading is either get your kids there you don't and when moms and dads that are a power because then who decides to the teachers are school boards and then if the teachers writer being hired by the school boards and they're not getting the job then that all of this lies in moms and dads and this this would clean up the problem in in our worst school districts in the inner cities you give that money to the district to those schools and you put the teachers the parents in charge of selecting people to get their kids to the basic standard of reading writing and math that fixes it that that's why our education system was the envy of the world through the 1960s because that's kind of what we did so you have to break up the monopolies from the top and then at the state level and then even at the district level make it makes could you can hold an individual school accountable you can hold an individual group of teachers at the school accountable you give the parents back control of the purse right because they voted people going to manage that money correctly all of this cronyism and all of this bribery blackmail from the federal government even the state government's goes away education is fixed that's the template a lot of things have to happen but that's the template and it's not new it's not a radical experiment it's a return to what things were not two generations ago yeah through the 1960s and what happened in the nineteen sixties seventies the standards got bumped from the schools to the district's then in the late seventies and eighties from the district of the states and ever since then with goals 2009 charles left behind it's the federal government now that's calling the shots and as in every aspect of american life the more the government takes over the less effective in the more expensive everything is alright and that's true of the healthcare obviously it's true of what happens now in every walk of life land management resource management everything they do they do less effectively more levels of bureaucracy more corruption more wasted money more bribery more federal intrusion i talked to a mom just the other day california and she her kid goes to a school primarily hispanic school in california and the one typically as we said all we would say 45 years the kids and get hammered the most by things like federal government and intrusion and common core are the inner city kids these kids are underperforming and all the teachers are telling the parents don't worry we're having federal agents in next week and you can tell them why your school needs more money right and that was the whole thing for the teachers write the federal government will give us more money to keep doing what we're doing that's the system not just an education but across the country that has to be broken where do you think the you about your question should set

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