Trump’s Former Lawyer: No Question Michael Cohen Will Cooperate | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen has hired a longtime friend and adviser of Hillary Clinton as his own lawyer, as he removes his affiliation with Trump from his social media. Trump’s lawyer before Michael Cohen, Jay Goldberg, tells Ari Melber the move signals without “any question” that Michael Cohen is looking to cooperate with Federal Prosecutors.
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Trump’s Former Lawyer: No Question Michael Cohen Will Cooperate | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Trump's lawyer hiring clinton's lawyer . this is significant donald trump's . former personal lawyer who of course you . know about michael cohen tonight i can . tell you has hired lanny davis a name . you may recognize he was a former top . lawyer in the clinton white house a . longtime friend and advisor to hillary . clinton you see there one of many times . they've come together and he was a. public circuit for her campaign so this . move is the latest in michael cohen's. very public evolution from a die-hard . trump loyalist who kept all secrets and . fixed all problems to what he's done. lately telling george stephanopoulos. this week that his quote first loyalty. is now to his family and tonight davis . confirming to us at nbc news that he has . been following this case that he read . michael cohen's words in that. stephanopoulos interview and quote. recognized cohen's sincerity michael . cohen deserves to tell his side of the . story and in a moment i can tell you . we'll have an exclusive live interview . with donald trump's longtime personal . lawyer jay goldberg who had michael . cohen's job before michael cohen but . first let's get into what this all means . daniel goldman is a former federal . prosecutor who has worked in the actual . office the southern district of new york . that is investigating cohen and david . korn was of course washington bureau . chief for mother jones and an expert on . all things russia gate including some of . the original leads in the muller probe . that were farmed out to this federal . probe in manhattan david when you look . at this when you look at michael cohen's . evolution and you look at lanny davis. someone you and i have crossed paths . with yeah as a lawyer and a political . what does it mean to you tonight . listen lanny davis worked for the woman . of whom the trump crowd used to shout . lock her up in fact they may even shout . it tonight at that rally he's holding . out west so to have to bring lanny davis . into michael cones inner circle inner . sanctum i mean if you care about donald . trump you ought to be really worried . because yes lanny davis is a lawyer he . will serve his clients needs . he's also a political player a spin . meister who's written. books on how to spin who has an agenda . here which is to avenge hillary clinton . so if it ever comes to a to his advice . to cohen on what to do you can't . separate his loyalty his fierce loyalty . to the clintons and wanting to set . things straight after the 2016 election . with what he's going to be doing with . michael gray you used the word loyalty . david you know to put a little bit of a . kendrick lamar test on it can you . through go anyone who is more loyal over . more years to the clintons publicly and . privately than lanny davis nobody i . remember going back to the 90s when they . had the whole senate investigation into. clinton campaign fundraising and he . lanny would come out every day and spin . the media spin the reporters there like . myself covering this and he would say . the most ridiculous ludicrous things . that no one would buy but he was out . there doing the best he could to save . his friends and serve his agenda and now . he's giving advice to michael kohn i'm . sure there's a good godfather reference . here give me a few moments and i'll come . up with it but it's stunning well i mean . you need to know your five families well . in daniel goldman your office is . prosecuted some of those over the years . but it is beyond switching families it. is it is going against the trump family . and no uncertain terms and again this is . a very different message than we heard . from michael cohen who once said he was . hoping that his links to trump would be . as personal lawyer not for four years . but for eight take a listen to trump . describing their relationship and then. cohen describing it i'm going to be the . personal attorney to mr. trump. can i assume that in that role not being . a government role that you'd have . attorney-client privilege with president . yes of course and that relationship . hopefully will last you know four not . four years but eight years the . attorney-client privilege that's being. suggested tonight is not between cohen . and trump but between cohen and hillary . loyalists lanny davis for sure and there . are many different facets of this now . one for certain is that this is a . continuation of michael cohen's . separation from donald trump donald . trump used the past-tense . for michael cohen's representation of. him a couple weeks ago now michael cohen . has changed his twitter profile to. remove his his title as personal. attorney to donald trump and it's a . further continuation of cohen going out . right here on the screen . he went from personal attorney to donald . trump on twitter which we know as a . medium the president cares about - right . after independence day just a link and . removing that go ahead yeah absolutely . and it's the continuation of what he was . saying into george stephanopoulos and it . is the assertion that he's making that . i'm going to figure out what is best for . me not what is best for donald trump . from a legal standpoint there's an . interesting angle to this as well which . is you have guys guy petrillo is a . former southern district of new york . chief of the criminal division he ran . all the prosecutors in that office he is . representing him and now you have lanny . davis who is an incredibly experienced . washington insider and what it tells me . is that michael cohen is trying to . gather as good a legal team as he can to . fight a battle on two fronts not . necessarily fight but to deal with a . battle on two fronts you have the . southern district but we also know that . muller is still looking into cohen in . connection with some of cohen's . activities with regard to russians . either the trump tower moscow or january . 2017 delivering that ukrainian peace . plan to michael flynn's desk and lanny . davis is someone who may be able to deal . with that washington side of things . with muller right what you're suggesting . is a road to potential cooperation where . a guy and people in new york can handle . that deal well what i'm suggesting is. that the first step in michael cohen . indicated that i think in the in the his . weekend interview is he has to figure . out what his jeopardy is what his . criminal exposure is and then he's got. to make a decision what to do i think . what is clear from that interview is . that michael cohen is going to do what's . best for michael cohen not what's best . for donald trump and that's why and . that's why the the public way that he's . identifying himself is so significant . and as you say any real lawyer strategy . is not gonna foreclose options it's . gonna try to develop multiple lot right . and he needs now to understand both . sides with that in mind david take a . listen to the man who held the job that . michael cohen had before him viewers of . the beat may remember jay goldberg is . someone that we've always found . interesting to talk to because he knows . of what he speaks both as a former. federal prosecutor and a former trump . attorney i had spoken with him and he'd . said some things that seemed negative . about cohen take a listen. yeah ask yourself and nobody's mentioned . why is he investigating michael kohn . know labor racketeering yes do you think . the feds may have evidence that michael . cohen fix things as you say for trump . for the mob mob influence that made a . lot of headway at the time i'm now . joined exclusively and live by phone jay . goldberg who as i mentioned worked for. 15 years as donald trump's lawyer and. has says he maintains attorney-client . confidentiality with the president as he . continues to advise him thank you for . making time on a night when this is the . number one story going on jay which is . what is michael cohen a former trump . lawyer up to how do you view his hiring . of these lawyers including lanny davis . and that he's in a cooperation mode but . you had to distinguish between . cooperation and the reliability of the . information that he imports to the . prosecutors he's savvy enough to know . the kinds of information that the . government is looking for and the cases . are replete with instances where people . have shaded the facts in an effort to . win the cooperation whether from the . government that it will enable the judge . to give them a lesser sentence so the . fact that he's cooperating doesn't . ensure that he'll be telling the truth . but i don't think there's any question . that cooperation is the order of the day . and if that's the case i'm gonna ask you . if cooperation is you put it as someone. who's intimately involved with some of . the players here if michael cohen is . moving towards cooperation how do you . think donald trump should view michael . cohen hiring someone so bound up with . hillary clinton you and i both know and . i think our viewers know there are . plenty of qualified lawyers to handle . this case who are not deep hillary . clinton loyalists well iii think without . speaking to donald i could safely say . that he'd be disappointed in the way in . which michael has so clearly broken from . the pact somebody has brought him in . from the cold and i would expect that . it's the chief or the criminal division . and the question now is not simply . whether he'll cooperate but whether we . could be assured that he'll be telling . the truth . and after he decides to cooperate he'll . have to enter into what's known as a . witness cooperation agreement that's the. kind of agreement that would require him . to tell the truth but it also bolsters . his testimony because it indicates that . the. i has checked out what it is that he . says and found it to be so and this goes . into evidence during the trial and it's . very harmful to the defense but if the . defe
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