NEW PizzaGate Allegations: Victim Comes Forward

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What was holding back formal PizzaGate investigations? The lack of a victim willing to speak on the record. Now we have that, an alleged victim of James Alefantis, and that changes everything.
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Hey everybody so just real fast there . are some new developments in the . pizzagate crowdsource investigation . there was an article posted on steam it . and the person who published this . article is noted that he personally. verified the person's identity and. backstory. however he obviously cannot verify the. accusations so i'm going to link to the . full article in the description below so . you can read it yourself . now here's the relevant part former . comet ping pong employee claims i was . sexually assaulted by james l fantasy . and that goes into the details and i'll . just read part of this users post quote . i got ptsd as the result so please try . to respect that i may not always make . rational response immediately or they . just perceive your questions incorrectly . the first time i worked there but no . longer have any indisputable proof of. that as i pretty much got rid of. everything that reminded me of that . years ago however he produces a bunch of . emails between him and outfits allegedly . from our fantasy is a gmail account and . it's disturbing stuff you can read the. whole article yourself . i think that interview with megan kelly . megan kelly interviewing james outfits . the owner of comet ping pong and pizza . is going to go down in history as one of. the worst one of the worst most. dishonest pieces of journalism we've . ever seen because there's something . wrong here this is not a nice place for. young kids this is not a nice guy as a . researcher one of the principles i . follow is where there's smoke there's . fire and you know one time something . weird pops up two times something weird . pops up ok but you know you have . somebody who's a former employee of . james l fantasy and alleged former . employee saying he was drugged and . abused and then you combine that with a. profoundly creepy instagram account. controlled by james a fantasy that . contains stuff so disgusting that the . cbs 46 report on pc gate by ben swann he . couldn't even show the images on that. instagram account. because it goes against broadcast rules . that's how disgusting these images are . so that's not a normal piece shop you . know i've been to many people places in . my life i happen to be somebody's lived . in the big cities everybody knows every . street corner practically has a pizza . shop i've never seen pete shops running . instagram accounts with truly disgusting . images of young children and just truly. sinister stuff and then again where . there's smoke there's fire . so i'm going to link to this article / . on steam it if you're interested in the . full details of this person's. accusations against changes our fantasy . you can read it over there for legal . reasons i don't want to go into too many . of the details but you can read through . it only takes two minutes to read and it . seems at this point that now we have a . functioning government again there's a . high level of interest from various . federal agencies in peace the gate and . so i'm going to be speaking less about . the kind of blow by blow stuff i want to . do a video and their prosecution's at . this point we don't have to raise. awareness of the government is very the. trump administration is very much aware . of this stuff. thank you guys so much for watching and. that is toward the end of the month so . if you support the work i do consider . leaving a pledge over on patreon upload . link to that below and my paypal tipping . page is working again so i'll put a link . to that as well i think you guys so much . for watching the david seaman channel on . youtube video be sure to subscribe . .

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