WOW! Poppy Sued For Copyright Infringement, Kevin Hart Extortion Revelation, AZ Teachers, and More

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Caption: S'up, you beautiful bastards . hope you had a fantastic friday. welcome back to the philip defranco show!. if you are new here - on fridays, we do things a little bit different. on friday, i try to include more viewer requested stories. also, include stories we wanted to include earlier this week but they had to be cut for time,. or we didn't have enough time to shoot because we wanted to be on time. with that said, let's just jump into it!. and the first thing we're gonna talk about today was one of the most requested stories,. and that was to look into the poppy lawsuit. poppy, real name: moriah pereira,. and her creative partner, titanic sinclair, are being sued by a woman. by the name of brittany sheets. and to fully explained this story, you need to have some background. we'll start with mars argo which was a music group that was active between 2009, and 2015. it was made up of brittany sheets, who was the main face of mars argo,. and corey mixter aka titanic sinclair. and, in addition to making up this group together, they were reportedly dating from 2008 to january 2014. they had a show called 'computer show', where they produced funky shorts. the channel 'grocerybagdottv' had about 92 videos on it. although, now, most of them are deleted. and they apparently had an awful relationship, both when they were dating and afterwards. in the lawsuit, she details a ton of examples where she says that he was abusive in the relationship, and then after. saying he broke into her apartment multiple times - doing things like. getting on her laptop; messing with her facebook;. shattering wine glasses on the ground. they reportedly break up in january of . but at that time, mars argo had a cult following. it had decent success. so, sheets and mixter decide they're going to have a working relationship. but then, after another incident with mixter,. sheets decides to put the band on an indefinite hiatus. although, she would later release a single in . - one that they worked on before they had the hiatus. so, this is where poppy comes in. the lawsuit alleges that mixter met poppy in mid- . shortly after the breakup of mars argo. the lawsuit also makes note that, at the time, poppy. - who wasn't poppy yet -. was clearly a natural brunette but quickly. changed her hair to platinum blonde, which was similar to sheets's. and in november 2014, poppy releases her first video titled 'poppy eats cotton candy'. and here, sheets notices the similarity of the look of poppy,. as well as the style of the video to mars argo. and since then, poppy and mixter have released over 250 videos, multiple albums. and that has led us to this moment, where sheets finally decided to file a lawsuit against the two. claiming that they stole her persona, and ideas, for poppy. - some ideas that allegedly only sheets and mixter had knowledge of. and the lawsuit that was filed in california court has four major complaints against mixter and poppy. 1. common law right of publicity,. 2. violation of california's unfair business law,. 3. damages for domestic violence and a restraining order, and. 4. copyright infringement. and that appears to be the bulk of the lawsuit,. which is also seeking damages from mixter and poppy. the lawsuits stating:. and according to the lawsuit, some specific similarities between poppy and sheets include:. dyeing poppy's hair to a specific platinum blonde color because she was brunette before;. poppy altering her voice pitch to a specific high range. - and there are examples you can find online of her speaking differently before the poppy character;. and using similar backgrounds and videos. and, there are numerous examples provided. in one case, a lawsuit alleges that poppy wore one of sheets's own coats. another showing that poppy uploaded a video of the same name as one of the 'grocerybagdottv' videos. although the content inside of those videos are different on poppy's video. - it's just her saying ["delete your facebook"] over and over. in the mars argo video - there's kind of more of a back-and-forth. some of the other similarities that were listed:. performance outfits being the same;. a video which had poppy with blood coming out of her mouth that looks similar. and in fact, there are a lot of these side-by-side comparisons made. and there are many more similarities that are listed in the 'suit. but i'll link down to a video that that compares and contrasts. it'll give you an even better idea of what the full argument is. we also saw sheet's lawyers spoke with tmz and they said:. it also appears that sheets went to the mars argo twitter in mid-april to post her feelings on the 'suit. so, that's the lawsuit as we know about it right now. it will be very interesting to see what happens with it. and something people have been pointing out that's kind of interesting/potentially sketchy. is sinclair and poppy's twitter account. i was trying to find out if poppy or sinclair had posted anything about mars argo, and any of the accussations. when i was looking into it - according to socialblade. com - poppy deleted around 2000 tweets around the 26th-27th. according to the site, around that time, titanic sinclair deleted around 170. so, the question becomes - why did they do this . what were in those specific tweets . with poppy, it was essentially scorched earth. they're only three listed tweets now from before april 30th of this year. with sinclair, it seems more targeted,. and it doesn't seem like he was trying to remove things where he's 'being problematic'. he still has tweets like this one, where he quote-tweeted @nme - who wrote:. 'halsey reveals she tried to kill herself after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 17',. to which he wrote, "wow, she even sucks at that". i mean, he even left this tweet up of him criticizing [grimes] in the past. that he and poppy appear to be working with now. so, if he's not deleting that, what was he deleting . and grimes, by the way, is the reason that this story has popped back up. the lawsuit initially came out mid-april but this story got sparked up again. because poppy and grimes posted a picture together - that picture teasing an upcoming collab. many fans linking to the lawsuit - the allegations of both copying, as well as abuse. also, a note i want to hit on: obviously, whenever you're dealing with a lawsuit, any story,. both sides need to be able to get their story out. i reached out to mixture to see if he had a general statement. also, asking him about the tweets. as far as statement, he says he cannot comment now but there is an official statement coming. as far as the tweets, he said poppy's were cleared for promotional reasons. as far as his tweets, he said 'i haven't deleted anything from my account'. regarding these two things -. 1. i've reached out to socialblade. com to see if there is a possibility. that the deleted tweets listed here could have been a bug. i'll be sure to include their response along with the follow-up, once an official statement is released. that said, i do want to pass a question off to you. what is your takeaway from this . seeing those comparisons, does it make you think that poppy is a copy . what do you think about any of the other allegations . i'd love to know your thoughts here. then, let's talk about kevin hart back in the news. you may remember that kevin hart got caught cheating on his then-pregnant wife . there was this whole sex tape scandal. and then, more information about the situation came out and it turned out that the 'sex tape' -. neither kevin hart, nor the woman in it, reportedly knew they were being filmed. it also came out whoever filmed this was trying to extort kevin hart; trying to get money. we learned this week that the man who allegedly did this is jonathan todd jackson. he's facing two felony counts. one for attempted extortion, and the other extortion by threatening letter. if convicted, jackson faces up to four years. one of the roughest things of all to come from this is, reportedly,. this guy was kevin hart's friend for around 15 years. he's appeared in several films with kevin hart. he went to his bachelor party. around the time this news came out, kevin hart tweeted:. now, obviously, there's an easy joke to be made about kevin hart's disbelief that his trust was betrayed. but it is also important point out that, there is a difference. kevin hart broke someone's trust. this other person allegedly broke the law. - and also, trust -. but the main thing is the law. then in apparently-i've-been-wrong-this-entire-time, news. let's talk about imho. you may have seen online this week, but there's been a debate over what those letters mean. some saying 'it's in my honest opinion'. others saying 'in my humble opinion'. i have been in the 'in my honest opinion' camp. but according to merriam-webster, the dictionary people, 'we're on team humble, tbh. '. and then linking to their site, where it says 'in my humble opinion'. but to that say, "it's 2018! we're living in a post-facto, alternative fact world. "where you don't you don't admit faults, or that you're wrong. "no! why learn from your mistakes when you can just double down on what you feel is right. ". and so, in conclusion - imho, you can go straight to hell. then, quickly, let's knock out an update about this dress. we talked about it earlier this week. there have been a lot of outrage. there was hate being sent her way. that, of course, keziah daum. she, of course, stuck to her guns. that it wasn't offensive - it was appreciation. she loved it. i was personally on the side of 'i don't get the outrage'. it looks like she just was appreciating a culture; thought it was beautiful. one of the big updates coming from this story is apparently,. in china, there's just a lot of confusion as far as why people are angry about this. china daily reporting that, on chinese social media, people were praising the outfit. users writing things like:. this made me wonder. why did

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