MIND-BLOWING Dark Web Chat Logs Proves Deep State Agenda

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Hi guys it's michelle deception bytes . and i wish i could be i wish i could . tell you that i'm coming to you with a . cute post but i'm not so actually i'm . coming to you with something else that's . quite explosive but before that starts i . want to tell you i haven't been posting . because there hasn't been any q posts i . don't think he's posted since it was . either saturday night or sunday night. and i wish he would post because things . are stepping up unbelievably i mean we . are like on turbo overdrive with the the. censorship and it's hitting like . everywhere calm before the storm . i don't know if you've gone out to look . for that but it's gone and it's gone off . of reddit and the subreddit and they are . now on vote if you've been looking for . them vo 80 i'll leave a link to it in . the description if you've been looking . for them not knowing where they went . that's where they went they were kicked. off of reddit and all sorts of people . kicked off of youtube and facebook and . youtube youtube facebook and twitter so . it's it's hitting all the social media . platforms and people are fleeing and . going elsewhere and i'm sure it's only a . matter of time before i will - but i . will let you guys know i am on twitter . i'm under michelle emma is h al capital . d bytes by tes i can leave my the link . to that so if for some reason i get . kicked off of here you can reach me on . twitter and find out where i've gone so . anyway i do want to bring this stuff to . you because it is pretty explosive now . this was found on the deep web and i . assume that you all know what the deep . web is but i i've made assumptions like . that in the past and i've regretted it . because people have said don't assume . some of us are just waking up so the . deep web is the part of the worldwide . web that . you can't see you can't get to it in a . normal browser like it's unseen and if . you think of it like an iceberg you've . got just the tip of an iceberg showing . and you don't know how much is under . there there could be like massive . massive amount and that's like the deep . web most of most of what is on the web . is unseen and it's a very dark place. apparently there is every kind of fetish . and pornography snuff films all sorts of . disgusting material and a lot of people . communicate on the dark web because it . can't be seen and can't be found by . others it's a good place for people that . are trying to be clandestine or trying. you know their activities are not above . board may go to the dark web and also . there you can buy so i've heard . just about anything you want to buy . anything so yeah i've never been to the . dark web because i'm almost afraid i've . seen little videos of samples of things . that are on the dark web and it scared . the crap out of me and i thought okay i . don't need that stuff in my head i would . rather pretend it didn't exist i mean . not really i mean we can't hide our head . in the sand but on the other hand i . don't want to submit myself to that so . this was found there and it's pretty. obvious that it is people within the . deep state talking and i'll tell you why . it's obvious because the things that . they talk about happen right after it's . it's a lot like cue except it's bad cue . it's the antecube . so for those of us that have been saying . that there is a deep state conspiracy . against donald trump this is proof it's . proof now okay how do i know that this . is 100% legit i don't but it's just like . cue how do we know that q is 100% legit . well because the things that he said . happened . it's the same here like these people are . talking about things that happened right . after so and they would have had no way . of knowing . so it was retrieved from the deep web . these are screenshots i did not go out . there i got them from someone else i . wouldn't even know where to look so . let's go over this because there's some . really interesting things here that i . think you're gonna be fascinated with . now this the topic of this conversation . was called palpatine's revenge now you . know color me stupid but i didn't know . what palpatine or who palpatine was so i. had to go out and find out because i'm . not a star wars fan and those of you who . are star wars fans don't hold that . against me i'm just not into science . fiction but anyway i had to go out and . find out who he was and interesting i . was very very fascinated when i found . out and this gives like a little snippet . the next time you watch the preak the . prequel trilogy of star wars the clone. wars pay particular attention to. palpatine when you start tracking the . subtle way he guides conversations and. popular sentiment you may find yourself . marveling at him he's quite impressive . in the original trilogy as well but if . you visit earlier periods you can see . his devotion to his twisted plan . palpatine was a masterful and patient . manipulator emphasis on the word patient . he put things in motion long before we . saw him in the phantom menace and . carefully played countless people like . pianos his intelligence coupled with his . desire for power make him one of the . most formidable the villains you'll . encounter in fiction so interesting that . they would call the topic of this . discussed discussion palpatine's revenge . hmm and this that website actually was . just dumb anyone here . it was just going through six of his key . manipulations which we don't need to go . through because this isn't about him . it's about them taking on his you know . character or whatever okay so i assume . these aren't the real names of these . people dukey join the group and dukey . says are are who is rod rosenstein our . art isn't talking shit and he knows our . friends have stuff on him i'm hearing. muller maybe by the end of the week . hearing that to white house will be . blindsided. let's put michael flynn back in the news . can have s draw up memo on turkey with . erdogan thugs beating protesters and . streets. it fits new cycle and i'm sure we'll . need a few more memos down the road . good practice now let me let me back up . here a minute and tell you what what . they're talking about now duke he says . rod rosen rosenstein isn't talking shit . like i'm just reading what's there and . he means that by oh he's not gonna talk . he's not gonna talk he knows our friends . have have stuff on him he's not gonna . say anything so that's the way this is . being said you can tell because he says . oh and he knows our friends have stuff . on him so they've got stuff on him he's . already been bought and paid for because . they're blackmailing him basically . don't talk her will tell this so duke he . says oh you know rosenstein he's he's. not talking he knows our friends have . stuff on him then duke he says i'm . hearing muller maybe by the end of the . week now that's gonna get interesting . this is may 17th 2017 this was written . okay it's gonna get interesting cuz keep . that in the back of your head . may 17th i'm hearing mueller maybe by . the end of the week all right . and severus says hearing that to white . house will be blindsided. let's put michael flynn back in the news. can have s draw . memo on turkey with erdogan thugs . beating protesters and streets it fits . new cycle and i'm sure we'll need a few . more memos down the road good practice . and then huck says i'm in period s comma. you in here so he's asking you know he's. asking if this ass is in there our . friends in new york still have secure . connections set up waiting and then . roger says michael flynn was mentioned . in company group two evidently their . work on the limey is paying off now . when you talk about company group what . do you think what do you think they're . talking about they're cia because the . cia has always been known as the company . so there's another group out here on the . dark web of cia and they do use the dark . web i've heard that for a long long long . time because it's it's really you have . to know really what you're doing to even . get to it so um this is interesting . because this dookie says i'm hearing . mueller maybe by the end of the week . now that was may 17th mueller was. appointed by the justice department or . the justice apartment i don't know what . i was sniffing when i wrote that the. justice department appointed robert s . mueller the third a former fbi director . a special counsel on may 17th now later . in the conversation they're gonna say . it's may 17th they're gonna say oh . tinnitus is some robert mueller. they're like how would he know how would . he know that but then get this okay he . had to be cleared by the us fx experts . to head the russia probe okay now this. is interesting because he was he was . cleared by the u. s. epix act experts to . head that probe on may 23rd. now he said oh i'm hearing muller by the . end of the week that was the 17th and . the 23rd he's cleared to head the russia . probe uh you think these people knew . something do you think anybody else knew . that was gonna happen i don't think so . i really don't so now let's go back up . here so i'm hearing mueller by the end a . week and of course that happens hearing . that too severa says white house will be . blindsided so they're thinking that the . white house didn't know this was going. to happen they're gonna be blindsided . and then he's saying let's put michael . flynn back in the news so that to me . suggests that they have the power to do . that to knock him out of them the news . and put him in the news and then he says . can have s draw a memo on turkey with . and then we read the rest of that so was . did steve or didn't michael flynn end up . back in the news oh yeah he did he did . and we'll go through that too now he . says he says can have s draw a memo and . then he says i'm in so i'm in i'm yeah . i'll go along with that and then he says . s you in here and
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