San Francisco Officials Oppose Non-Profit’s Plan To Build Shanties For Homeless

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Joe Vazquez reports on a non-profit group moving ahead with plan to build shacks for homeless despite opposition from SF officials (5-29-2017)
Now appearing on the streets of san . francisco wooden shanties a nonprofit is . building and donating them to the . homeless only on 5 tonight joe vasquez . reports city officials are saying thanks. but no thanks inside some of san . francisco's tent encampments wooden . shacks have begun to appear john smith . calls this his box house says it keeps . him warmer than a tent and safer since. he can lock it john says he wants . full-time housing even cycled through a . navigation center shelter but had to . leave after 60 days so it was back to . the streets i'm gonna rock bottom right . now you know you got to start somewhere . these houses are being specially built . and donated we needs to run some. experiments we need some pilot projects . for different alternatives moksha osgood . is a woodworker who makes tiny houses . for a living . he has partnered with former mayoral . candidate amy farrah weiss and her group . called st. francis homelessness . challenge to build the box houses i call . them transitional sleep and storage. shelters amy says since the city simply . doesn't have enough homes homeless . people end up back on the street so her . group gives out the boxes to keep people . safe but our goal is to not have . shantytowns or encampments the city . disagrees with her approach saying it's. unsafe and unhealthy homelessness . director jeff kaczynski says . transitional housing like navigation. centers are the key i appreciate people . who care about the homeless population . and want them to be safe and secure and . healthy and i know that folks do things . from the goodness of their heart and . they should continue to do that but . there's other ways to contribute sure . well what would you do if you were on. the street and there were rats trying to . come into your tent at night this is . like a third-world country here where . rats are trying to get in where people. are sleeping and one of the biggest . shanty town makes it seem even more . third-world doesn't it it's better than. having the opportunity to be attacked or . robbed at any time . st. francis homelesses challenge is now . building more shacks these they say are . a higher standard up and beyond the . safety code for rvs take a look inside . here you can see the living quarters . it's got a window here shelves on that . side and you can pull this bench out and . it becomes a bed they're hoping a . private property owner in the mission . will donate some space to let them build. what they're calling a transitional. village they plan to build this village . with or without the city's support joe . vasquez kpix .
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