Passenger Kicked Off Plane After Racist Rant on United Airlines Flight (FULL VIDEO)

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For the 252 passengers on a united . flight from australia to san francisco a . major headache that flight diverted to. new zealand after a confrontation . between a flight attendant and one man . on board the faceoff taking an ugly turn . abc's gio benitez with more on this . midair meltdown tonight yet another. passenger accused of causing a flight to. re-route this time a united flight from . sydney bound for san francisco know . you know how cool it would be to have . their turn around you're gonna do that . right on the plane diverting to auckland . new zealand on new year's day the man . taken into police custody passenger knee . ok shot the video the two female flight . attendant came over immediately just try . to de-escalate it he called them not . just terrible homophobic slurs this is . the second time in just a few days that. a passenger is forced off a flight this . video appears to show one passenger. hitting another couple from minnesota . arrested and taken off that delta flight . and as for that united flight in . auckland more than 250 passengers had to . wait 24 hours for a new flight united . tells us the call to divert tis . ultimately the captain's decision. cecilia okgo think if you guys treat . people right on these things you see . last the same don't put someone . [music]. home . [music]. oh . you know how cool it would be to have . their interneuron you're gonna do that . you that . [music]. lidar time . [music]. [music]. probably not. [music]. .
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