Logan Paul CHEATED on Chloe Bennet ? #DramaAlert Shane Dawson & TanaCon!

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[applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. one is a trouble or nation of your host . killer keemstar let's go right into the . news now our first story is coming from . j station do you remember this guy the . guy that like grabbed a ouija board and . said he was talking to the rapper acts . like right after he died you know trying . to milk views the guy who said 1 like . equals 1 prayer yeah this scumbag well a . couple months ago j station was arrested . arrested at disney reports came out that . the youtube star claimed to be very. powerful threatening lawsuits during . disney arrests . deputies say allegedly a couple months . ago j station was going into disney . world and he was filming the security as . he was going through now this is against . the policies at disney they asked him to . stop he didn't want to stop so they . arrested is that he was charged with a . misdemeanor trespass on property and . resisting arrest now j station did go to . jail but he got out on like $2,500 bail . but he didn't show up to his court date . so now j station has a warrant for his. arrest allegedly ouija board boy is now . a fugitive also in the news joe weller . he is back and he wants to fight joe . weller uploaded a brand new video titled . cassie vs. logan paul guys in the video . he says he wants other youtubers to call . him out that he wants to fight on the . undercard of ksi and logan paul and well . i found out who he's actually fighting . and well we leaked it last night we got . a lead that joe weller will be fighting . pro syndicate on the undercard august . 25th now apparently guys this is . official and this has been confirmed cuz . both joe weller and tom syndicate . retweeted the tweet but that's when. jesse wellens quoted my tweet saying. this sign me up to fight radius' oh wait . nevermind i heard that dude only fights . girls. [music]. also and avenues listen up console . gamers that's right i'm talking to you . the ones that play on your nintendo . switch or the ones that are playing on . your xbox or your ps4 there is a new kid . in town and that kid is google kotaku . came out with a story today saying . google is planning a game platform that . could take on xbox and playstation like . google coming out with its own console . like i'm sorry like i should be . criticizing this more but honestly i'm . just excited like the more gaming stuff . that's out there the more excited i am . as a gamer to like try it all i will say . this google before you make a console . alright can you just fix youtube also in . the news prestige is key is a pretty. popular youtuber well he had a rack ryan . tweeted out hey guys i just got into a . pretty fucked up motorcycle accident so . i may be radio silent for the next . couple days lag is kind of messed up if . it wasn't for my full face helmet i . would be dead instantly. my head hit a huge piece of concrete . that was on the side of the road my bike . rolled like two times before coming to a . stop because of said concrete but thank . god this man i'll be back ouch that is . scary af now listen guys when i was . growing up like in high school and stuff . i had two people i graduated with that . died on motorcycles so when any of my . friends asked me about buying a . motorcycle i always tell them don't i . just dough because it might not be . anything that you do wrong but if an . other car is acting stupid and hits you . you're fucked you're a little bike your . dude they're scary they're dangerous . i'm telling you kids don't don't get . motorcycles also in the nose logan paul . apparently logan paul has been cheating . on his girlfriend chloe bennett or is he . a video was uploaded on youtube titled . girlfriend gives logan paul bj exposed . video not clickbait and in the video . this girl tells. a story about giving logan a bj and well. guys just roll it so your friend had . already hooked up with aliens yeah but . what did you guys do did you have you . did. now listen guys you might think that . this is a huge story but i promise you . this shit is fake okay the boyfriend is . listening and hearing all this why the . girlfriend is saying that she gave like . you know logan a bj or whatever and look . at his reaction rolling i'm sorry . i do that okay honest probably a . security i just accept it and move on . did i mean bigger and stronger . he's large and girth yeah guys it's not . real i had so many of you spamming this . to me on twitter guys this is fake it's. not real it is clickbait it's bullshit . do not believe it it is not true and now . for our final story shane dawson is the . best youtuber ever created he is doing a . whole documentary on tana khan and well . this is the best youtube videos i've . ever seen it the way it's put together . it's so interesting it's so good shane . dawson should win an award now this is a . three part series part 1 and part 2 have . already come out if you haven't seen . them yet you need to see them but part 3 . comes out tomorrow so i want to make . sure i cover this i want to make sure i . let you guys know about this you have to . see the tanic on series by shane dawson . it's on his channel make sure you check . that out guys if you enjoyed this video . i know it was a short one take the time . to slap a like on it and if you're new . here and you want to keep up to date . with all the new is going out of the . community make sure you subscribe with . notifications on tromler nation now over . three million nine hundred thousand . subscribers. .
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