Navy SEAL Critiques ISIS Training Video

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"That's four little ducklings about to get shot"
Former Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam gives his thoughts on an ISIS training and recruitment video.
My name is jonathan kill them. . . former navy seal former fbi special. agent let's see what they got. . . right. . . good graphics. . . this might have been made on a macintosh. not sure. . . ok what i'm seeing right here first off. to a parent guys playing the good guy. . . and you got your two bad guys who. somehow have been able to hold their. . . breath long enough for the opponent to. walk by them with guns and not be. . . detected. . . that's a good breath hold i'm not saying. that that's a pretty good breath hold. . . and somebody from supply forgot to give. these guys boots and that's a problem. . . hard to do battle in some environments. without shoes on. . . all right. . . ok so here we go tonight fighting as a. good tactic but you know just something. . . about these individuals they just they. just love to cut. . . they love to have knives i personally i. i never bring a knife to a gunfight i. . . would rather have it down myself. . . nice tactic with him right over look at. that rather than shooting him from afar. . . and again nobody has shoes on. . . because it's making afraid she loves i'm. afraid. . . all right we're getting down to it here. morning calisthenics very important to. . . be in shape. . . now this is just made from a media. standpoint it's probably better to put. . . your microphone we can actually hear you. talk crap then have it down below your. . . headgear. . . i'm not judging i'm just saying like. layers and flutter kicks very important. . . for swimmers. . . hey look they get a curl bar. . . ok. . . curls for the girls always an important. part of military training and i guess. . . because we're keeping this you know. across the board. . . girls for the guys for the girls. . . squats another one very important to. have strong quads when you're a swimmer. . . what i find very interesting though is. how they're doing it one person at a. . . time. . . i'm not sure that's because they only. have one instructor to train or that's. . . because they have eternity to live and. fight this fight them. . . it's one of the other either way they're. not a lot of hurry. . . does he get his full workout and then. everybody else goes and gets another. . . full workout or they do one excess at a. time. . . i don't know. . . ok so i had an interpreter go through. this and what he's basically saying to. . . these individuals right here is he. saying. . . i told you to make sure everybody had. guns and boots and nobody has guns and. . . boots everybody's got knife and no shoes. whatsoever that might be the supply guy. . . i'm not sure because he's getting it. royal and he's like saying is there's. . . not boot. . . these boots and guns aren't and they're. not going to get here themselves. . . you supply guys have to get supplies in. the military. . . it looks like the same a nice as they. always think it's their gear like they. . . own it. . . hey can i get another t-shirt no no. because it's the supply guy's t-shirt. . . it's the same thing. . . ok. . . ok here's something you really got to. look at i'm from arkansas grew up on the. . . rivers grew up in the lake and when the. seal teams important to be a strong. . . swimmer if you're going to be a frogman. . . i'm not seeing that i don't know this. this paddle. . . also for heads and all black sticking. out of brown water. . . that's for little ducklings have to get. shot. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . here we go again with knives. . . yeah. . . surprise my favorite part of the video. right here he's climbing up on the clip. . . most clueless guard in the world i would. just rather use a suppressed weapon but. . . these actions guys man they are bent on. knives and cutting heads. . . hey listen it's their thing and there. you just threw the gun awaits. . . this is a great one this is the great. hollywood carry your knife in your mount. . . tactic because there's no way that's. ever going to go wrong if you slip and. . . fall and anybody who's done any. operating will tell you that they. . . followed the most inopportune times i've. tripped over nothing before and did a. . . complete flip you think i didn't have a. knife in my mouth. . . this is a very similar tactic to buds. right here basic underwater demolition. . . still training tickets and trash and. make us water around it that's actually. . . true. . . at that you have a title shot after this. . . here we go nice and mouth there's no. possible way that guy's on. . . i'm not even sure that guy's a library. fees i listening to a walkman or ipad. . . ipod didn't even make walkmans anymore. . . are there that's the best one the full. flesh crawl right up in front of you and. . . that can take a guy down that has a gun. while you have your knife in your mouth. . . oh here we go there's the isis navy. coming and they have a rip. . . now that's a would not really i'm sorry. this looks like they kept some of the. . . guns that they took all right we've. moved on to the next phase which is just. . . shot his own guy. . . yeah. . . all right here we go there we go up to. the wall where everybody's just posing. . . and there's nobody actually pointing. their weapons and any threats. . . this is awesome right here though. . . this guy's so committed to getting. virgins that he kicks the door wide open. . . and stands in front of it that is. commitment. . . this guy wants virgins so here we go. this is this is another thing i noticed. . . on this video is that they don't have. enough money for shoes and guns but yet. . . somehow they got enough money for a. flashbang. . . they may not being truthful with us. about their equipment isis. . . so the open door didn't take this guy's. virgin land so he's going to potentially. . . back up into his own guy who has a gun. right here. . . it's always a bad way to go get a shot. right at the back side. . . important lesson here this is directly. to isis these young boys these kids that. . . are talking that are being taught right. here we chart we actually do trained for. . . this. . . we look at the hands where the threat. lies. . . we don't look at the size of the person. or the age of the person is holding the. . . threat hands. . . that's what the threat lies. . . yeah. . . all right i think that's about it up. there's one more thing i want to point. . . out right here their flag i dropped the. ball again and only gave part of them. . . gloves and those words don't even have. fingers. .
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