Kid Hilariously Steals Baby Jesus From Manger During Live Nativity Scene

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It wasn't a silent night, and all wasn't calm, either. During a church's Christmas pageant, a pre-school nativity scene took a turn. One of the sheep decided to re-write the story of Christmas by plucking up the baby Jesus and doing a dance with him. In an attempt to prevent Biblical revisionism, Mary tries to wrest control of the infant, but the undeterred sheep grabs it again.
(children singing). it's a live nativity scene at a church in tennessee. uh oh, two year old tiegen, who's playing a sheep,. seems to be fixated on the baby jesus. so she takes him right out of the manger. (children singing). (audience laughing). that's when the three year old playing mary,. takes the doll and puts it right back. so far, so good, then this happens. she puts tiegen in a headlock. yikes!. (audience laughing). tiegen was really the star of the show. the crowd was eatin' this up. the more that they laughed,. the more entertaining she felt. like she should be and she was. wantin' to strut her stuff just a little bit. fear not, peace was quickly restored. (audience laughing). (trumpets sounding). .
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