NFL Ratings Continue To Collapse, Stadiums Empty

Owen Shroyer discusses the self destruction of the NFL as their ratings continue to plummet after an attempt from the left to politicize one of America's favorite pastimes.
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Caption: The nfl is totally collapsing okay colin . kaepernick's support is dwindling nfl . ratings are dwindling nfl attendance is . dwindling and it all started because . kaepernick wanted to protest the . national anthem yeah okay you can say it . was against police you can say it was . against that but optics become the story . you're kneeling during the national . anthem that's never going to win welcome . back to the alex jones show filling in . for alex is owen shroyer and we're . actually going to hear from alex in the . next segment on an update on new details. in the vegas massacre cover-up we'll be . hearing from alex in the next segment . before we get to that though i want to . talk about a victory that we're having . and it's not a victory in the sense that . we want the nfl to fail or i want to see . the nfl become obsolete i'd love to see . the nfl be pro america i'd love to see . the nfl embrace america you know be . proud of the flag instead roger goodell . has done the opposite and decided he's . not going to make players stand that's . how it looks like he's gonna say then he . kind of retracted because the players . started threatening so now they decided . what they're gonna do is they're just . not going to air the national anthem on . tv and they're not going to talk about . it during their broadcast so they're . doing their little canoodling with the . tv networks to try to avoid those images . getting out but we still hear about it . they're still kneeling they're still. doing their protests and so all their . ratings are down but let's just look . this all started with colin kaepernick. and who is colin kaepernick well colin . kaepernick was a system quarterback that . succeeded for about a year and a half . because he was in a system that was . built for him he was never really a . prolific passer and he always was kind . of known to struggle to throw some . passes but he did get a huge contract . i mean he's so oppressed look at him . with his new car and his his mansion . there i mean he's clearly oppressed so . it's got to be tough for colin . kaepernick but there's a lot of . misinformation about kaepernick so he . gets this. massive contract 126 million dollar it . was a record contract at the time he . only received about a third of that i'm . not sure what the final total was but . here's the key he quit he walked away he . had another year on his deal that he . would have made millions and millions of . dollars he's so oppressed colin . kaepernick is so oppressed that he . walked away from tens of millions of . dollars do you understand do you. understand how hard it is to be worth so . much money that you can walk away from . millions of dollars that's colin . kaepernick so he quits he leaves the nfl . he chooses to leave then the left the . political left and the liberal media is . outraged that the nfl's boycotting him. no he quit he left now he wants to come . back and he's demanding ten mil per year . and he wants to start . kaepernick you sucked colin kaepernick's . last year in the nfl was record-setting . sickness his rating his numbers terrible . but he wants he thinks he's worth 10 . million the nfl has a salary cap dude so . now what he quits he blames the league . even though he quit and he's worth tens . of millions of dollars then he demands . more money than he's worth now he's. suing the nfl owners for collusion this . is one of the weirdest thing so he's not . getting enough publicity he's not . getting enough publicity now he's gonna . sue the nfl owners for collusion this is . not gonna go well for him colin . kaepernick has hired celebrity lawyer . mark geragos to sue nfl owners for. cluding against hiring him again . kaepernick quit he quit he walked away . from millions of dollars and now he's . upset because nobody else wants him. folks it's been a long thing in the nfl . you know . want distractions on your team remember . tim tebow why don't you think people . signed tim tebow because he was such a . media storm but nobody talks about that . but but but this is the but here's the . thing the nfl is totally collapsing okay . colin kaepernick support is dwindling . nfl ratings are dwindling nfl attendance . is dwindling and it all started because . kaepernick wanted to protest the . national anthem yeah okay you can say it . was against police you can say it was . against that but optics become the story . you're kneeling during the national . anthem that's never going to win but the . nfl is starting to collapse at the seams . folks angry jets fans convinced nfl is . rigged after a controversial call in a . game yesterday and this is this again . it's just this is how this is how badly . the nfl is collapsing right now . the refs actually got the call right but . now the fans are saying it's rigged . because they think you know no kidding . the nfl is rigged oh my gosh . no one's been telling you that brian - . he hasn't written multiple books on that . brian - he didn't get access to the fbi . documents about how the nfl's games have. been rigged before oops. sorry it looks like the nfl is in a heap . of trouble week six of the nfl reveals . several nearly empty stadiums as fans. continue to leave the league so the . victory isn't that the nfl is collapsing . or that maybe we're seeing the end of . the nfl that's not the victory i like . watching football if america would be . patriotic like they used to be you know . this wouldn't be such an issue they're . the ones that have decided to go liberal . they're the ones that have decided to go . foaming-at-the-mouth leftist they're the . ones that have decided to shoot . themselves in the foot because they . think that that narrative wins they . think that that is the side of victory . even though it's the side of absolute . collapse and misery right now so the . victory is that we're bigger than the . nfl the nfl is going to have to accept . that and realize that and this is a . message to all the other organizations . that thought they were bigger than . america all the other individuals that . thought they were bigger than america . you're not. okay you're not at the end of the day . you're a football player and once you . protest america you're gonna find out . real quick that we like america more . than we like football there's some of . the images from the stadiums these are . stadiums that are normally packed folks . but it's trickling down georgia . cheerleaders to protest anthem and. stadium tunnel now this is where the . liberal smugness comes into play this is . a group of cheerleaders from kennesaw . kennesaw state university in georgia . saying they will kneel until the us flag . represents what it should what does that. even mean doesn't offer an idea of what . she thinks it stands for or what she . thinks it should stand for it just wants . to hop on the bandwagon and protest . america hmm they really are showing. their true colors . they really are showing how. anti-american they are to protest the. national anthem amazing it's amazing . that this is how far we've come is it . really though is it really when you hear . about a story like this this is from the . college fix ahead of halloween . universities nationwide tell students . not tell students what not to wear so . alex has been telling you about this for . a while it's just gotten more extreme . now we are a culture not a costume. who are these people who are these . people that are so indoctrinated into . identity politics that they can't even . enjoy halloween it's it's it's insane . so then they go off and they tell you . what you can't wear on halloween it's . all because of cultural appropriation . unacceptable costumes are wearing native . american headdresses dressing up as . mexican by wearing a sombrero dressing . as a guy esha or any form of blackface i . don't know. blackface but native americans you know . indians or whatever in mexicans there's . always some of the most popular toss . toss tombs you know you walk around as . mexican you're handing out tequila. you're having a good time everybody . loves you i remember i was there they're . gonna use this against me i dressed up. as an indian one year and it was it was . one of those popular costumes ever i . ever did i went full character the . character was bear claw everybody loved . it nobody got offended oh my gosh but . now at liberal university oh is he . dressed as a mexican oh my gosh oh my . gosh is is that is that girl wearing a . native american headdress somebody call . somebody called the social justice . workshop somebody call the diversity . alliance these are the names of these . groups these are the names of these . groups so now you have diversity heads . cultural appropriation heads things that . shouldn't exist at a university of . higher education so higher education is . now becoming day care we're gonna hear . from alex jones on the other side and . update on the las vegas massacre . cover-up don't go anywhere . survival shield x2 nascent iodine if . you're interested in healthy thyroid if . you're interested in well-being if . you're interested in having a higher iq. which this has been linked to get your . powerful survival shield x2 at infowar . store. com. .

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