#Qanon – Deal Made, Clowns Out, Strings Cut!

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Caption: Hey guys ktg citizens investigative . report i find myself in the same spot i . was in last night getting ready to go . babysit and all those everything hits. the fan . alright so what a day i have cried three . times and don't make fun of me serious . stuff i know i laugh a lot but i'm a big . teddy bear. i watched the signing of the aluminum . and steel tariff thing and i just was . like oh ho i just cried through the . whole whole thing i just can't believe . this president is can we have a better . president. so listen don't don't doubt him he's. doing everything he said i know he goes . off the rails sometimes i'm like take . the guns and then give him their due . process he he doesn't he's just say and . he's just like getting the media going . guys . i watched i'm putting together and i'll . hopefully get to be able to do this for . you this weekend. but i went through a plethora of his. speeches and i mean he says i support . the second amendment do you guys support . the second amendment. everybody's yeah just camp a true and he. says nobody nobody is a bigger supporter . of the second amendment than me nobody. we're not gonna let them take your guns . i mean and then he said it continually i . have a timeline . it's just that editing those clips . together take forever because you have . to download the video and cut the video . and splice the video and it's just time . consuming so i'll get that hopefully . i'll be able to get that out all right . so he says the first pose here this . morning do you trust session boom well i . knew last night i even if you guys . follow me on twitter sometimes you get . more breaking news from me on twitter . than you do like here but i tweeted out . at 11 o'clock last night draw sessions . had a meeting with shannon bream where . it was like you know little clips of it . here and there i don't know if they . played the whole thing i felt kind of . fell off to sleep a little bit but where . he talks about this which is the zero . hedge right now session said i have . appointed a person outside of washington . said he was a former. you know hi high-level official the doj . to investigate by so abuse so that was . kind of the first boom and cute confirm . second he says d trust sessions boom q . so then the next post that dropped was . this afternoon 4:45 set the stage and . quotes attributed to potus do you . believe buckle up so potus i set the . stage do you believe buckle up q so when . you go over it's kind of cute to see . everything these guys are going crazy . over here the stage kota steeple if you . buckle up i believe you god bless you. harvey this is all it is buckled let's . roll godspeed . i just love looking at their little . they're so excited just like we are . right alright so we go back to the other . post then the next post five eight . eighty or five nine one seven eight four . two shots of looks like hong kong . perhaps haven't dug down in the weeds on . this ji just keep i just don't really . dig into this kind of stuff because kind . of impossible to me you know i let the . eighteen hans come up with it but . someone was up all night live shot we . know your move q so we stayed up all . night our time which would have been . daytime over there live shot so that's . what he probably meant yesterday when he. says going live i don't know but we know . your move q so i obviously believe he's . talking to snowden which what i like . here is someone was up all night running . that kind of lets me you know kind of . agree with all the comments that yeah i . probably blackhat at this point . snowden okay the next one is do you . believe in coincidences and he gives us . this link to go to q now remember this . one set the stage potus do you believe. buckle up well when you when you click . on this watch this certain procedure . we've really the first year we've really . set the stage a lot of it had to do with . structurally we had to go through . certain procedure we really the first . year we've really set the stage . did you guys catch that so if we didn't . catch it this makes me just like okay so . this little 8 on says q hand gesture . what and then he confirms it. this is supposed v 9 oh no something . just literally just dropped while we're . here oh my lord oh okay . we just got brand new q pose right at . the second alright so the kid says q jan . hand gesture why hey jim come over here . watch this with it. q confirms it five nine two seven one . two he's that's how you have to how he . confirms it and if you go back and watch . it watch what he's doing . watch watch is he and a lot of it had to . do with structurally we had to go. through certain procedure we really the . first year we've really set the stage a . lot of it had to do with structurally we . had to go through a lot to see we really . the first year we've really set the . stage i had to do with structurally we . had to go through certain procedure . we're here with ya the first year we had . to go through certain procedures really . the first year was setting the stage wow . cuz that's what 2017 was it was salvaged . what they can salvage and these posts . are coming in hot and heavy guys so . we'll just do it well i'm here we'll . just at least take a look at it alright . so i thought that was quite wild and . something isn't it cute confirms it so . then 883 was necessary he's talking. about steel here china produces 10 times . as much steels of us what if war breaks . out matter of national security . geopolitics to prevent war peace through. strength this was an anon and he says to . the a non plus deliberate performance . issues to impact military infrastructure. talking about steel steel problems we . were sold out you have so much more than . you know q obviously we were sold out . alright next one was um this kid that . says q please tell us there's still no . deals and that this peak these people . basically shall say these will face . justice please just say yes they will . i pray so hard every night so then he . comes back and he says no deals . so he says please tell us no deals we . work for you we listen to you you push . the internet bill of rights and . immediately potus began to comment take. action regarding social media play the . game with us . q and so you know just to lift that up . um this guy this campaign manager for . 2020 brad parse call hey at facebook . twitter google we are watching this is . your opportunity to make sure the plane . he's playing field is level manga so you. know and trump was talking about it too . so all right so then okay so the next . post is eight eighty seven or five nine . three five i'm sorry 859 he's saying why . stop in haiti after that still makes me . wonder and he's asking why did the . president stop in haiti . i'm sorry hawaii after god i need to . just hang it up guys um why did he why'd . the stop and hate hawaii after that . still makes me wonder and that's when he . was coming back from asia his asian trip . to china and all those countries over . there um he stopped in at hawaii to . refuel remember the president air force . one did and everybody was like why did . he do that they can refuel right into . the air but he was saying . defcon no such agency so there was a . defense condition at no such agency . which was very shortly after that we saw . the incoming must you know the emergency . alert system went off by quote-unquote . accident we knew how did we know who did. we meet need to know kepta five people . plus special security detail or special . yes security you secure or perhaps . secret details something like that . future proves past q so we're gonna you . know we're gonna see that later and that . was after i put those two things . together earlier and the couple months . ago i was like oh my goodness you know . the one but the nsa was there that's . where snowed and was stationed a lot of . coincidences the potus was there and . they were there for quite couple hour . like doesn't take a couple hours to . refuel all right and then post 888 thank . you asia . hashtag usa and then he says thank you . kim deal made clowns out strings cut we . could we took control iran next cue and . if you listen to this i want you to . listen to this . south korean trump agrees to meet with. north korea i mean he's gonna be nuclear . eyes he wants to meet as soon as . possible and he understands that word . the war games have to go on with south. korea and anime an america over there . it's all good i mean really . and he wow you know wow oh i cries close . it out again dumb alright so the next . one is the picture poses tweet that's us . thank you asia on november 14th and that . you can see out the window there and i'm . ready speculating where that was and it . must have been north korea it's sort of . confirming anything thank you kim deal . made clowns out strings cut we took. control iran next woo q alright so and . then the next one is 889 think forbidden . city . potus never crossed the line ground do . not glorify us we work for you promises . made promises kept q and then 890 is . another a non asked saying something . about iran next a tougher nut to crack q . team i hope your negotiations with . mohammad are going well and then he says . here resolved by 1111 . so he's weren't gonna be haven't . resolved by the time the military parade . happened. that's the date of the military parade. all right that's it for now i'm gonna . end i'm gonna end this out with potus . making the cue hand sign i'll do a few . loops of it and i'll put this in the . description for you make sure everybody . tweets this if you're on twitter and yes . or you can just go to twitter and . retweet mine if you guys enjoy my work . and would like to become a patreon i . would really appreciate it link is in . the description different levels you can . pick from you get additional information . there that you um just like my news . articles and stuff that i am looking at . and all this will be posted up on . patreon as well for my for my. subscribers and then um or you can just . hit the paypal button and you don't have . to have a paypal account to make a . donation so you can just do with your . credit card i appreciate everybody who . has donated and who has just subscribed . on patreon i appreciate it and i will. talk to you guys soon get your popcorn . ready cuz i don't the week's not over . yet guys alright bye structurally we had . to go through certain procedure we . really the first year we really set the . stage a lot of it had to do with . structurally we had to go through . certain procedure we really the first . year we really set the stage a lot of it . had to do with structurally we had to go. through certain procedure we really the . first year we really set the stage a lot . of it had to do with structurally we had . to go through certain procedure we . really the first year we really set the . stage. [music]. .

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