Logan Paul ROASTED by Dolan Twins! #DramaAlert RiceGum , PewDiePie , Jacksepticeye & Much More!

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[music]. [applause]. what news up shrubbler nation i'm your . host killer keemstar let's go right into . the news yesterday here on drama we told . you about logan paul uploading a vlog of . a dead body someone that committed . suicide and suicide forest over in japan . now after that video aired i do what i . always do tagging all the youtubers that . made the news and well when pewdiepie . saw it he tweeted out the slogan paul. goes to suicide forest whoa we found a . dead guy here so crazy let me just zoom . in on this for the vlog okay guys . seriously leave a like if you're sad too . and after pewdiepie made that to eat the. whole world went off on logan paul . causing logan paul to be the number one . trending name in the united states jack . septic i tweeted out this logan paul . actually recorded a person who committed . suicide in his vlog what kind of fucked . up mentality do you need to have to do . something like that. there is absolutely no defending it by. the way not joking or exaggerating at. all do not seek out the video if you're . at all sensitive to that stuff it's very . real aaron paul from the breaking bad . said this dear logan paul how dare you . you disgust me . i can't believe that so many young . people look up to you so sad hopefully . this latest video woke them up . you are pure trash plain and simple . suicide is not a joke go rot in hell . buggy had this to say seriously . you know i don't like cramping on other . youtubers even when they deserve it but. logan paul how does it make you feel to . know that you're making idubbbz keemstar . leafy and other edgy youtubers look like. fucking disney content do better dude. seriously first of all i don't think i . make edgy cons . and who the hell is this leafy person . you're talking about but that's when the . dolan twins fired off on the logan paul . grayson tweeted out suicide is serious . people have lost loved ones idols heroes . fans to suicide filming a video and . mocking a victim is not a raising. suicide awareness laughing at the body . of the poor to see soul i can't believe. the disrespect of the victim their . family and your young fans the other . dolan twin ethan had this to say the . horrible measures people will go to in . order to have content to stay relevant . is absolutely disgusting being blinded . by your eagle so much so that thinking . it's okay to make insensitive remarks . about suicide and broadcasting it for . millions of children to see is sickening . that's when the buddy project a . non-profit movement to prevent suicide . and self-harm publicly tweeted this . logan paul your recent video about the . suicide forest is irresponsible and . disrespectful please take it down if you . want to raise awareness for suicide . there are much better ways to do so than . showing the dead body of someone who . died by suicide and ladies and gentlemen . there were a lot more celebrities a lot . more youtubers talking about it like i . said it was number one trending the heat . got so bad on logan paul that he ended . up deleting the video and he issued out . this apology which just really pissed . off people even more logan paul said . where do i begin let's start with this . i'm sorry this is a first for me . i've never faced criticism like this . before because i've never made a mistake . like this before . i'm surrounded by good people and . believe i make good decisions but i'm . still a human being and i can be wrong i . didn't do it for the views i get views . humblebrag . i did it because i thought it could make . a positive ripple on the internet not . cause a monsoon of negativity that's . never the intention i intended to raise . awareness for suicide and suicide. prevention and while i thought if this . video saves one life . it'll be worth it i was misguided by . shock-and-awe as portrayed in the video . i still am okay time out you still . filmed it. you still edited the video you still . uploaded it you still titled it you. still made this fucking thumbnail logan . come on however he's not done there with . this apology he goes on to say this i do . this shit every day . i make a 15 minute tv show every single . day for the past four hundred and sixty . days humble brag one may understand that . it's easy to get caught up in the moment . without fully weighing in the possible . ramifications i'm often reminded how big . of a reach i truly have and with great . power comes great responsibility . humble brag for the first time in my . life i'm regretful to say i handled that . power incorrectly it won't happen again . i love everyone i believe in people i'm . out here peace . hashtag low gang for life an emoji and a . hashtag in your apology okay so in case . you're confused this apology that logan . paul put out after he deleted the video . made people even more mad in fact the . actress from game of thrones had this to . say you're an idiot you're not raising . awareness you're mocking i can't believe . how self-praise in your apology is you . don't deserve the success views you have . i pray to god you never have to. experience anything like that man did . amen sonia rice gum had this to say no . comment on the logan paul situation but . low-key after this he's still gonna get . 5 million views per vlog and make 10 . million dollars this year laughing out . loud laughing out loud laughing out loud . and you know what that's pretty . depressing but it's probably true . one of logan paul's fans had this to say . this is unbelievable. so just prepare yourself for this roll . it cuz i'm a japanese maverick i deserve . to have a part . and the guy who died should be lucky to . be in logan pulse blocks i do anything . even that to be a little homage because . you get recognized by a lot of people . you know millions of people and it's . just i'm a maverick we do different . things so even though a normal person . would not film it we're mavericks so we . film it anyway so maverick style it's . knit the future is fucked and tanner fox . came out to support logan paul saying . this people will just look for anything . to complain about does it really affect . anyone what logan did not really was it . a bit messed up yeah if you're bothered . don't watch the video there's thousands . of dead body videos on the internet move . on wow what an idiot now a lot of people . are upset at youtube a lot of people are . just pissed off at youtube that there . were no consequences for logan's video . they're mad that his video was trending. and not like flagged down well somebody . that works in the youtube hero program . that works with taking down bad content . on youtube known as trusted flagger . tweeted out this remarkable information . which i just find incredibly disgusting . he tweeted out this logan paul's video . was reported and youtube manually . reviewed it they decided to leave it up . without even an age restriction people . have reloaded it since and have strikes . for graphic content and then he shows a . screenshot where it was flagged and. reviewed by youtube and again after it . was flagged and manually reviewed by . youtube they put it on the trending page . okay . it was on the trending page and i'm. sorry i got a call youtube out here . because pewdiepie ended up making a joke . about all this not a joke about suicide. but a joke at how stupid logan paul is . and his video today was taken down now. since logan paul did such a bad . job apologizing it was really just. bragging about him getting views he had . to make another apology and he uploaded . this apology to youtube and again this . is the number one trending video on. youtube now i must say i understand why . this apology video is trending because . everybody is talking about it but as we . all know no algorithm picks videos to be . on trending people at youtube pick the . videos that are on trending and again. this man is getting favoritism from . youtube this is logan paul's second . apology. roll it i've made a severe and . continuous lapse in my judgment and i . don't expect to be forgiven i'm simply . here to apologize so what we came across . that day in the woods was obviously . unplanned and the reactions you saw on . tape were raw they were unfiltered none. of us knew how to react or how to feel i . should have never posted the video i . should have put the cameras down and. stopped recording or we were going . through there's a lot of things i should. have done differently but i didn't and . for that from the bottom of my heart i . am sorry i want to apologize to the . internet i want to apologize to anyone . who's seen the video i want to apologize. to anyone who has been affected or . touched by mental illness or depression . or suicide but most importantly i want . to apologize to the victim and his . family for my fans who are defending my . actions . please don't they do not deserve to be . defended the goal with my content is . always to entertain to push the . boundaries to be all inclusive in the . world i live and i share almost. everything i do. the intent is never to be heartless . cruel or malicious like i said i've made . a huge mistake i don't expect to be . forgiven . i'm just here to apologize i'm ashamed . of myself i'm disappointed in myself and . i promise to be better i will be better . thank you . now i believe that that's a great . apology but is it genuine is it actually . genuine because when he first apologized . it was all about a humble brag this . individual is a actor he has a team of . people around him as he said so are . these actual feelings of remorse or is . this just another publicity stunt as i . said before it doesn't matter if . celebrities and big youtubers call out . the paul brothers call out jake paul or . logan paul it doesn't matter if they . gets media attention throughout the . world calling them out for what they do . wrong these individuals will not go. anywhere no one is going to take down . jake paul and logan paul and primarily . the reason why no one will take them . down is because their fans are children . and they control the minds of your . children parents you're not watching . what your kids are watching online these . two are predators with predatory. behavior that instill this idea within . your child's head that they are not cool. unless they are in the low gang they are . not cool unless they're a jake poehler . they are not cool unless they wear . maverick merch or jake paul march the . only one that can take down jake paul . and logan paul are parents parents that . are actually caring about what their . children are watching ladies and . gentlemen that is it for the news now we . are coming out with another drama ler at . midnight so look out for the drama . nation now over three million two . hundred thousand subscribers . .
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