Ricegum has Martinez Twins join (Cloutgang) #DramaAlert Jake Paul Pop Shop! YouTube Rewind DRAMA!

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[music]. [applause]. what is some trouble or nation of your . host killer keep starlit sky roy into . the news ladies and gentlemen we have a . ton of news for you today let's get . right into it yesterday . rice come posted on snapchat a picture . with him in the martinez twins and about . five minutes before me filming this . video rice gum uploaded a video titled . the martinez twins joined klout gang x . team 10 members oh shit now in this . video rice gum takes big shots at jake . paul for those that don't know jake paul . used to prank the martinez twins over . and over and over again and that is part . of the reasons why they left team 10 . rice gum did this in his video roll it . all right you know those twins are . sleeping right now because they just . flew in from wherever they were from and . i guess it was a long flight they're . tired i have a prank for the both of the . surprise. [music]. yeah oh these kids won't see what is . about to be habitable - prego . [music]. water you show me i may get some . breakfast you know say that's great . now the martinez twins might not be the. only influencers trying to separate . themselves from jake paul in team 10 . because ray diaz recently just . unfollowed a lot of team ten members on . instagram radius' unfollowed team ten . members known as snake bitch chants . poopy pants anthony and uncle kade now i . reached out to radius on twitter asking . for a dm trying to get more information . on this i've talked to other creators i . really don't know what's up he might be . trying to separate himself or he might . be just you know unfollowing people who . knows will try to get answers for you . also in the news again talking about . rice gum youtube rewind is under fire by . multiple creators rice come up force . uploading a video yesterday titled . youtube rewind rant dis track where rice . come is like upset that he has not been . invited to rewind even though last year . he got 5 million subscribers and this . year he did pretty well so if jade paul . and logan paul aren't rewind . how come rice comes now so obviously . rice come was not in rewind 2017 but . there are some creators that were in. rewind that are upset the first one . coming from emma blackery who uploaded a . video titled youtube rewind the truth . why i'm saying no next year now in this . video she goes on a 32 minute . why she's not doing rewind anymore she . said in 2016 rewind they had her . standing in the freezing cold with just . a t-shirt for a total of around eight . hours just to be in the video for like a . couple seconds but another one of her . complaints in this 32 minute video was . that youtube doesn't pay the youtubers . who are in rewind like they did it's an . unpaid gig so she's not doing rewind in. 2018 but there is another creator who's . upset and this will blow your mind this . is coming from an animator known as let . me explain studios she did animations . for youtube rewind 2017 and she uploaded. this video to tell her fans that she was . in rewind and telling them to go check . it out and well she got totally effed . over by youtube she posted this on . twitter i worked two weeks on an . animation i did for youtube rewind . unpaid it pulled me away from my own . projects and now youtube has willing fle . d monetized a video that simply pointed . to the rewind and told my viewers to go . watch it i feel very betrayed what the . actual buck okay so after this tweet . went completely viral getting over . 14,000 retweets youtube then ramana ties . her video she followed up with this . tweet saying i never imagined that a . tweet venting my frustration about being . t monetized would blow up as it has the . fuss has gotten the mana tation put back . on the video in question and raised a . lot of concerns about youtubers working. for free on rewind. i got applaud you rebecca and applaud . you emma for speaking up about all this . youtube needs to needs to be nicer to . its creators come on susan . come on also in the news that we were . just talking about youtube rewind but . there is a unofficial twitch. rewind coming from a youtuber known as . critical he uploaded a video titled . twitch rewind the shape of 2017 hashtag . twitch rewind now i can . show you any of this video this video. actually got age-restricted because of . what it was it was basically a montage . of boobie streamers on twitch you know . selling their bodies for donations . critical responded to his video getting. age-restricted by saying mo's so the . twitch rewind vid is restricted and the. comments got auto disabled by youtube i . don't see the problem. it's just footage from an amazon website . for the hosing that don't now amazon . owns twitch but the problem on twitch . has gotten so bad that it's got bbc's. attention the news network put out an. article titled calls for twitch to . police sexual streaming scroll through. the in real life section of the . streaming site twitch and you could be. forgiven for thinking now and then that . you have landed on a cam girls site . twitch twitch calm it down calm it down . also in the news yesterday . jake paul had a pop-up shop in new york . city and the reporter known as taylor . lorenz was live on the scene she tweeted . out there's something like starting your . day with 10 and 9 year olds in your face . screaming this is team 10 bitch who the . hell are you she posted a twitter video . of it . [applause]. jake paul is routing the future of . society but one of the best videos that . taylor posted on twitter is where she . interviewed a father asking him what he . thought about tb n rolla . it's nuts i don't understand it i don't . hold with the blogger . online i don't know what they're doing i . know they watch videogames they follow . me on their computers night and day i . don't get it classic okay for our next . story this is a story that you guys have . been asking me to cover on twitter over . and over and over again and it's coming . from tg bro they uploaded a video titled . i cemented my head in a microwave and . emergency services came nearly died and. well he cemented his head in a microwave . and emergency services had to come roll . it oh my gosh okay okay now when i saw . this video i thought it was entertaining . all right but i also felt like dude . you're taking time from the fire . department to save your ass just for a . video like you should be doing like some . type of donation for the fire department . or something and actually he came under . fire from that fire department the fire. department that rescued him posted this . on twitter we're seriously unimpressed . pissed-off face emoji five of our . firefighters were tied up for an hour . this afternoon freeing a youtube pranker . whose head has been cemented inside a . microwave oven and in another article . the fire department . if we are attending incidents that are . youtube videos where we have people who . have been irresponsible the server's . charge for that would be six hundred and . fifty pounds we are not going to charge . him because his life was actually in . danger what i'd like to do is remind . everyone not to put their lives at risk . for the sake of other people's . entertainment now after this criticism . tgif bros made another video responding . titled my response and in this video he . said that he offered to pay that six. hundred and fifty pounds but is that . enough really i mean we all make . mistakes we all do dumb shit obviously . this was a mistake i feel like he should . just raise money for the fire department . it's to say thank you and to acknowledge . that he effed up you know also in the . news over the weekend there was a call . of duty esports event in dallas and well . somebody called in a bomb threat the cwl . dallas venue evacuated after alarm goes . off sources cite bomb scare okay so for . those of you that don't know this has . happened multiple times at call duty . esport events somebody calls in a fake . bomb scare and well one youtuber that. was on the scene known as legion tweeted . out this making a human dick train for . the helicopter here in mlg dallas okay . so there's a bomb scare so there's. helicopters flying over the event . looking for terrorists or whatever and . legion posted this video roll it we make . a giant dick of humans with a pair of . balls and now for our final story the . black girl known as whoa vicki is now . pregnant roll it i right now currently . in my stomach is a beautiful black baby . boy. and it's he's going to be beautiful and . black just like me his daddy and i'm . gonna love him you know and this is my . choice and just talking shit bitch i . don't give a fuck if i'm pregnant bitch . i still pull up on and beat your ass . bitch are you been starting shit on my . hurry i'll be true actually obviously . need to stop talking shit about me . stupid ass bitches i really be trying on . girl fuck if i'm prey but that's not the . end of it okay she has named her baby . she has named her baby and i i and . you're probably gonna think this is a . troll but the baby's name is you know i . can't even tell you i can't even tell . you what the baby's name is i'm just . gonna show you . roy i already love him so much even . though he not here i got love for him so . i went ahead and got my baby named teddy . since i'm such a good mother and it's a . tyrone cuz that's it that's why my name . here that's his name and file you . bitches that can't read it say tyrone t . ry o and eat tyrone pitch okay i . actually filmed this before and the . audio got corrupted this is the second. time i'm filming this video and i'm. laughing just as hard as the first okay . whoa vicky whoa vicky ladies and . gentlemen that is it for the news i hope . you enjoyed this video if you did make . sure you slap a like on it that's who i . know if you're diggin the videos are now . and if you're new here sub sub with . notifications on you want to be in the . loop now outside of the loop you want to . know what's going on in the community . ladies and gentlemen thank you for . watching a drum learn nation now over . three million two hundred thousand . subscribers. .
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