Logan Paul vs KSI Boxing CONFIRMED! (✔) #DramaAlert Jake Paul vs Deji , Snake vs Wolfieraps!

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[music]. [applause]. what is some trouble at nation of your . house. keller keep star let's go roy into the . news guys this is insane you are hearing . it here first this is actually going . down i'm telling you right now pay acai . versus logan paul a boxing match is in . the works obviously we all know and we . talked about it right here on drama ler . how jake paul was dodging jay jay . dodging this boxing fight they could not . come to agreement and quite frankly jake . paul was just click betty so two days . ago case i had enough of it he uploaded . a video titled my next boxing opponent . and in this video he asked the fans to . vote who he should box next and the fans . have been voting adam sela is at the top . of the list followed by fouseytube . invite ali but i'm telling you right now . that that is going to be thrown out the . window because logan paul is taking this . very serious today logan paul uploaded a . video titled moving forward where he . says he's taking a week off of youtube . roll it hey what's up logan guys we are . traveling right now currently on a . flight to las vegas we have a lot of . stuff going on right now a lot of . projects we're working on including some. music stuff for you guys i'm doing a . podcast here some designs it's gonna be. called impulsive as you can see a lot of. big stuff and you guys know i love you . you know i say it low ganker like we are . absolutely by far the strongest family. on youtube i will say though i am . gonna be on youtube for like the next . seven days or so now in this video logan . paul's in a private jack going from la . to las vegas and part of the reason why . he's going to las vegas is this role has . a video out for his next opponent with a . pool that ends in a little opponent or . as big as the oh y'all i think it's . bigger this transcends bro this is like . this could go traditional bro who knows. i could be a professional boxer from now . on that's right logan paul and his team . are working with ksi and their team to . come to an agreement to make this thing . happen and logan paul was going to vegas . to team up with the money team floyd . mayweather. yeah it was so much energy change bro. what's a little scam oh let's go champ . ladies and gentlemen this is happening . and i'm being told that it could be . announced and little as a week maybe in . a couple days that this fight is going . forward now today i talked to insiders . who are putting this deal together with . the kansai logan paul fight and . apparently this fight most likely will . happen in august august 2018 . ladies and gentlemen if this is streamed . on youtube it will be the biggest event . that we've seen for many many years to . come . if you think about it what other . youtubers could you put together in a . ring that would be this big there is . none this is the biggest of the biggest . logan paul versus ksi i mean there might . be 10 million people watching this event . live and as you all know there's been . beef between calf size brother dg and . jake paul this might be the undercard a . few days ago deji uploaded a video . titled dear logan paul's little brother . where there's no trolling no clickbait . he is dead ass serious and he wants to . challenge . jake paul to a boxing fight jake paul . has yet to respond but with an event . this goddamn big logan paul versus ksi . 10 million people watching live there is . absolutely no way that jake paul is . going to turn this down and i find this . to be absolutely insane because at the . ksi joe weller fight after the fight . just hours later i'm at the after-party . and i put out a tweet brothers verse . brothers and now ladies and gentlemen . this tweet is becoming reality and if . this goes forward this will be the . biggest event that we have ever seen . here on youtube in related news casts i . recently made peace with one of his . enemies for years gunjan daniel he . tweeted out beef squash good to see you . bro now i'm sure a bunch of you are . saying who the fuck is guns and daniel i . this was a beef going on for years many . many years and it's just shocking that . this has been squashed we are moving . into a new era also . the news speaking about jake paul feig's. banks took another dig at jake on . twitter last night he tweeted out you're . still a fucking pussy at jake paul now . listen i can't give you all the details . but what i'm being told is that this has . something to do with jake paul and the . barley house and speaking about the . barley house today it was announced that . phase banks has a counter lawsuit . against the barley house these banks is. countersuing for a total of two hundred. and twenty five thousand dollars for . multiple grievances also an iva knows . this is just heartbreaking a . twelve-year-old fortnight player was . swatted on stream after getting a big . shout out from another youtuber raleigh . ranchers a 12 year old fortnight's . streamer was streaming rode to a hundred . k subs when somebody decided to swat the . 12 year old on stream so fucked up the . youtuber that initially gave him the . shoutout scissors had this to say on . twitter in 24 hours we help the kid go . from 400 subscribers on youtube to over . 87,000 i was just told that somebody . swatted him tonight on his live stream i . feel so awful there are some terrible . people in this world the kid is only 12 . years old i hope whoever did it rots in . a cell a men to that and now for our . final story klout gang vs. team 10 it . all started with a little snake known as . erica who uploaded a video titled those . dear wolfy raps in this video erica . responds to wolfy raps saying erica can . catch these hands now a lot of people . thought like this is ridiculous he . shouldn't be threatening to fight erica . he's a guy she's a girl this is wrong . wolfy needs to apologize this is what . erica had to say roll it what . with everything in hollywood that's . going on right now was it really smart . to say you want to catch hands with a. girl that's worse than keemstar bro even . keep starting to go that far . snake bitch is a professional victim i . swear to god . all right maybe what wolfie said was . over the top and wrong but did wolfie . really mean that he's gonna go beat up. erica i i didn't get that i thought he . was just you know talking shit wolfie . uploaded a response to erica and a video . titled shut up jake paul where he went . on to say this rawling how does erica . always manage to get the word assault . into every situation if you don't like . street slang catch these hands can mean . fight catch these hands can be like ko . she needs to shut her mouth catch these . hands can mean a number of things but . you always manage to find the way i mean . t 10 in general always finds a way to . get assault assault which is the most. serious of words into the equation from . when did i say you're almost a salt . erika cuz i was like yo and the next . line in the video was like yo i'ma get . my snake to fight her snake i mean she . cut that out because her snake okay okay . so it sounds like wolf wasn't saying . like i'm gonna beat you up he was just . you know talking shit but the best part . of this whole situation is when jake . paul got involved in erica's video jake . paul states that he's gonna go deep and. give you some you know deep. understanding of the situation listen to . this shit roll it so he call out a girl . to a fight . the problem for me and this is like you . the problem of me like on a real note . like seriously is when i watch these . kids that have no intelligence or talent . or skill and they are on a platform . making videos to pay their month's rent . and they don't have a meaning behind . their videos they don't put effort into . their videos they are on their online . roasting other people trying to bring . their brand down defacing other people's . names and i guess the problem is like . these kids are like the scum of the . earth with a audience watching them and . that can negatively affect and create. negative energy in the world in like so . many different ways and they are out . there using their platform negatively to . bring other people down i get it's funny . and it's like comedy but like when you . really break it down like these kids are . literally just like scratching to hang . on to their careers by making youtube . videos to pay their rent wow that is the . stupidest thing i have ever heard and . how many times kids say like like this . and like that and like shut up . everything you said in that speech jake . paul is hypocritical as shit and . everybody knows it you've never used . your platform for negativity and the . most crazy thing to me about this . situation is that wolfie raps like . called out jake paul he said he wanted. like throw hands with jake paul but they . only focused on the erica situation . ladies and gentlemen that is it for the . news today guys if you're new here and . you want to keep up to date on any of . these stories make sure you subscribe . with notifications on and if you enjoy . this video take the time to slap a like . on it that's how i know you're diggin . the vids drumlin asian now over three . million five hundred thousand . subscribers. .
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