Logan Paul Exploiting Japan Scandal For Profit? Democrat Thanks Trump, Thailand Rescue, & More

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Caption: 'sup you beautiful bastards!. hope you had a fantastic friday!. welcome back to the philip defranco show!. and if you are new here on friday's we do things a little bit different. specifically i try to cover more stories that we've been trying to get to this week. didn't get to with the previous shows. as well cover more viewer requested stories. but with that said let's just jump into it. and the first thing we're gonna talk about today. and will start off light. we're going to talk about the viewer requested story. where people wanted me to talk about jake paul being sued again. but i looked into it and two things. the first being this story is actually not new. this was in local news last month. and two it's not technically jake paul that's being sued. it's actually his talent manager krista burditt. and she is reportedly being sued by an aspen women by the name of isabelle friedheim. and reportedly she is suing on allegations that. "verdict and others used the residence for video production while trashing the home and driving vehicles. through the property's tennis court and neighbors' lawns. ". and reports then points jake paul's own videos from that time where you see him in the house. *jake paul and others on the property*. lawsuit goes on to claim the disorderly conduct allowed and encouraged by verdict. included, driving vehicles at excessive speeds and in an irresponsible fashion on the property. and throughout the neighborhood. driving vehicles on the property's lawn, neighbors' lawns, and on protected open fields. throughout the neighborhood. driving off-road vehicles on the property's tennis court. pulling individuals on sleds throughout the neighborhood. driving off-road vehicles on the property and throughout the residential neighborhood at night. using microphones and sound systems in the property at excessive noise levels. and in fact on top of all that friedheim claims that there was such a negative reaction to team . and everything they were doing here. that the homeowners association demanded that she forfeit the rent she got for the two months they were there. and yeah that's the story i--i don't really what else i can add. oh actually you know what i know what i'll add here. earlier this week i mentioned that massive creator ksi is coming out with his own documentary. following that some people said, "well why didn't you talk about logan paul's. documentary that he said is coming out. ". and i will say that's because i--i want to see what it ends up being more and more about. before i--i express my complete disgust. logan paul who of course who had that disgusting suicide forest scandal. then he went on that whole apology tour blah blah blah. and in a recent vlog he said this. "but we're actually filming a documentary about everything that's happened this year. and all the stuff that went down in january where i was at my life. and kind of the psyche of what actually happened. which includes my upbringings so i've visited the highschool wrestling team. and gave a little speech to the kids. ". and as cynical as i am, i always try to, uh, hope for the best in people and i'm hoping that this isn't someway. a--a selfless move. but i can't help deep down feeling like this is a potentially. a pr play where he is monetizing off of his suicide scandal. but i'm gonna hold off on that and wait to see if there's more information like all the profeits from it. are going towards the suicidal awareness charity. but i don't know it feels like more and more where i'm hoping to see the good in people. i end up feeling like an asshole afterwards. but actually a question i want to pass to you there what are your thoughts about a documentary about that. whole time and situation disgusting pr move or no this could actually be a positive . and lets talk about a story around felix finkbeiner. and the story we are talking about today actually starts with felix back in 2007. he's 9 years old, he starts a children's initiative called plant for the planet. and the idea as they explain on the website is that,. "children could plant one million trees in every country on earth and thereby offset co2 emissions all on their own, while adults are still talking about doing it. ". and the movement gained some steam, and it started building, and more kids become involved and in just 3 years,. the organization plants its one millionth tree in germany;. and it continues to grow and grow, both the movement and the actual trees. and as of this week reportedly one hundred thousand children have joined the organization. according to the reports they have planted over 15 billion trees. and the now 20 year old felix is expanding on this project. and has launched the one trillion tree campaign. and the thing is when you actually look into the numbers, and the goals, and the needs, the numbers aren't insane. it's believed that around 3 trillion trees exist globally. and the fact that this organization has planted 15 billion trees is amazing but. a study conducted back in 2015 found that humans cut down that same number of trees every year. 15 billion trees every year. and so i just wanna make sure i included this story on this friday show because i know there's a lot of negative in this world. and i think it's important we share the spotlight on the people and organizations trying to do good in the world. especially when there's a story tha--that really showcases that a lot of the good in the world can come from the youth. man just think about that, he started it when he was . i'm both impressed and now feel like a lazy piece of shit. but from that, i wanna share some stuff i love today, and today in awesome brought to you by. betterhelp. com/defranco. and better help if you don't know is the fantastic service where you can get affordable private online counseling. you get access licensed, trained, experienced, and credited psychologists, marriage and family therapist, clinical social workers,. and board licensed professional councilors. all you go to do is go to betterhelp. com/defranco. you fill out the questionare they match you with a councilor and you can start counciling today!. right on your computer or via your phone thanks to an app. you can do it via text, audio, or video. my main point, if it souds interesting to you, you've been kinda thinking about trying something like this out. check it out and go to betterhelp. com/defranco. and the first bit of awesome today is if you are looking for another bonus news video from us uhh you actually get one. we did a story on canada as part of a new series we're testing that you guys are involved in, i really enjoyed it. so if you wanna watch to it blahb blahb if you wanna watch it link down below. i'm leaving it in there it's friday. then casually explained gave us fantastic information on how to read the stock market. then we've got fantastic news that idris elba is joining one of my favourite guilty pleasure franchises. and that is the fast and the furious franchise, specifically a spin off with dwayne johnson. according to the reports coming out he's going to play the villain. then asap science gave us a video on audio illusions. and if you wanna see the full versions of everything i just shared, the secret link of the day, anything at all, links as always are down in the subscription below. and then unfortunately we have a horrible update around the young thai boys and their coach that are stuck in a cave. that we covered earlier this week. if you are not familiar with this story i'll link to our coverage down below. but unfortunately the rescue efforts for the soccer team have run into complications. 1. reportedly there's too many people in the cave and so oxygen levels are running low. and so what they are trying to do is run a tube through the cave to give them oxygen. unfortunately, it's difficult to fit, the conditions have been horrible, and they are extremely far away,. reportedly 3 kilometres inside of the cave. and reportedly oxygen have fallen from 21% to 15%. and that is extremely significant because at around 15% o . you're talking about faulty judgement, exhaustion with minimal exercise. and so the plan right now is to have everyone dive out of the cave. which unfortunately brings unto this newest tragedy,. one diver, specifically 38 year old officer saman gunan a former thai navy seal. he's retired but returned but returned to aid in the rescue operation died on friday while returning from a trip to deliver oxygen to the boys in the cave. reportedly he ran out of oxygen himself, he lost consciousness, his partner tried to revive him but he just didn't make it. and after this his body was returned home where his casket was draped with a thai flag and attended by 100 officials. they also reportedly held 10 minute moments of silence in his honour. and obviously when you look at this story you you see he died a hero but it doesn't make it any less horrible. and what it also does it really highlights how hard this cave dive is. reportedly some parts of the cave are so narrow that scuba tanks have to be taken off and pushed in front of the divers. unfortunately, it's difficult to fit, the conditions have been horrible, and they are extremely far away. reportedly over 3 kilometres inside of the cave. additionally, when i mention that the dive is 3 kilometres that's just to chamber 3, and then theres a 1. 5 kilometre trek from chamber 3 to the caves entrance. and all together you are talking about a 6 hour dive. and so far as what happens from here. according to a news conference today, reportedly the boys have learned to dive. but with that said, they said there won't be a rescue attempt tonight. at the time of the news conference it was 9pm there. although, at the time of the news conference they said they would not be attempting the rescue right then. adding that when they attempt this rescue, they wanna do it when the risk is minimal. so that's where we are right now

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