Jake Paul BUSTED! #DramaAlert H3H3 vs PewDiePie! KSI mom EXPOSED Joe Weller!

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[music]. [applause]. what is a shrubbler nation i'm your host . killer keemstar let's go right into the . news our first story is coming from jake . paul way back in the day on mtv there . was a show called fantasy factory and . one of the main characters was well . drama and drama went on to start his own . clothing line known as young and the. reckless and yesterday drama posted on . instagram damn jake paul i thought we . were oh hi oh brothers showing a design . of one of his hoodies and then showing. one of jake paul's again young and the . reckless jake paul's they fucking stole . it adam from no jumper tweeted this out . jake paul is at it again showing that . even the back of the hoodie was copied . now the student is just stealing other . people's designs like what the fuck jake . also in the news now this is everywhere . you guys already know about this . pewdiepie said the n-word well yesterday . he made an apology and actually i . thought it was like a perfect apology he . was like there's no reason for me to do . this like there's no excuses i'm sorry . however the next day he was streaming . pub g and he almost made the same . mistake again roll it thank you friend . hey hey . man oh my god man whoa hello okay okay . okay i haven't worked craig took one day . for me to almost slip up fantastic good . job good job felix i don't even want to . say that the sensor version i'm like . fucking goddamn it it's not even funny . i'm just laughing another youtuber was . talking about the pewdiepie n-word . controversy known as h3h3 in fact he did . a whole podcast on it tweeting out h3h3 . podcasts going live let's talk about . pewdiepie in the anwar showing a picture . of idubbbz who says the n-word and tera . mojo who says the n-word with pewdiepie . space over tana who has said the n-word . and this story is being reported by . keemstar i fuck you alex . anyhow h3h3 uploaded this podcast to . youtube and it has over 13,000 dislikes . i have never seen h3h3 or ethan get this . much hate people are furious with him . because he went hard at pewdiepie saying . well well this is what he said roll it i . don't think felix is a racist person but. god damn he really kind of just was . really comfortable using that word like . you're reaching for all these words . right you're like oh let me just like a . little and bum for ya . i mean i know this is a point a lot of . people say but it certainly seems like . that's not the first time he's used that . word in that context yeah man he really . just dropped the end bomb like straight . up and the way he used it was just awful . now the reason why people are so mad is . because they think that ethan h3h3 is . being a hypocrite because on his podcast . he said the n-word to a video was . uploaded titled h3h reis hypocrisy over . pewdiepie's saying the n-word where it . shows clips of h3h3 complaining about. pewdiepie and then it shows clips of . h3h3 saying the n-word . when he had idubbbz on their roll it i . don't think felix is a racist person but . god damn he really kind of just was . really comfortable using that word . nigger faggot hope it's a wonderful it's . just a wonderful string of words that . really gets you going that really just . kind of fuck you perfected i get . reaching for all these words right . you're like oh let me just like a little . and bum for ya i mean i know this is a . point a lot of people say but it . certainly seems like that's not the . first time he's used that word in that . context and look if you joke around with . your friends privately we've all you . said we say offensive things probably . when we're talking with our friends cuz . we all find it fun for one reason or . other but goddamn doubt your fuck your . freaking life streaming i love that can . you say your faith oh yeah but i feel . like you're using a little liberally i . love andy milonakis responded to. pewdiepie he's saying the n-word by . tweeting out this i'm about to pull up . on pewdiepie showing a picture of him . with some rappers drinking some coffee . medicine with some sprite a kaeleen also . in videos i'm the last drummer we talked . about psi and the jill weller fight we . talked about them being at upload and . then beefing and then throwing each. other and we also talked about ksi. making fun of joe weller's depression . well cass i uploaded a video titled it . responding to the joe weller fight where . he apologized for making fun of . depression in the video casts i said he . was talking about joe and didn't mean to . offend anyone else so there you have it . however casts eyes brother . comedyshortsgamer he showed the video of . the joe weller and ksi fight to his . mother . ks eyes mom and this is what she said . about joe weller. roll it . sky used to be there his um his . breakthrough and youtube this video was . helps to be care side yeah i mean if . you're gonna have a fight. oh oh okay have a fight but why this . beep is obviously real listener this guy . so is it's a long grateful guy honestly . i'm grateful year because this guy jk . has taken him on holidays not once not . twice and he paid for his accommodation . yeah i look at the way now look at the . way he's now treating jj hey you took . into her grief same as the three . holidays and he keeps changing like this . to understand why does the beast fuck . joe weather for no reason to start . having a digger jj what but why but why . what for exactly there's absolutely no . reason why there was absolutely no . reason he just did it and he also had a . dig at me as well and then look which it . joe whether he means three people with. this damn call it joe weller . are grateful that brightful pam also in . the news that pranks are known as fight . tally a couple days ago had guns drawn . on him by the police now it turns out he . didn't get arrested but shit got scary . for a moment roll it . oh my god now i have no idea if that was . a hundred percent real or why the cops . even pulled guns and i have no idea . i should add iam vite ali but i i've . been pretty lazy i'm sorry you know i'm . gonna dm him right now and ask him my . fucking camera batteries i don't have to . i'll get you an answer tomorrow my . fucking camera battery's gonna die and . now for a final story yes i'm talking . super fast apparently a streamer was . trying to open up a bottle and this is . what happened rolling there's got to be . a game where like you everyone slowly . loosens the cap little cork here and . then puts it right up to their eye you . know it's like russian roulette . but wait oh oh my god oh oh my god this . shit's blinker my camera's gonna die . guys thank you so much if you enjoyed . this video make sure you slap a like on . it if you're new here make sure you . subscribe with notifications on and . drama ordination now over two million . nine hundred thousand subscribers. [music]. the ad pocalypse. [music]. some of you might be confused by his . team start about pocalypse . [music]. .
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