Sam Tripoli “Democrats Are Set Up To Lose!”

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Edited by Arno Bolbolian
The Jimmy Dore Show is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.ย It is part of the Young Turks Network--ย the largest online news show in the world.
Hi everybody welcome to the jimmy dore . show we have a special guest it's sam . tripoli is here hey sam how are you . now you might know sam from is very . popular podcast called the tin foil hat . podcast and they're gonna have you have . a live show coming up on november 8th . right. november 8th we got eddie bravo greg . carl wood from the higher side chats and . my co-host ryan davis we'll be doing a . live stand-up followed by a our podcast. right after oh no i was on that show at . that when you did it here at the ice . house in pasadena i did a comedy set got . a little drunk and then i went over i . did this podcast which was fantastic i . liked great i like doing podcast with it . martini and me yeah you were great . conspiracies yes so it's a very it's a . bird now you've been i've known you as a . comedian for probably 15 years and very . hilarious guy regular at the comedy . store and you've known him from your on . what you want to show on tbs with steve . byrne i was on a show called wild world . of spike on spike tv and i'm in a movie . right now called dying laughing it's a . dock on stand-up comedy and there's a. whole bunch of docks and stand-up but . this one is amazing if you ever really . want to fight its man i start crying . sometimes when i watch it because the . people tell some stories about bombing . that are just like if you're a comic it . really gets to you man it's called dying . laughing check it out it's a wonderful . movie wow who directed that who made . that oh you know i did a lot of drugs . back in the day i don't remember . anything okay . all right we'll check it out so now you . you found the show and i never knew we . were politically simpatico until you. said you liked the show oh yeah man . you're doing the lord's work homeboy i . really do believe that man you you are . the great equalizer when i'm in my . facebook battles you know and you post . something and instantly oh it's politico . it's fox meat whatever you post . something or it's it's some weird . website no one's ever heard of so like . i'll post a link of something you put . out because i feel like you have a lot . of street cred you're on the left and . you're but you're real left you're the a . real leftist you're not the. establishment you're not conformist i . think that's a big. big problems especially in hollywood . yeah there's too much conformity going . on right now we're everybody's too quick . to get in line and hoping to get . something instead of like where's the . anti-war movement on the left where is . any of that well that's what i believe. in and that's why i really enjoy your . show . so you're an anti-war guy i'm an . anti-war guy. it's amazing how both our parties . there's no even discussion anymore. they're just both pro-war to the point . where they just voted in an extra eighty . billion dollars a year eighty billion . with a b dollars a year to the war . machine no discussion no debate there . was no town hall meetings ted cruz and . bernie didn't go debated anderson cooper . didn't go to west virginian note no . editorials and any paper i just did it . and that was enough money by the way to . send everybody to college for free and . that was enough money to end why almost . wipe out all this student debt no debate . on it remember when john and oliver can . assured you that you couldn't do that we . could have had those things but we don't . because we'd rather spend them on bombs . that were dropping in syria we're aren't . we dropping bombs right afghanistan 16 . years so you're no i had always thought . that you came from the political right . no no okay i've always been anti so i . hope there's been ant i've always i love . diversity i you know like i travel the . world i've been blessed i flunked first . grade and i the fact that i get paid to . travel the world is mind-blowing to me . you know so i've been all over the place . i do stamp in china australia all these . play canada you know it's like and it's . the diversity of people go what do you . miss when you leave america i miss the . diversity right i miss you know you can . jump in a cab and it's an armenian and . he drives you to a nightclub you're . listening to hip-hop black culture and . then you can go get a mexican food here. i think you know it's like i love that. this this cultural appropriation thing. that's going on is the most ridiculous . thing to me it's all a melting pot it's . all meant to come together so i've i've . always appreciated that you know since i . was a kid i grew up on motown man i've . always loved all the flavors of . everything so i always went to the left . i always have been on the left fantastic . i didn't i did not know that that's uh . that's fantastic all right establishment . all the time yeah everything i've ever . done you zig i zag not allow money and . zagging for a long time there's a little . money now there's a lot of money and . zagging know yeah thank god right yeah . yeah fantastic well it was a blast to be . on your show so thanks for having me on . it was really funny a lot everybody was . being hilarious . so everybody check out tin foil hats . when i was on it's so fantastic and uh . what do you we were talking about what's . happening with donna brazile she just . let everybody know the entire primary. was rigged and now people on social . media today are saying hey she's not . pregnant president move on and i have to . remind people that's what adult children . of alcoholics say they defend their. abuser and then they they get attack the . messenger . that's what adult children of alcoholics. do they have misplaced loyalties that's . a hallmark of an adult child of an . alcoholic and that's what's happening . you are loyal to your abuser and your . outing your being angry at the messenger . what is your take on what's happened if . if i post something that is trump is . dumb trump is evil trump is corrupt . there everyone's like yeah yeah most . people like yeah yeah yeah. if i post that same thing about hillary . or anyone dc there's this immediate . blowback to that and it's my opinion is . that the whole thing has been the whole . movement from the from the very . beginning not me not the beginning but . like i think this they put this in. motion in the 70s is to break down the . left is the break down and get us all. the fight with each other and all that . stuff aye aye hill it to me you i always . watch your shown you're always talking . about how like the dnc's doing you know . we're operating wrong we're working. wrong i think they're doing this on . purpose for me dude . you know what the dnc is it's like pro . wrestling from the 80s right you . remember when you'd see like the . ultimate warrior versus joe like joe's . gonna lose joe is always going to lose . you knew that that's what i think . they're setting up the dnc to be to . always lose to get us to always be . fighting with each other so why do i . post stuff up that's anti-hillary not . because i want i hate the dnc i'm. democrat aye we have to come together i . think the only time change happens is . when the left forces change and what . they're getting in is all of us fighting . each other i always talk about this you . have you have the woman's march the . black lives matters march the . immigration march the gay marches why . does anyone march together i would love . that in los angeles mostly because . traffic would be great yeah i would be . zooming around la like jack bauer from . 24 get the malibu in ten minutes but . magic they'll all walked march together . that's the real thing but they're . getting us fighting with each other so . there's no opposition there was a . women's march and there was this . people here in la and all that stuff and . we went downtown to cover it right . because we do a news show and we could i . couldn't help but notice that it was it . wasn't march about nothing and imagine . if all those people came together to end . the war imagine if all those people came . together to fight for 15 imagine if all . those people came together to break up . the banks imagine if all those people . came together for affordable freakin . housing that no one builds anymore . imagine so but it was people just came . together to express their outrage that . donald trump was rude that's really all . it is braun trump is rude he's he's he's . doing regular republican stuff i talked . about that before . how people i go to the supreme court . that's regular republican stuff we've . had rehnquist on the court we've had a . right-wing court for decades it's not a . big deal in a sense that it's nothing . new so you have to vote they said you . got to vote for hillary because of the . supreme court that what by the way the . democrats voted for gorsek to be . nominated to this so this whole thing of . that this it's a i had the prediction . that trump would pull the ugg the pretty . face off the horrible stuff our. government's been doing like selling a. hundred billion dollars worth of weapons . to saudi arabia to go terrorize the . middle east with which is what they do . exporting lobbyism which is terrorism . which is isis which is al qaeda and you . know that because of the petro dollar . we're in bed with them so i lost my. train of thought oh it's just . unbelievable that nobody does this feel . like we're entering . or three yeah i don't know what world . war 2 felt like here but i i'm on my . instagram i you know instagram models . aren't affected by world war three i . don't know what we're what i mean when i . i wanted to saw a movie last night there . was a trailer for the empire for the new . star wars movie i'm like where the . empire we really are the empire we think . we're the freedom fighters no the . stormtroopers man and that breaks my. heart . because we got told that we're trying to . bring democracy to people and little did . we know we're doing rich man tricks and . we're doing banker wars and were like . you can break down why we're going into . each one of these venezuela why are you . going into venezuela because they want . to get off the petro dollar and i know . it's gonna wreck our economy but you . know what man we are terrorizing the . rest of the world yes yes wow sam very . well said yes we are terrorizing the . rest of the world and i you know i still. have a joke well how many more muslims . do we have to kill before they get tired . of wanting to kill us it's like it . doesn't that snot how you beat them and . you know what's weird is i remember i'm . old enough to remember when the idea . used to be that the united states wanted . to export liberty and freedom and. democracy to other places we're gonna . show you how to do it but what they . really want to do is export crony . capitalism and then people make the. mistake well if i have kentucky fried . chicken taco bell and mcdonald's i have . democracy no you have predatory . capitalism you do not have democracy . people make that mistake all the time . but now not only do we not want to . export democracy and liberty we don't . even want to give it to people here in . the united states which is why we have a . surveillance state and they repealed . habeas corpus and now when there was. that attacker in new york trump says . let's take no rights he doesn't get a . lawyer he doesn't give his miranda john . mccain says let's set them to guantanamo . that's john mccain saying take away his . rights in the united states we're . supposed to want to give people rights . that's not the height of our ideals is . to take people's civil liberties away . what is what are we so afraid of our . court system can't handle prosecuting. someone who's guilty is sin of course we . can but that's just as crazy right-wing . tendency to take rights away from people . it's the backwards of how america is. supposed to be right 100% and we just . see more and more with this jfk dump . about the cia and what . roll the fbi and the cia has in a lot of . these events and i don't i know you're a . political show i'm a conspiracy show . these false flag events and we just see. constantly over and over again this i . mean the same playbook being played and . the same like i'll do we got please we . gotta give up our freedoms please enter . my house without a warrant . please tap my phone plea i'm een just . over take away my guns over and over and . over again the same thing these these . games that are being played that people . just fall for and then you have this. astroturfing going on and i think . twitter's one of the worst you have . everybody's got a blue check by their . name i've never heard of them but they . got magically got people and . they can't conform quick enough yeah . they can't give the narrative out quick . enough take you know anti-gun anti this . and and i'm for it i'm against gun . violence but i know why we have the . right to bear guns and it's not so i can. just shoot random people because . sometimes we get to a place where our . government isn't playing the right way . so that's its own thing so we have these . people kim constantly constantly playing . the game like you call that one lady out . all the time on msnbc and she's perfect . she is a she just she is putting out . information the whole thing is this . really rich people telling rich people . have to convince me a middle middle. income people that poor people are the . problem that is i saw that a meme i . can't i can't claim it but it's perfect . and it's exactly what the mainstream . media is and all these blue checks that . are just astroturf fing fake celebrities . telling you stuff that people are paying . them to tell you and you're buying it. hook line and sinker wow very well said . very well said . you. .
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