Katy Perry’s Warning from the Illuminati… (2017-2018)

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I really want to be my authentic self . like a hundred percent on it and so it . hurts you know when i don't feel like i . can did you ever have some bouts to wear . katie just couldn't didn't want to go on . yeah i wrote a song about it . in just a few short years she has sold . more than 75 million tracks and is more . than 1 billion views on youtube that's . how a process is they write songs and . you get rid of those feelings well yeah . some of them . katie's just mix blows she's getting . bigger bigger bigger to her multi-hued . hair colors as the reigning queen of pop . some of them don't come out boy yeah . that's why i thought i still do the work . which song was that what lyric comes to . you mine by the grace of god i was going . through some depressing dark times. surprising with that trademark . very fun that heartfelt it's hard like i . say it on tour okay and it's hard . because i'm ashamed it's been one wild . ride for perry and one vastly different . from her upbringing you did admit to . having once had suicidal thoughts very . low thoughts very low thing yeah it's . hard because i feel ashamed that i would . even like have those thoughts you know . and feel that low or that depressed her . first album was gospel under her real . name katy hudson i so badly want to be . calvinism that i don't even want to look . like katy perry anymore sometimes that. upbringing makes her first hit song all. the more surprising . it was that song about kissing a girl . that launched her career and like that. is a little bit of why i cut my hair is . because i really want to be my authentic . self well this is all in support of her . new album witness as we talked earlier . it's part of this launch of the album . she goes on tour this fall and her fifth . studio album witness just dropped last . week it's a delicate dance song then for . the devil is about my dance with alcohol . [music]. what's the message in it each song is . like a micro message. [music]. some of them are just pure escapism as . you need that sometimes like napa t-bone . uh patti the sexual liberation silent . while katie belted out her alleged . t-swift viewed single swish swish . [music]. [music]. you. his roles define the 80s goonies . this was my dream ogwuche stand by me . call my dad weekend i'll kill you . license to drive the only difference . between you and that greaseball said he . has a license and you don't always that . propelled him into the spotlight for his . entire you . [music]. do you feel like you missed out on a . normal childhood haha . what childhood i don't know what that . means. [music]. he blames the adults not just those . looking to profit from charming children . but also some with far more sinister . motives. [music]. i can tell you that the number one . problem in hollywood was and is and . always will be pedophilia that's the . biggest problem for children in this . industry the casting couch even applies . to children oh yeah not in the same way . it's all done under the radar nobody . talks about pedophilia it's the big . secret then it's widespread oh yeah . elijah woods shocking allegations . against the entertainment industry in a. new interview with the sunday times the . former child star alleges that. pedophilia has been a real issue in . hollywood he tells the publication quote . there are a lot of vipers in this . industry people who only have their own . interests in mind . [laughter]. [music]. i was surrounded by them when i was 14 . years old. surrounded literally didn't even know it . it wasn't until i was old enough to . realize what they were and what they . wanted and what they were about and the . types of people that were surrounding me . till i went oh my god they were . everywhere like vultures . [music]. the 35 year old adds if you're innocent . you have very little knowledge of the . world and you want to succeed people . with parasitic interests will see you as . their prey. [music]. he goes on to allege that even as an . adult in the industry . he has been quote led down dark paths to . realize that these things probably are . still happening one of the cheap labor . you've talked so much about growing up a. devout christian with your parents as. preachers what was their reaction to bon . appetit. he put out three singles they're doing . okay they're not setting the world on . fire. [music]. katie's evolution has been on full . display during her 96 hour youtube . livestream while live she even had a . therapy. [music]. i've been in dark places before it's not . has not just been a one-time that i felt . really low . [music]. i'm wide awake the video for her latest . single wide awake shows a crumbling . fairytale . [music]. [music]. [music]. do you still believe in love of course . i'm going to let love lead the way . always and. i was born with this blind ambition it's . kind of gotten me here to this point and . i think that i'll stick to it . [music]. my parents have stories there probably . have better stories than i do . and they found god you know they they . needed to find god and not that they . needed to find god god found them really . keith urban was quoted to say playing . massive stadiums is not going to fill . any hole inside of me end quote . you've probably all heard of howard . stern he's been pretty successful in his . work he just signed a contract not too . long ago worth four hundred million . dollars howard stern makes 80 million . dollars a year so he was interviewed and . the interviewer asked him you must be . happy of the beautiful wife you're on . radio 24/7 you've reached all your goals . your paint better than almost anyone are . you happy and stern says no i've never . been happy a day in my life . [music]. nomy is the nation's largest grassroots . mental health organization founded in . 1979 and we really began as an . organization of families and individuals . who are directly affected by mental . illness and over the years we have . evolved as society and our culture has . evolved and i think that's really . appropriate to think about how rapid . culture is changing because we really . are looking at culture change and there . is just a huge acceleration of change . happening everywhere after anything and . she would just open up and talk which . was great i think the addictions thing i . never heard any of that yeah i mean i . think you know she and even addiction to . you know getting all the attention that . she gets i think she recognizes that . that can be a real problem and it has . been a problem for her she's like you . get so used to seeing how many likes you . have on your instagram and she's like . you know and and you feel it she's like . i relate to what young girls are going . through and you know when they don't see . that that they're getting the love by a . team of psychologists they were trying . to crack a key demographic known as the . millennials how do we crack this . demographic so we can some more stuff to . them and their research revealed . something that was so startling and they . tested 800 more people thinking they've . got it wrong but then they realized the . same answers are coming back they found . an alarming picture of an increasingly . lonely and lost generation this article . said the average social media use for . millennials is six-and-a-half hours a . day they concluded these people have a . large number of friends but an . increasing sense of loneliness and that . loneliness can drive you to despondency . it's hard because i fell shaped that i . would even like have those thoughts you . know i'd feel that low or that depressed . [music]. comedian and actor jim carrey was quoted . to say i wish that everyone could be . rich and famous and everything they ever . dreamed of so they would know it's not . the answer no it's not the answer . [music]. i am not a religious person i don't want . to become a religious person see . religion simplified its bin's attempt to . reach god religion effectively says if. you do this you'll reach god one day if . you do that you'll find inner peace if . you do this other thing you'll find . satisfaction it's do but christianity is . god to attempt to reach man it's through . christ it's not what we do for god it's . what god has done for us and sending . jesus that died on the cross because . it's done and it's finished and it's a . gift. [applause]. .
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