Meet The Man Who Might Kill The Internet

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The internet as we know may end soon, and this will be the guy to do it. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, introduces you to Ajit Pai. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.
β€œPresident Donald Trump on Monday tapped Republican Commissioner Ajit Pai to head the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, which is expected to roll back many of the Obama administration's telecommunications and internet policies.
Pai, a former Justice Department, FCC and Capitol Hill staffer, in December said the administration's landmark net neutrality rules adopted in 2015 would not last.
Pai, the son of Indian immigrants who grew up in Kansas, said last month the commission should take a "weed whacker" to unneeded rules and be harshly critical of many FCC regulations imposed during the Obama administration.”
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Caption: We told you that there would be. consequences the donald trump winning . the election. well looks like we're about to pay very. very heavy price and on an issue that i . think i'll a lot of people across the . internet agree on both on the left and . the right and certainly in the middle it . looks like they're going to try to shred . net neutrality . now i'm going to tell you the guy who's . going to do it and then i'm going to . tell you why i think the right and the . left agree on this issue so this comes . from fortune magazine's certainly no . liberal outlet fortune they explained . for fans of net neutrality that is a . principle that network provider . shouldn't discriminate between different. kinds of content when delivering. services to consumers and nightmare. scenario was a donald trump would name a . federal communications chairman who . would get the protection for neutrality. that scenario just came to pass with the . appointment of budget pie so i'm going . to tell you about japan a second why . should the left and right be united on . this right now as the internet currently . exists there is net neutrality so the . providers can't slow down one website . speed up another now who would they . speed up to speed up there's they would . also speed up anyone who could pay a . bigger feet of them you can call it a . ransom call daniel like with giant . corporations already have that money so. they would be able to speed up their own. websites but they could slow down any . site that doesn't pay the fee or for. whatever reason they don't agree with. politically so are you sure . giant corporations agree with gateway . pundit 4chan are you sure they agree . with red are you sure they agree with us . or having to pose well how many posts . now as part of a giant corporation but . so they i think they're going to be okay . but for everyone who runs independent . media or any kind of website on the web. now if they get their way in destroying . that neutrality they get to set the . rules and even if you're right winger . and you love corporations i got news for . you . corporations are amoral machines we . wrote the code the code says. maximize every dollar you can maximize. profits you know that you like that. right now you think they're going to . care about your ideology or your. principles for your blog when they're . going to maximize profits know they will . give themselves an advantage they will . fix the market you think they're using a . giant corporations and interested in the. free markets know there is she . interested in killing off competition . now if your capitalist you want free . markets if you're corporatist you want . limited competition enhance your against . free markets so now of course it ranges . depending on the issue but on net . neutrality it is very clear if and by . the way if you were right when you think . no no they like me they like me know i . know they will. they're my buddies i voted for them i . help them all along why wouldn't they . like me. well you know i was at a presentation . for a large corporation once and i saw . an ad and had some it was for . international brandon had so many . muslims in and i was kind of taken aback . that's kind of interesting you don't see. that all the time in america from time . to time right now i was alright it's an . international market they're appealing . to and there are 1. 6 billion muslims in . the world. hey that's a lot of soft drinks a lot of . sneakers a lot of stuff they got to sell . those folks so they don't like it when. you discriminate against certain groups. of people because that hurts their . customer base. ok now you still sure the corporations . are on your side on every issue now for . the left it is obvious. i mean it's why would we want to limit . our freedom why would we give the. ability to decide who wins and who loses . not based on who has the best website or . the best content on the internet but . just give it to the providers and say no . you guys get to choose you guys get to . choose based on your own profits . it's totally irrational to leave it in . their hands it is the internet is not. their property it is for all of us so . why is i just pie such a danger to this . let's show you who is right that's . that's gentleman there looks like a . perfectly fine guy. well what's the issue and why is he in . my opinion the man who might destroy the. internet well let's give you . details from fortune pi who was named to . the position of chairman on monday by . the trump administration has been a . member of the fcc since . thus there is plenty of evidence . available when it comes to his views on . that neutrality and he doesn't like it. at all. in his speech in december after trump . won the election pie said he wanted to . take a weed whacker to the fcc's . regulations one of the things he had his . sights set on was the fcc's open . internet order which was adopted in 2015 . that decision made internet providers . common carriers and require them to . carry data without playing favorites so . now again if you're right winger like i . don't like regulations that this guy . what takes a weedwacker regularly that's . awesome. well that regulation make sure that they. couldn't play favorites so when he . thinks a weed whacker to it now they can . play favorites and they could say i like . your blog i don't like your blog i want . your blog or your uh you know whatever . it is that you're putting on the . internet your new site etc to pay me a . higher fee now you netflix to pay a fee . but you couldn't pay the higher fee . that's that day for you big companies . would again be careful what you wish for . you just might get it is also said he . hasn't seen any evidence that consumers. are disadvantaged by network providers. discriminating between different . contents or services now the reason you . haven't seen evidence of that is because. today we have net neutrality so they are . not allowed to do that with a straight . face he says i'm seen any evidence of it . now do you think that maybe a giant . corporation might want to maximize their . maximize their profits and slow down . everybody's website until they pay them . larger larger fees why would they do . that. well i mean to maximize profit no no . giant corporations have our best. interests in mind . they don't care about profits they just . care about the american people i see no . evidence at all that corporations care . about profits or that they would give . themselves unfair advantages if we gave . them all the power i see no evidence of . that what you got to be awfully slow . maybe they slowed down his website . in his head that's why you can't see any . evidence that a corporation might want . to benefit itself date there is an . excellent chance that if they get their. way they will destroy the internet as we . know it but by the pie has not seen a . corporate idea that he has an absolutely . loved man he's counting the checks right . now for the money is going to get from. corporations once he retires from the . fcc he's going to step down minimum . multimillion-dollar contract it's it's . not that complicated guys it's a . revolving door. it happens all the time and it's and . he's counting that money as we speak at . least i hope that he's not that shallow . and that much about dollard that he . doesn't understand what's going on he. does understand it he just greedy and. thanks . yummy yummy yummy now of course other . things that hasn't been in favor of that . are all pro-corporate he is spoken in . favor of allowing cable and telco . mergers including the proposed comcast . time warner dland 2014 which would have . created and gigantic media conglomerate . what less competition is good for free . markets right and then pi voted against . forcing digital service providers to. beef up privacy protections now i know . you wouldn't want any privacy on the . internet that's also bad idea okay you . got to mobilize and i don't know that . it's even possible with a guy like trump . in office he doesn't care at all about . you and you think oh well i support . trump is going to back me not . necessarily man here's our truck backs . the almighty dollar. so now it is a multinational. corporations dreams come true. they're going to get the run roughshod . over the internet and if you complain . about it even more likely that they'll . slow down your website if you sign up . for tyt membership you'll be saying a . lot. pitch it to id network. com slash joint . .

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