The Families Of Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey In First British Interview With Richie Allen.

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Netflix's Making a Murderer:
Netflix's Making a Murderer tells a chilling story: Steven Avery of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, was sent to prison for 18 years for a crime he didn't commit, only to be released after a prolonged legal battle. But once he's finally let go, just a few years later he's thrown into prison again for a different crime that, the documentary argues, Avery also may not have committed.
Making a Murderer hinges a lot on the doubts surrounding DNA evidence.
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Caption: Broadcasting the information the. mainstream media won't touch this is the. ricky alan show association with david. icke com look like first of all thanks. very much for taking the time out to. talk to us here today i'm really. thrilled about it as i mentioned to. carla and like many other people in the. united kingdom and ireland we've seen. the documentary film on netflix and like. many other people we've been blown away. by what we've seen and what we've. learned about what happened to stephen. and also to wear to brendan and i just. start by asking delores delores higher i. hope you're well what sort of impact has. the film had on you in in two weeks. since it's been released over christmas. what difference has it made in your life. doors. can you repeat that her certainly i i'm. just asking the lures what difference. has the film made to her what how how. does she feel having watched this i'm. and what difference has it made in her. life a lot of i am i i imagined alors. you're you're you're getting a lot of. people may be coming up to you maybe. yeah tell me about the reaction lawyers. tell me about what people are saying to. you having seen the film haven't really. talked to anybody and i don't going. nowhere . ok carl i'm getting i'm getting a few. problems with the sound here i'm finding. it very difficult to hear what's coming. from your end. ok what she said she hasn't really. talked to many people she doesn't try to. go anywhere but she has been receiving. many many letters of support and phone. calls from all over i'm not about you. karen what difference it made. i mean presumably you saw the film at. the same time as everybody else. what have you solved what were your. songs when you watch the film and what. difference it made in your life. oh we're just thankful that this stuff. is even it actually being now lot of the. family members knew about everything in. the vacuum and mary balls because we. live through it but like i said we. didn't expect the outpour of support we. were getting now none of the family. members were able to actually see it. before it was released so it was all we. got bombarded and don't know which way. to go. i imagine christmas time is a difficult. time for anybody who has a family member. in prison and especially when the family. members in this case. brenden and stephen are in prison. wrongfully tell me carla have brenden. and stephen would they have seen the. film or would they not be and what. they're not be permitted to watch it you. know if they'd seen it all this is. brendan mom hi barbara. oh they can get netflix up there so i. don't think anybody up there has to be. net but i was just by brendan this. morning and he seems really blessed that. he's got so many supporters. that's fantastic. that's fantastic how did you feel. barbara watching the film yourself what. did you make of it that it was really. gotten really good put together a. fantastic and i don't think they could. have done a better job. i mean it's actually getting the truth. out there on what they all dead. it's an incredibly it's incredible the. reaction it's hard barbara we we've been. looking here in england at the amount of. celebrities well-known people from. television and and and the media how. important he sings ideas barbara that. people you know well-known people are. coming out and speaking out about the. film. we're all overwhelmed. we like it that we didn't expect this. we didn't know what was coming out for. the documentary and yeah we just we. don't know which way to go and we're. overwhelmed with all the support on the. phone calls the letters the cards. barbara tell me hell is brandon doing in. prison. it might sound like a stupid question. but i've got to ask how how is he cool. thing with being in prison. these last eight years wow he's taking. it day by day he's doing ok and you. definitely want to come home. ok i can only imagine it let's bring in. choke stevens stevens browser choke how. are you okay i guess i know it sounds. like a stupid question. chocolate em again i'll ask you the same. thing how he'll of you being helped you. felt since watching the film. well it's hard to save one everything. here have two boys should be out i'm. getting phone calls left to right all. the way to four thirty in the morning. can't get no sleep but are like i said. they should be out how we hope for the. best. now i know that there have been a number. of petitions that has been started i no. one was sent to rr is being prepared for. the waves i know there are several. petitions and i believe that there has. been a huge interest in those petitions. many people are signing them tell me. about those petitions all their honor. and for the public and everything else. there there are signing up there and. everything else there jordan a girl but. we can only do so much. we're hoping that people signed these. petitions and someone looks into it. better. it's our our family back home i got to. ask the lord's again the same question i. asked barbara how is steven doing with. all this i mean it it it can't nobody. can imagine i suppose what it must be. like to be wrongfully imprisoned for . years and then to come out and then to. be targeted in the way that he obviously. was i would imagine that i can't imagine. anything more difficult. how is steven doing himself how is he. calling with all of this. doing alright was old and dolores i. believe that steven is doing a lot of. work on his own case by himself yet. posey doing with that it was he getting. along pretty good with that you know. like a lot here yeah you must be very. proud of him dolores despite everything. that he's having to go through heat it. seems to be standing up to it. yeah we've been on days it here on this. particular program to get in touch with. you the family i don't know if you. realize this but the film has been seen. by hundreds of thousands of people in. europe on netflix and it's just them it. is completely taking over social media. it's it's a wonderful thing and i really. think it's a it's incredibly positive so. many people knowing about the case i'm i. have to be honest and say i've been a. journalist for 20 years and i have never. seen a more obvious case of somebody. being framed as in this case it is it is. terrible and and i i i've not just. watched the documentary of course i've. done a lot of reading and about the case. and i've read newspaper articles. hundreds and hundreds of them. it's a terrible thing i want to bring. barbara back in again barbara this might. again sound like a stupid question how. do you how do you cope with it barbara. how do you deal with this knowing that. your son and his uncle are are. completely innocent and i've done. nothing wrong and yet here we are. bringing in the new year and they're. facing and other year in prison how do. you deal without barbara maybe that bird. part yeah he'll help how do you cope. with with the reality of what happened. to brandon how do you deal with it day. by day it's hard like i got off i got to. be their form. and. and you said that he's doing okay. barbara is remaining positive and i mean. he was so young wasn't he. when when he went to prison he was only. i think 17 does he have help from within. the prison system are there people there. looking out for him. i'm the people that are up there are art. for him i'm thinking i mean. they you're. protecting him up there and everything. so he's doing good and you said his. remaining positive. oh yeah definitely that's fantastic news. tells me everyday didn't do this. he doesn't know tell me about the. innocence project joke if you want to. come back in again your car feel free to. jump in anytime and child away their. this is a conversation and we're having. or not having it an interview here as. such so jump in anytime you want. tell us about the innocence project and. they they they seem to have reacted. after the release of the film as well is. there some hold their that the innocence. project can can be useful and can help. with them you know you know bringing. more shedding more light on the case. what's happening there while we're up. there are harbored answer that i gotta. go outside right now but again there's. very little bit more than i can. ok choke collar what what's happening. with the innocence project in the. beginning we knew that they weren't. going to look into it any further and. the netflix release the documentary's us. as a family has not actually heard from. them but over the internet we have seen. that there are certain to check-in items. there is there's you know there's. certain to get back interested into it. sableye believe that they made a comment. saying that they're going to have a team. checking into it soon as possible. i've been trying to explain to my. friends who haven't seen the film and. you haven't read about the case. what happened to stephen into brand and. i'll tell you this. barbara and under lures when one i tell. people what happened to these two main. their first reaction is to say that's. impossible that it couldn't have. happened there isn't any way that this. could happen to innocent men and then. they go away and they see the film and. they're going to read some of the. newspaper articles and they come back. and they absolutely are completely. shocked they cannot believe what. happened to these men i've never come. across the case like it and i do believe. and that representatives of brendan have. said that some of the things that have. happened to brandon and stephen they've. never happened before to anybody in. american legal history and i'm thinking. about brendan being represented boy and. initially by lenka chance key and i've. been telling people about this that. kitchen ski and represented brandon at. the beginning and was actually working. with this days against his client to try. and work to get a conviction against. even gonna tell you barbara when i

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