Tennessee Couple Claim Powerball Winning Jackpot | TODAY

The Powerball frenzy continues over the 3 winning tickets sold in Wednesday’s record-shattering lottery jackpot. John and Lisa Robinson are a couple from Munford, Tennessee who say they’re holding one of the winning tickets, and, under the guidance of their attorney, decided to announce it on the TODAY show. The Robinsons, along with their attorney and their daughter Eileen, join TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly to reveal how they came to hold what they say is the winning Powerball lottery ticket.
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Tennessee Couple Claim Powerball Winning Jackpot | TODAY
That brings us right to the lucky couple. who says they're holding that winning. ticket one body in mind for tennessee. let us introduce you to john and lisa. robinson they're here with their. daughter tiffany also their attorney joe. johnson and his daughter eileen and. they're part of the story as well which. will explain but good morning tomorrow. guys. how do you can we see that ticket. keeping it nice one of your heart it's. not going bird for ya. you've been sleeping with it under your. pillow no no i just want to say from the. outset guys you know you haven't gone to. the lottery officials yet in tennessee. so there's no way for us to officially. verify that you are the winners we have. done a lot of work to verify your. employment where you live you live right. next to the grocery certain we've done a. lot we've talked to your lawyer but. that's why we're just bringing a little. bit of saying you guys are claiming to. be the winners it's not official yet so. i just wanted to get that out why though. did you decide not to go to the lottery. officials yet and come to us first. well actually it was his idea about you. didn't want it but you're worried about. going public right away right and what. we should thought joe well i think the. american public wants to hear from them. and even though they want to be profit. after this is over they want to you know. let the public know that they're the. winners okay and so what we'll get back. to the story because it's kind of. interesting how you found us we didn't. find you you found us but first let's. just talk about wednesday night and. sound ok it's almost seven o'clock. the deadline is in two hours you decide. to go to the grocery store what happened. actually i was on my way home from work. ok and she had called me and she said. you don't stop get a couple lottery. tickets s it really didn't feel like. stopping at night as a yeah i'll stop. and get him. so when i stopped in that battle lottery. tickets always buy for the time those. four members of my family and i always. do a quick pic single ticket okay uh so. i went and got my lottery tickets at the. grocery store at navis and. came home and i wasn't feeling good and. i handed the ticket star ass and go lay. down and take us from there least you're. watching them the powerball and the. numbers are coming out you're holding. your ticket walks through that now. actually i wrote them down because i had. other tickets his brother three to look. at so like i'm not writing down so i. wrote the number down and i got to look. and i thought i was like look again. there's the same but again nothing. better government running dumb how john. you got to check these numbers a. startled him because he was asleep on. the couch. so what did you think when you first. walk out make you believe it i she said. check these numbers and that's okay i. looked at a man as it yeah they look. like they're the numbers so i checked. them actually four times and i said well. i'll believe it when the news comes on. in the morning and they say hey there's. a winner been in munford so-and-so did. you stay up all night when she got here. we were up online we didn't get enough. sleep and he didn't fail to get anyway. that's just comes on 43 the morning and. you that story is verified sure enough. there we don't leave our house we. started seeing the news the local news. networks they're hanging out and offered. they already knew that it was in. montford somewhere and the story is very. close to your house right yeah and the. media was that all the stores but store. where i bought the ticket so what have. the last 48 hours been like for you and. your family. i mean are you sitting there dreaming. about what we're gonna do. are you excited are you scared are you. related are you nervous how you feel. actually a little scared because i. didn't know exactly what to do. i knew that i want to get an accountant. i knew that i wanted to get a lawyer and. try to follow that this the procedures. that you know that they tell you to. follow so my eyes can't go off your. right hand there john. you're holding it together we were the. north of 500 million dollars in your. front pocket. you're walking around new york city i'm. nervous for you now i'll be nervous. because everybody knows ideas are going. anywhere you go to the lottery officials. when we're leaving here. yeah lisa have you let yourself dream. about what this means for you and your. life a couple things. sallie mae's paid off your love for you. to meet ya better than that now we. haven't had time to really you know. no i do hope the plan on working for a. little while yeah we saw you said you. might be back to work on me their minds. about your job. i did actually i do somebody we saw we. heard one ended that conversation where. you just called your office. administrator said i'm not gonna be in. today. what did she say she was like the job in. the job at least i was like this please. watch the today so please just watching. right now. yes she is what your story is. extraordinary and i want to say that. something else really remarkable. happened which with you were brought. into touch with joe your lawyer who then. said you know it would make sense to. call a national media outlet because. then that way you have control over the. story that what you're thinking right. joe. so you caught your daughter eileen who. happens to be a reporter in memphis and. tell us it now eileen how you got in. touch with us because it's a story. well i googled how do you call nbc. and i called and got passed up the line. and eventually talk to a producer and. they were rightly a little bit. suspicious and we talk through it and. and decided to make it happen. wow smaller switchboard and we're. getting a raise every ya did. whoo-hoo in your world knows right now. star media and just our media sites are. very watching now just your immediate. family knew up until a few minutes well. but the when we verified it that more. than 4 30 i tried to get her over to the. house i tried to tell her hey i need. some advil or something i need you to. bring them up to my cuz she lives down. the road from us as i need you bring to. the house. well she didn't bring to the house she. gets my else to bring them to the house. so i have to stop what i was doing i had. to go over to her house and motor sit. down to listen we gotta talk to u. activity what did you think when you. heard that i was excited and nervous at. the same time where did you go how much. your private jets know now i didn't i. didn't actually know anything really at. that point i went into work so i worked. all day it might be hard to beat me. markets on a huge town we move he know. we don't not do i i hope not move on. we've been forever yeah but have you had. friends saying hey what's going on to. all be hanging on the lottery and we got. nor lot of calls and we had to ignore. because we don't want to have to you. know a lot of texas. yeah what's your interest i have to tell. you i do and have some family in. tennessee so it. might need them to hide out with john. and lisa congratulations to you joe and. i lena tippy and thank you for bringing. us this story keep us posted and i'm. just look to try to get you out of here. and forget about us sane people down. today friends thanks for checking out. our youtube channel subscribe by. clicking that button down there and. click on any of the videos over here to. watch the latest interview show. highlights and digital exclusives. .
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